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April 11, 20

Christening of Lakes Contender and Ken Boothe Sr. in Erie, Pa., on April 10 - Roger LeLievre
1Christening-colors.jpg (77591 bytes)
Presenting the colors.
2Christening-dockside-2.jpg (62647 bytes)
There were around 200 people in attendance on a blustery, cold afternoon.
3Boothe-Tall.jpg (51196 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. before the ceremony.
4Boothe-connector.jpg (95998 bytes)
Tug's articulating pin allows it to securely mate with the barge.
5Witte-1.jpg (51651 bytes)
Donjon President / CEO J. Arnold Witte and other speakers.
7Christening-dockside.jpg (56800 bytes)
Dockside view,  with Lakes Contender in the background.
8Boothe-flags.jpg (45440 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr.'s pilothouse was bedecked with flags.
8Contender-christen-1.jpg (42294 bytes)
Lakes Contender's sponsor, Sen. Jane Earll, gets ready to christen the vessel.
9Contender-christen-2.jpg (40950 bytes)
Thumbs up a job well done by Sen. Earll.
10Boothe-christen-1.JPG.jpg (43286 bytes)
Ellen Boothe gives the champagne bottle a swing.
11Boothe-christen-2.jpg (81537 bytes)
Smash, and the tug is christened.
12Boothe-Contender.jpg (58328 bytes)
Lakes Contender and Ken Boothe Sr. at the dock.

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-bev-4-4-11-md.jpg (100706 bytes)
Tug Beverly Anderson with the barge Mary Turner heading into Lake Huron.
2-sam-4-4-12-md.jpg (91650 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound at 1 & 2.
3-jrb-4-4-12-md.jpg (93213 bytes)
James R. Barker heads into Lake Huron.
4-asoo-4-4-12-md.jpg (69422 bytes)
Algosoo downbound at 1 & 2.
5-alp-4-4-12-md.jpg (71992 bytes)
Alpena making the turn at 1 & 2.
6-gard-4-6-12-md.jpg (82426 bytes)
Algoma Guardian below 1 & 2.
7-jjb-4-6-12-md.jpg (60076 bytes)
John J. Boland making the turn downbound at 1 & 2.
8-miss-4-6-12-md.jpg (81819 bytes)
Mississagi downbound at 1 & 2.
9-lake-4-7-12-md.jpg (85170 bytes)
Algolake downbound above 1 & 2.
10-rsp-4-7-12-md.jpg (88576 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson head on view.
11-sam-4-7-11-md.jpg (81854 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound at 1 & 2.
12-wjm-4-8-12-md.jpg (87445 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. heads into Lake Huron.
13-jlo-4-8-12md.jpg (84575 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound at 1 & 2.
14-mkee-4-8-12-md.jpg (104715 bytes)
Tug Invincible with barge McKee below 1 & 2.
15-rog-4-8-12-md.jpg (79197 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound above 1 & 2.
16-jlo-4-9-12-md.jpg (92418 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar heads into Lake Huron.

Herbert C. Jackson anchored in Marquette's upper harbor Tuesday - Lee Rowe
IMG_7421.jpg (78289 bytes)
She anchored for several hours before moving to the Shiras dock in Marquette's lower harbor.  Strong winds kept her at anchor for the duration.

Tecumseh's first trip through the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin
1-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (121659 bytes)
Tecumseh is tied up in lock 2
2-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (99969 bytes)
Crew working
3-cedar-09-04-12-mg.jpg (85739 bytes)
Cedarglen leaving lock 3
4-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (77721 bytes)
propeller wash
5-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (74948 bytes)
stern view
6-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (126048 bytes)
Tecumseh is entering lock 3
7-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (143936 bytes)
8-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (109198 bytes)
lifeboats on deck
9-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (100750 bytes)
10-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (319463 bytes)
 seaway and crew members working
11-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (110932 bytes)
side of Tecumseh
12-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (93079 bytes) 13-algo-9-4-12-mg.jpg (128671 bytes)
Algoma Navigator is tied up in lock 7
14-tecu-9-4-12-mg.jpg (83147 bytes)
Tecumseh about to enter lock 4 west

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-kam-4-08-12-pb.jpg (76545 bytes)
Kaministiqua above Lock 2.
2-barn-4-08-12-pb.jpg (78497 bytes)
Barnacle below Lock 2.
3-barn-4-08-12-pb.jpg (110553 bytes)
At the top right is the main mast in the down position to clear bridges.  Flags from left:  Pilot, Ducks Unlimited, Canfornav.
4-soo-4-08-12-pb.jpg (72991 bytes)
Algosoo below Lock 2.
5-soo-4-08-12-pb.jpg (26579 bytes)
Wind vanes in the shape of a fishing boat and a dory on the Algosoo.
6-tecum-4-09-12-pb.jpg (108802 bytes)
Tecumseh ready to enter Lock 2.
7-tecum-4-09-12-pb.jpg (82488 bytes)
 Secured in the lock.
8-wjm-4-09-12-pb.jpg (100608 bytes)
William J Moore and McLeary's Spirit secured below Lock 1.
9-rsp-4-09-12-pb.jpg (101559 bytes)
 Robert S Pierson on her way to start the limestone run between Clarkson and Colborne.
10-rsp-4-09-12-pb.jpg (85023 bytes)
 Cedarglen and Tecumseh pass below Lock 3.

Lake Huron off Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Manitowoc-4-10-12-dd.jpg (93410 bytes) Algoma-Progress-3-4-10-12-dd.jpg (121386 bytes)      

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