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April 15, 20

Welland Canal Friday and Saturday - Michel Gosselin
1-Aruba-4-14-12-mg.jpg (116568 bytes)
Arubaborg is approaching lock 1
2-Aruba-4-14-12-mg.jpg (123287 bytes)
stern view
3-engl-4-14-12-mg.jpg (105827 bytes)
English River is leaving lock 6 west slowly
4-wilf-4-14-12-mg.jpg (141085 bytes)
Wilfred M Cohen and barge PML 2501 departing lock 7
5-wil-4-14-12-mg.jpg (115945 bytes)
6-wilf-4-14-12-mg.jpg (81634 bytes) 7-wilf-4-14-12-mg.jpg (138954 bytes) 8-algo-4-14-12-mg.jpg (95691 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois is about to tied up above lock 7
9-hlee-4-14-12-mg.jpg (72415 bytes)
H Lee White is entering Port Colborne harbour
10-hlee-4-14-12-mg.jpg (93131 bytes)
11-hlee-4-14-12-mg.jpg (141610 bytes) 12-ecosse-4-14-12-mg.jpg (113888 bytes)
 tugs Ecosse and Seahound are tied up below lock 2
13-harb-4-14-12-mg.jpg (97549 bytes)
Harbour Kira just left lock 2
14-harb-4-14-12-mg.jpg (140508 bytes) 15-harb-4-14-12-mg.jpg (99041 bytes)

Recent Toledo, Ohio -
Jim Hoffman
DSC_0042.jpg (117188 bytes)
 Alpena under tow of the tug Nebraska headed upbound the Maumee River from the Craig Bridge. She is bound for the Lafarge Dock to unload cement.
DSC_0067.jpg (114841 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound Maumee River from the Craig Bridge.
DSC_0081.jpg (146252 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound Maumee River from the Hi Level Bridge.
am-valor-am-fort-1.jpg (87378 bytes)
American Fortitude/American Valor in layup at the former Lakefront Docks.
am-valor-close-1.jpg (91038 bytes)
 Closeup view of American Valor in layup at the former Lakefront Ore Dock
algobay-ds-1.jpg (97425 bytes)
Algobay loading petroleum coke at the Midwest Terminal International Dock

Invincible and McKee Sons aground of Manistee Saturday - USCG
invincible4-14-12.jpg (86413 bytes) chart.jpg (57654 bytes)
Chart showing the area where the pair grounded.

Atlantic Steamer on Friday and upbound off Vercheres heading to Montreal for Seaway inspection and then Cleveland - Rene Beauchamp
Atlantic-Steamer-4-13-12.jpg (61040 bytes)
 In the Seaway/Great Lakes before under the name BBC Spain.
Atlantic-Steamer-4-13-12b.jpg (75763 bytes)      

Federal Yukina and Michiganborg passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Federal-Yukina-4-14-12-dd.jpg (95368 bytes) Michiganborg-4-14-12-dd.jpg (91525 bytes)      

Toledo Docks - Steve Feher
4-13-12-001.jpg (60355 bytes)
Phillip R Clarke  Unloading ore at Torco dock.
4-13-12-003.jpg (76249 bytes) 4-13-12-005.jpg (57784 bytes)
James Kuber loading coal at CSX #4 coal machine.
4-13-12-010.jpg (80374 bytes) 4-13-12-011.jpg (78095 bytes)

Port Huron - Monty Young
Paul-R-Tregurtha-4-13-12.jpg (106982 bytes)
 Paul R Tregurtha
Paul-R-Tregurtha-Bow4-13-12.jpg (74467 bytes) Mississagi4-13-12.jpg (78994 bytes)
Mississagi-Bow-4-13-12.jpg (123404 bytes) John-J-Boland4-6-12.jpg (67394 bytes)
John J Boland at Point Edward
John-J-Boland-(15).jpg (93291 bytes) My-Boys4-2-12.jpg (138295 bytes)
My Boys at Port Dover

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