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April 13, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-amel-4-12-12-a-md.jpg (134547 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes upbound at Point Edward.
2-amel-4-12-12-b-md.jpg (123237 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
3-chj-4-12-12-a-md.jpg (115118 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman unloading potash at the elevator.
4-chj-4-12-12-b-md.jpg (104104 bytes)
Departing with a part load for Toledo.
5-mkee-4-12-12-md.jpg (102671 bytes)
Tug Invincible and barge McKee Sons upbound at Vantage Point.
6-rail-4-12-12-a-md.jpg (94330 bytes)
Algorail follows the McKee Sons.
7-rail-4-12-12-b-md.jpg (104300 bytes)
 Making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-maid-4-12-12-md.jpg (74999 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Maid downbound after pilot change.
9-arub-4-12-12-md.jpg (89387 bytes)
Arubaborg downbound below 1 & 2.

St. Clair River Thursday morning - Kevin D. Majewski
1.ArubaBg-4-12-12-KM.jpg (79317 bytes)
Arubaborg under the Blue Water Bridge
2.Aruba-4-12-12-KM.jpg (146311 bytes) 3.IronMas-4-12-12-KM.jpg (74843 bytes)
The barge Ironmaster in tow at Port Huron
4.Pride-4-12-12-KM.jpg (151330 bytes)
Tug Pride guiding the Ironmaster
5.AngLady-4-12-12-KM.jpg (120232 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady pushing the Ironmaster barge
6.Pilot-4-12-12-KM.jpg (152752 bytes)
The pilot boat Huron Maid downbound at Port Huron
7.CaptHJ-4-12-12-KM.jpg (135537 bytes)
 Capt. Henry Jackman docked in Sarnia
8.AlgoNov-4-12-12-KM.jpg (84068 bytes)
Algonova docked in Sarnia
9.AlgoSoo-4-12-12-KM.jpg (44032 bytes)
Algosoo docked in Sarnia

Great Lakes Towing Company Tug Iowa returning to the river after completing a tow of the Saginaw in Cleveland
SaginawIowa-04-12-12-kd.jpg (63192 bytes) Iowa-04-12-12-kd.jpg (76742 bytes)      

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder arriving at Marine City on Thursday - Don Detloff
1-dorothy-12apr12-djd.jpg (77662 bytes) 2-dorothy-12apr12-djd.jpg (90096 bytes) 3-dorothy-12apr12-djd.jpg (133333 bytes)    

Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
John-G--Munson-4-12-12-dd.jpg (101296 bytes) Cason-Calloway-4-12-12-dd.jpg (120516 bytes)      

Philip R. Clarke at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1prc_4_11_12_rb.jpg (98069 bytes)
Arriving to load ore
2prc_4_11_12_rb.jpg (114042 bytes)
Stern view on arrival

Marinette/Menominee Thursday - Lee Rowe
IMG_7428.jpg (137604 bytes)
Algoma Progress unloading salt over the Donner in Marinette, Wisconsin.
IMG_7430.jpg (133787 bytes)
Corregonus from Sturgeon Bay departing the river.
IMG_7441.jpg (120095 bytes)
Michiganborg at Menominee.

Historical Perspectives
1956-Charles-L-Hutchison-at-the-Soo-Locks.jpg (105896 bytes) 1956-Soo-Locks-with-unknown-ship-S-or-NAmerica.jpg (71357 bytes)      

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