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April 7, 20

St. Marys River, Thursday-Friday - Roger LeLievre
Algolake-4-6-12rl.jpg (39891 bytes)
Algolake downbound at the Rock Cut.
Barnacle-4-6-12rl.jpg (46200 bytes)
Saltie Barnacle
Laud,-Sam-4-6-12.jpg (61116 bytes)
Sam Laud at Mission Point.
McKee-Sons-4-5-12rl.jpg (53470 bytes)
McKee Sons
McKee-Sons-stern-4-5-12rl.jpg (54252 bytes)
McKee Sons stern view with tug Invincible in the notch.
Richelieu-4-6-12rl.jpg (55255 bytes)
Richelieu upbound at Mission Point Friday at dusk.
Saguenay-4-5-12rl.jpg (54618 bytes)
Saguenay Thursday in the Rock Cut.
Saguenay-Am-Spirit--rl.jpg (63415 bytes)
Saguenay in the locks, with American Spirit in the distance.
zObservation-deck.jpg (55207 bytes)
Demolition has just about finished on the observation platform at the east end of the MacArthur Lock. The platform on the west end was removed last year. Both were replaced by a single new platform.

Hamilton Friday -
John van der Doe
Hamilton-6-04-2012-(8).jpg (77164 bytes) Hamilton-6-04-2012-(3).jpg (98793 bytes) Hamilton-6-04-2012-(5).jpg (64063 bytes) Hamilton-6-04-2012-(2).jpg (101000 bytes) Hamilton-6-04-2012-(1).jpg (54607 bytes)
Stella-Polaris-(1).jpg (133190 bytes)        

St. Clair River traffic at Marine City on Friday - Don Detloff
1-algosar-06apr12-djd.jpg (57139 bytes)
2-boland-06apr12-djd.jpg (55358 bytes)
John J. Boland

Hon James L Oberstar arrived in Marquette Friday evening to a crowd of boat watchers - Lee Rowe
IMG_7397.jpg (112665 bytes)        

Rowan M McAllister entering Iroquois Lock Friday - Ron Beaupre
1-rowan-06-04-12-rb.jpg (144006 bytes)        

Agnes H taken on Friday in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. -
Dan & Cathy Lindal
DSC00080.jpg (99139 bytes) DSC00089.jpg (91747 bytes)      

Welland - Paul Beesley
1-spruce-4-04-12-pb.jpg (77006 bytes)
Spruceglen with the hawse wash valve open and the pump on.
2-spruce-4-04-12-pb.jpg (220156 bytes)
This must be for scrubbing purposes.  Or perhaps a mobile distillery?
3-spruce-4-04-12-pb.jpg (81310 bytes)
Spruceglen & CSL Assiniboine pass above Lock 1.
4-richel-4-04-12-pb.jpg (62246 bytes)
The top flag, here seen on the Richelieu, celebrates the pending delivery of CSL's new Trillium class ships.
5-richel-4-04-12-pb.jpg (97443 bytes)
Richelieu on the way to Lock 2.

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