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April 19 - 20, 20

Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber at the Durocher facility in the Cheboygan River Thursday morning - Fred Stone
DSCN4924.jpg (97823 bytes)
This is believed to be the pair's first visit to Cheboygan, they finished unloading and left the river by 9 a.m. to head to Port Dolomite.
DSCN4926.jpg (96408 bytes)
Unloading limestone
DSCN4930.jpg (151492 bytes)    

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan - Dianne Donati
Olive-Moore-3-4-19-12-dd.jpg (102140 bytes) Ojibway-3-4-19-12-dd.jpg (104744 bytes) American-Spirit-4-19-12-dd.jpg (106846 bytes)    

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
FEDERALEMSb03041812mn.jpg (102381 bytes)
Federal Ems (Cyprus) downbound passing Zug Island.
FEDERALEMSs05041812mn.jpg (91333 bytes) ANDERSONARTHURMb14041812mn.jpg (86518 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound off Zug Island.
HOEYPATRICIAb08041812mn.jpg (93321 bytes)
Patricia Hoey off the Old Rouge River.
HOEYPATRICIAs06041812mn.jpg (107908 bytes)
PHOEYANDERSONb15041812mn.jpg (112612 bytes)
Patricia Hoey towing Arthur M. Anderson.
CHOEYANDERSON18041812mn.jpg (88200 bytes)
Carolyn Hoey/Arthur M. Anderson backing into the Rough River Short Cut Canal.

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
tAnmrie-4-18-12-BCM-01.jpg (138579 bytes)
Tug Ann Marie, Laurentian, Spencer F. Baird
tAnmrie-4-18-12-BCM-02.jpg (89418 bytes) tAnmrie-4-18-12-BCM-03.jpg (153793 bytes)    

Detroit, Rouge and St. Clair Rivers -  Ken Borg
 IMG_6403.jpg (80759 bytes)
Arthur. M. Anderson with tugs Carolyn Hoey and Patrica Hoey in 
Detroit River off Short Cut Canal.
IMG_6416.jpg (103570 bytes)
Carolyn Hoey pushing around the Anderson
IMG_6429.jpg (150675 bytes)
Their work done the  Patrica Hoey and Carolyn Hoey head up the 
Rouge River followed by the Anderson
IMG_6420.jpg (106279 bytes)
Carolyn Hoey and Patrica Hoey heading for the dock.
IMG_6431.jpg (95792 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson backing up the Rouge River going to the Carmuse  LIme Dock in River Rouge, MI
IMG_6379.jpg (92466 bytes) IMG_6388.jpg (71488 bytes) IMG_6389.jpg (93973 bytes) IMG_6394.jpg (80743 bytes) IMG_6395.jpg (87907 bytes)

Ojibway has been at the grain elevators for the last few days loading - John Monefeldt
MV-Ojibway-Milw-01.jpg (121602 bytes)
She finished up Wednesday and left around mid-afternoon.
MV-Ojibway-Milw-02.jpg (102901 bytes)      

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-maccoa-18-04-12-rb.jpg (95943 bytes)
Maccoa slides the wall approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-spruce-18-04-12-rb.jpg (166500 bytes)
Spruceglen has a new emissions scrubbing system for the main engine, gensets, and incinerator.
3-jumbo-18-04-12-rb.jpg (79796 bytes)
Jumbo Vision takes the lock on the fly.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_7479.jpg (104371 bytes)
Mesabi Miner waiting in the harbor on a stormy day.
IMG_7485.jpg (103335 bytes)
Great Republic beginning her turn to leave.

Isadora downbound in the Welland canal Wednesday - Michel Gosselin
1-isa-18-4-12-mg.jpg (120111 bytes)
Isadora is heading toward lock 2
2-isa-18-4-12-mg.jpg (117521 bytes)
hugging the wall
3-isa-18-4-12-mg.jpg (69581 bytes)
the crew
4-isa-18-4-12-mg.jpg (122952 bytes)
about to enter lock 2

St. Lawrence below Montreal - Captain Clarence Vautier
FederalKumano4-17-12-cv.jpg (107723 bytes)
Federal Kumano in Lac St Pierre, Destination Windsor, Ont.
Maccoa4-17-12-cv.jpg (91087 bytes)
Maccoa at Contrecoeur, Quebec.

Hamilton, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-Fedseto-18-04-12-eh.jpg (99483 bytes)
Federal Seto inbound Hamilton.
2-Fedseto-18-04-12-eh.jpg (193317 bytes)
Stern view.
3-Islerouge-18-04-12-eh.jpg (117012 bytes)
CCG / RCMP Isle Rouge outbound Burlington.
4-Islerouge-18-04-12-eh.jpg (94867 bytes)
Stern view.

CSL Atlantic Huron and Algoma Mariner pass Morrisburg - Phillip Blancher
2012-04-18-morrisburg-5-pb.jpg (81031 bytes) 2012-04-18-morrisburg-1-pb.jpg (91249 bytes) 2012-04-18-morrisburg-4-pb.jpg (77905 bytes)    

St. Clair River traffic at Algonac State Park on Tuesday - Don Detloff
1-east-17apr12-djd.jpg (78351 bytes)
2-dora-17apr12-djd.jpg (75581 bytes)
3-oak-17apr12-djd.jpg (61827 bytes)

Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1cjc_4_15_12_rb.jpg (82968 bytes)
Arriving to load ore, view from Presque Isle Park

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