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April 2, 20

Detroit Sunday - Ken Borg
IMG_6192.jpg (103001 bytes)
 H. Lee White up the Rouge River at Jefferson.
IMG_6200.jpg (116522 bytes)
Algoma Navigator with the tugs Wyoming and Idaho up the Rouge River at Jefferson while the Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder are backing 
through the Short Cut draw.
IMG_6208.jpg (88548 bytes)
Algoma Navigator up the Rouge River
IMG_6211.jpg (127349 bytes)
Idaho helping the Algoma Navigator up the Rouge River
IMG_6214.jpg (84244 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder backing up the Rouge River at Jefferson.
IMG_6218.jpg (79785 bytes)
 Pathfinder/Dorothy Ann up the Rouge River-Idaho and Algoma Navigator going through the Conrail draw.
IMG_6223.jpg (71567 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson up the Rouge River at Dix.
IMG_6228.jpg (99886 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson and H. Lee White in SeverStal Steel slip in Dearborn, MI

St. Clair River traffic on Sunday -
Don Detloff
1-presque-01apr12-djd.jpg (66452 bytes)
Presque Isle
2-mariner-01apr12-djd.jpg (66581 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
3-progress-01apr12-djd.jpg (64190 bytes)
Algoma Progress
4-jackson-01apr12-djd.jpg (66648 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson

Undaunted and Pere Marquette 41 o
pens Marinette shipping season - Dick Lund
1-PM41-03-31-12-dl.jpg (64102 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted approaches Menominee North Pier Lighthouse heading for Marinette Fuel & Dock Co. with a load of pig iron on Saturday.
2-PM41-03-31-12-dl.jpg (72682 bytes)
Close-up of the freshly painted vessel
3-PM41-03-31-12-dl.jpg (67321 bytes)
Close-up of the Undaunted through a bit of smoke from the bow thruster stack
4-PM41-03-31-12-dl.jpg (112196 bytes)
Dockside view as a crewmember gets ready to tie up as soon as the vessel stops
5PM41-03-31-12-dl.jpg (84702 bytes)
The vessel unloads with a clam bucket attachment (in the past they have often used a grapple)

Heritage Marine tug Nels J assisted the Edwin H. Gott into the Garfield slip in Duluth to have its bow thruster repaired - Bob Hom
IMG_2204.jpg (153220 bytes) IMG_2213.jpg (106966 bytes)      

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