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April 18, 20

Beauharnois to Cap St Michel - Captain Clarence Vautier
AtlanticHuron4-17-12-cv.jpg (80565 bytes)
Atlantic Huron meeting the Algobay at Cap St Michel along the St Lawrence below Montreal
JumboVision4-17-12-cv.jpg (124535 bytes)
Jumbo Vision at Beauharnois
Glen4-17-12-cv.jpg (98234 bytes)
Glen, secured at the eastern Port of Montreal
MaerskPalermo4-17-12-cv.jpg (96902 bytes)
Maersk Palermo moored at the Port of Montreal sec 60-61
TritonSeagull4-17-12-cv.jpg (91571 bytes)
Triton Seagull unloading sugar at sec 46, Port of Montreal

Welland canal traffic Monday - Michel Gosselin
1-atla-4-16-12-mg.jpg (113919 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer in Port Robinson
2-atla-4-16-12-mg.jpg (92746 bytes)
Stern view
3-fed-4-16-12-mg.jpg (104357 bytes)
Federal Hunter just left lock 1
4-fed-4-16-12-mg.jpg (99133 bytes)
Stern view
5-fed-4-16-12-mg.jpg (83330 bytes)
Federal hunter and Mapleglen passing
6-maple-4-16-12-mg.jpg (71375 bytes)
Mapleglen heading toward lock 1
7-maple-4-16-12-mg.jpg (94642 bytes)
Stern view
8-michi-4-16-12-mg.jpg (79696 bytes)
Michiganborg approaching bridge 4
9-michi-4-16-12-mg.jpg (105550 bytes)
Stern view

Miramis slides the wall into Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-miramis-17-04-12-rb.jpg (87879 bytes) 2-miramis-17-04-12-rb.jpg (79841 bytes)
No port of registry on the stern. Maltese flag flying.

Col. James M. Schoonmaker -Bob Vincent
The Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) is composed of volunteers, divers and non-divers who support and participate in research, and documentation of Ohio's underwater historic resources. MAST held a practical exercise on the Col. James M. Schoonmaker museum ship on Sunday April 15, 2012 to educate new members on survey techniques.  The Saturday's workshops that took place at the Toledo Maritime Center, future home of the National Museum of the Great Lakes, focused on such topics as ship construction, archival research, shipwreck report writing, and survey techniques.  Sunday, the students were using the trilateration method, which is using two points measurements off a baseline for sketching the ship. For more information on MAST go to
1-ColJMSchoonmaker-4-15-12-bv.jpg (61243 bytes)
Forward deck house of the Col. James M. Schoonmaker
2-MAST-4-15-12-bv.jpg (108995 bytes)
Scott Pansing (L) checking the baseline
3-MAST-4-15-12-bv.jpg (134096 bytes)
 MAST students on the starboard side using the trilateration for sketching the ship
4-MAST-4-15-12-bv.jpg (129643 bytes)
Port side view of students who where working of the baseline
5-ColJMSchoonmaker-4-15-12-bv.jpg (118055 bytes)
Looking aft
6-ColJMSchoonmaker-4-15-12-bv.jpg (144941 bytes)
View of the Aft deck housing

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