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April 1, 20

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
cress-31mar12-djd.jpg (69874 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell at Algonac State Park on Saturday morning.
1-olymp-30mar12-djd.jpg (71029 bytes)
Algoma Olympic
2-barge-30mar12-djd.jpg (81278 bytes)
Tug and Barge
3-marine-30mar12-djd.jpg (62756 bytes)

 Welland Canal Saturday
- Bill Bird
1-BeverlyAnderson&MaryTurner-03-31-12-a-bb.jpg (83543 bytes)
Tug Beverly Anderson and barge Mary Turner clear of Lock 1
2-MaryTurner-03-31-12-a-bb.jpg (97575 bytes)
Barge bow profile-draft marks go up to 36 feet.  Housing for boom as well.
3-MaryTurnerboom-03-13-12-bb.jpg (59191 bytes)
old boom already detached lying on deck.  Too short for Great Lakes needs
4-BeverlyAnderson&MaryTurner-03-31-12-b-bb.jpg (75978 bytes)
Stern profile of barge and tug
5-BeverlyAnderson&MaryTurner-03-31-12-c-bb.jpg (77131 bytes)
Beverly Anderson in the notch with a gray stack, not yet showing Lower Lakes colours.
6-BeverlyAnderson&MaryTurner-03-31-12-d-bb.jpg (89514 bytes)
Stern view-the tug and barge reportedly headed to Port Colborne for a longer boom.
7-HarbourLegend-03-31-12-a-bb,jpg.jpg (69247 bytes)
Tanker Harbour Legend from the Bahamas on her way to Lock 2
8-HarbourLegend-03-31-12-b-bb,jpg.jpg (88426 bytes)
Headed to Montreal.
9-TimSDool-03-31-12-a-bb.jpg (108215 bytes)
Tim S Dool clear of the flight locks
10-TimSDool-03-31-12-b-bb,jpg.jpg (99301 bytes)
Stern view headed for Baie Comeau Quebec with wheat

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_7347.jpg (102522 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L Kuber loading.
IMG_7348.jpg (94923 bytes)
Close up of the tug.
IMG_7338.jpg (114575 bytes)
Philip R Clarke arriving at the dock.
IMG_7354.jpg (94133 bytes)
 The dust comes when emptying the ore cars into the pockets.
IMG_7324.jpg (76593 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson arriving on Friday.

Port Weller - Eric Holmes
1-Mclearysspirit-03-30-12-eh.jpg (82412 bytes)
Barge McLeary's Spirit on the fit out wall Port Weller Dry Docks
2-Portwellerdrydocks-03-30-12-eh.jpg (85618 bytes)
Various ships in the Port Weller Drydocks.
3-Hmcsathabaskan-03-30-12-eh.jpg (77452 bytes)
HMCS Atabaskan on the fit out wall Port Weller Dry Docks.

Vale upbound passing Brockville Ont. Friday - Murray Blancher
1-Vale-03-30-12-mb.jpg (79178 bytes) 2-Vale-03-30-12-mb.jpg (92698 bytes) 3-Vale-03-30-12-mb.jpg (92243 bytes)    

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-Birchglen-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (60308 bytes)
Birchglen downbound past Brockville Thursday am
02 Arubaborg on her first trip up the Seaway west of Brockville, seen from Hudson Point
03-Kehoe-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (277649 bytes)
Kehoe  working on docks getting ready for the summer
05-Lighthouse-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (215047 bytes)
No longer used lighthouse at the end of Hudson Point Road, Elizabethtown
06-Algosea-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (119789 bytes)
Algosea at Fernbank Road heading upriver
07-Algosea-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (71434 bytes)
08-Algosea-03-29-12-WDB.jpg (103485 bytes) 10-Vale-03-30-12-WDB.jpg (66801 bytes)
Vale on Friday morning just past Brockville upbound
11-Prescott-03-30-12-WDB.jpg (78131 bytes)
Ongoing work at the Prescott port

Welland Canal  - Paul Beesley
1-birch-3-28-12-pb.jpg (63967 bytes)
Birchglen below Lock 2.
2-jdl-3-28-12-pb.jpg (76580 bytes)
John D Leitch fighting a beam wind as she moves from Lock 6 west to Lock 7.
3-montr-3-29-12-pb.jpg (73319 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais above Lock 1.  The name has changed and so has the color of her boot-topping.
4-navig-3-29-12-pb.jpg (80758 bytes)
Algoma Navigator also above Lock 1.
5-dundas-3-29-12-pb.jpg (153211 bytes)
CCGC Cape Dundas below Lock 1.

H. Lee White at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
hlw_3_29_12ldPI_rb.jpg (93019 bytes)
Loading ore, profile view from Presque Isle Park

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