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April 16, 20

Marinette, Wis.  Sunday - Dick Lund
1-AD-04-15-12-dl.jpg (64370 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes approaches Menominee North Pier Lighthouse out of the fog over the bay of Green Bay on Sunday
2-AD-04-15-12-dl.jpg (106528 bytes)
She is carrying a load of pig iron for Marinette Fuel & Dock
3-AD-04-15-12-dl.jpg (89149 bytes)
Approaching the craneship William H. Donner where she will tie up to be unloaded
4-AD-04-15-12-dl.jpg (88008 bytes)
Just about tied up and ready to be unloaded

Quebec weekend Traffic - Michel St-Denis
01-Montreal-Express20120413msd.jpg (184772 bytes) 02-Montreal-Express20120413msd.jpg (85618 bytes) 03-Montreal-Express20120413msd.jpg (185969 bytes) 04-Saguenay20120413msd.jpg (132978 bytes) 05-Saguenay20120413msd.jpg (162212 bytes)
06-Saguenay20120413msd.jpg (151906 bytes) 07-Maria-Desgagnes20120414msd.jpg (108045 bytes) 08-Cap-Victor20120414msd.jpg (175398 bytes) 09-Vega-Desgagnes20120414msd.jpg (154553 bytes) 10-Federal-Seto20120414msd.jpg (123375 bytes)
11-CSL-Assiniboine20120414msd.jpg (89094 bytes) 12-British-Esteem20120415msd.jpg (127893 bytes) 13-Paul-J-Martin20120415msd.jpg (107693 bytes) 14-Maria-Desgagnes20120415msd.jpg (159838 bytes) 15-Lake-Ontario20120415msd.jpg (91751 bytes)
16-Maersk-Palermo20120415msd.jpg (135419 bytes) 17-Flintersun20120415msd.jpg (109895 bytes) 18-Arubaborg20120415msd.jpg (107833 bytes) 19-Dara-Desgagnes20120415msd.jpg (111903 bytes)  

Buffalo at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1buff_4_12_12_rb.jpg (113590 bytes) 2buff_4_12_12_rb.jpg (166036 bytes)      

St. Clair River at Marine City - Jacob Northup
1.-Barnacle-marine-city.jpg (77180 bytes) 2.-John-D.-Leitch-marine-city.jpg (72422 bytes) 8.-Algolake-Port-Huron.jpg (88135 bytes)    

Tecumseh upbound entering Soo Harbor on Saturday - Scott McLellan
1-Tecseh-14-4-12-SM.jpg (66548 bytes)

Algosar at the Algonac State Park on a foggy Sunday morning - Don Detloff
1-sar-15apr12-djd.jpg (69198 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson in Buffalo Sunday - Brian W.
1-Herbert-C-Jackson-4-15-12-BW.jpg (145010 bytes) 2-Herbert-C-Jackson-4-15-12-BW.jpg (128770 bytes) 3-Herbert-C-Jackson-4-15-12-BW.jpg (142754 bytes) 4-Herbert-C-Jackson-4-15-12-BW.jpg (141761 bytes)  

Detroit River Sunday - Ken Borg
IMG_6366.jpg (86086 bytes) IMG_6369.jpg (80767 bytes) IMG_6373.jpg (83362 bytes) IMG_6375.jpg (79493 bytes)  

Port Huron Saturday - Matt Miner
01-Kamin1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (99544 bytes) 03-JThomp1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (108293 bytes) 05-AlEnt1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (89926 bytes) 06-AlEnt2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (103875 bytes) 08-Algonova-4-14-12-mm.jpg (78514 bytes)
09-RogBl1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (104589 bytes) 11-GRep1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (92469 bytes) 12-GRep2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (99516 bytes) 14-JMun1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (102806 bytes) 15-JMun2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (86908 bytes)
17-ALadyIron1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (75556 bytes) 18-ALady-4-14-12-mm.jpg (111421 bytes) 20-Victory1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (102250 bytes) 22-Victory3-4-14-12-mm.jpg (95190 bytes) 23-CSLLaur1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (83463 bytes)
24-CSLLaur2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (104131 bytes) 25-HerbJ1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (79248 bytes) 26-HerbJ2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (107191 bytes) 27-CHJack1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (118605 bytes) 28-CHJack2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (109041 bytes)
29-Apollon1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (162405 bytes) 30-Apollon2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (143480 bytes) 31-Ojibway1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (116087 bytes) 32-Ojibway2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (101054 bytes) 35-Manitowoc1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (109296 bytes)
36-Manitowoc2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (87500 bytes) 34-Algosoo2-4-14-12-mm.jpg (106019 bytes) 33-Algosoo1-4-14-12-mm.jpg (86021 bytes)    

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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