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April 10, 20

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Tecumsh-04-09-12-a-bb.jpg (64253 bytes)
Tecumseh clear of Lock 3
2-Tecumseh-04-09-12-b-bb.jpg (87133 bytes)
 heading to the flight locks
3-TimSDool-04-09-12-a-bb.jpg (76778 bytes)
Tim S Dool at Port Robinson
4-TimSDool-04-09-12-b-bb.jpg (94949 bytes) 5-LakeGuardian-04-09-12-a-bb.jpg (134128 bytes)
U.S. research vessel Lake Guardian under the Allanburg bridge
6-LakeGuardian-04-09-12-b-bb.jpg (139784 bytes)
Heading to Lake Ontario

Soo -
David Marvin
1-Oberstar-4-7-12-dm.jpg (104101 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar down bound from the Soo Locks Saturday
2-Oberstar-4-7-12-dm.jpg (137855 bytes)
Ojibway was bringing her supplies and you can see the men on the deck sorting boxes.
3-Anderson-4-7-12-dm.jpg (67260 bytes)
 Arthur M. Anderson downbound nearing Gros Cap
4-Anderson-4-7-12-dm.jpg (104772 bytes)  

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-Apollogracht-04-04-12-WDB.jpg (169361 bytes)
Apollogracht at Maitland upbound
03-Mapleglen-04-04-12-WDB.jpg (120336 bytes)
Mapleglen between the bridge and Port of Prescott
04-TimSDool-04-07-12-WDB.jpg (126506 bytes)
Tim S Dool upbound towards Cardinal

Salarium out of drydock - Mac Mackay
1-salarium-9-4-12-mm.jpg (116056 bytes)
The tug Atlantic Larch swings the bow of Salarium as it leaves the drydock.
2-salarium-9-4-12-mm.jpg (130047 bytes)
As part of the refit Salarium was repainted from the deck down to the keel.

 Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-canada-4-07-12-pb.jpg (137485 bytes)
Algocanada starting to leave Lock 1.
2-canada-4-07-12-pb.jpg (174951 bytes)
Warning sign at boarding area of Algocanada.
3-athab-4-07-12-pb.jpg (98310 bytes)
HMCS Athabaskan with John B Aird in the background.
4-wood-4-07-12-pb.jpg (71885 bytes)
Algowood above Lock 1.
5-wood-4-07-12-pb.jpg (168864 bytes)
Approaching Lock 2 a bit of stern thrust to slow her down.
6-saguen-4-07-12-pb.jpg (68343 bytes)
Saguenay below Lock 2.
7-guardian-4-07-12-pb.jpg (95156 bytes)
Algoma Guardian later in the evening, also below Lock 2.

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