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April 17, 20

H Lee White down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway south shore canal Monday - Kent Malo
HLeeWhite4-16-12-km.jpg (60130 bytes) HLeeWhite4-16-12-km-d.jpg (64270 bytes) HLeeWhite4-16-12-km-a.jpg (52015 bytes) HLeeWhite4-16-12-km-b.jpg (82298 bytes)  

Tug Mrs Alma in the back boat basin at Lake St. Clair Metropark - Andrew Severson
Mrsalma041512ans.jpg (127736 bytes)
She is now owned by a local contractor.
Mrsalma3-041612ans.jpg (100313 bytes) Mrsalma2-04-16-12ans.jpg (297773 bytes)    

South Chicago and Buffington Sunday - Lou Gerard
Manistee-4-15-12-lg-DSC-0248.jpg (158124 bytes)
Manistee is passing through NS5 on her way out to Lake Michigan.
Manistee-4-15-12-lg-DSC-0263.jpg (129336 bytes)
Manistee is clearing the 95th St. bridge.
Manistee-4-15-12-lg-DSC-0281.jpg (68180 bytes)
Manistee is out in Calumet Harbor passing the John J. Boland at anchor and some fisherman.
Johnjboland-4-15-12-lg-CSC-0222.jpg (62861 bytes)
John J. Boland at anchor in Calumet Harbor waiting for weather after loading at KCBX for Muskegon.
Manistee-4-15-12-lg-CSC-0225.jpg (74054 bytes)
Manistee passes the Calumet Breakwall South Pier Light on her way out into the lake. The Boland followed her shortly.
Arthurmanderson-4-15-12-DSC-0220.jpg (98923 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson is unloading stone at Buffington Harbor IN.

Recent Seaway traffic - Dave Bessant
01-FederalEMS-04-11-12-WDB.jpg (96184 bytes)
Federal EMS at Brockville on Wednesday
03-Victoriaborg-04-14-12-WDB.jpg (80963 bytes)
Victoriaborg  in the Galop Canal Saturday morning, upbound
05-AlgomaNavigator-04-14-12-WDB.jpg (68851 bytes)
Algoma Navigator Bow-On
06-AlgomaNavigator-04-14-12-WDB.jpg (104083 bytes) 07-AlgomaNavigator-04-14-12-WDB.jpg (81831 bytes)
Stern view
08-HarbourKira-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (113635 bytes)
Harbour Kira waiting to be released from the lock at Iroquois
09-HarbourKira-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (189311 bytes) 12-Birchglen-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (65722 bytes)
 Birchglen upbound at Loyalist Park
13-Birchglen-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (72813 bytes) 14-AtlanticSteamer-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (65571 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer in the fog having passed Canada Starch at Cardinal and in the foreground the remains of Conestoga
16-AtlanticSteamer-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (76899 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer at Brockville
17-AtlanticSteamer-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (73002 bytes) 19-AlgomaQuebecoisAtlanticSteamer-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (120568 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois and Atlantic Steamer
20-AlgomaQuebecois-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (64690 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois showing the United Way logo at her bridge where Quebecois used to be painted
21-AlgomaQuebecois-04-15-12-WDB.jpg (87097 bytes)
stern view heading towards Prescott

Innovation in Muskegon, Mich.
100_9790.jpg (98224 bytes) 100_9799A.jpg (100142 bytes) 100_1096.jpg (109882 bytes) INNOVATION.jpg (112583 bytes)  

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