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April 21, 20

South Chicago Friday - Lou Gerard
Algosoo-4-20-12-lg-DSC-0307.jpg (108772 bytes)
Algosoo coming around Wisconsin Steel Bend with the G Tug Massachusetts on the bow and Colorado on the stern.
Algosoo-4-20-12-lg-DSC-0337.jpg (83444 bytes)
Coming past KCBX.
Algosoo-4-20-12-lg-DSC-0366.jpg (152215 bytes)
Coming through NS5 and Calumet Fisheries at 95th St.
Algosoo-4-20-12-lg-DSC-0378.jpg (127188 bytes)
Passing through 95th St. bridge.
Algosoo-4-20-12-lg-DSC-0398.jpg (120780 bytes)
Going under the "J" bridge as the Koolcat out New Orleans follows.

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyhg-4-20-12-BCM-01.jpg (93395 bytes)
Cuyahoga coming into the river Friday,
Cuyhg-4-20-12-BCM-02.jpg (75740 bytes) Cuyhg-4-20-12-BCM-03.jpg (90408 bytes)
unloading salt
Cuyhg-4-20-12-BCM-04.jpg (86893 bytes) Cuyhg-4-20-12-BCM-05.jpg (92887 bytes)
finished unloading, bringing in the boom

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-lake-20-04-12-rb.jpg (88522 bytes)
Lake Ontario below Iroquois Lock.
2-lake-20-04-12-rb.jpg (83634 bytes)
Formerly Federal Manitou in the lock.
3-blue-20-04-12-rb.jpg (92744 bytes)
Bluebill passing Mariatown.
4-blue-20-04-12-rb.jpg (91814 bytes)
stern view.

Kaministiqua upbound for Thunder Bay in the St Lawrence Seaway's south shore canal above Montreal Friday - Kent Malo
Kaministiqua4-20-12-km.jpg (87198 bytes) Kaministiqua4-20-12-kn-b.jpg (86449 bytes)      

Hamilton - Eric Holmes
1-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (128816 bytes)
Burlington Lift Bridge in the lowered position
2-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (116561 bytes)
Working on the bridge
3-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (113471 bytes) 4-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (138215 bytes)
 Being raised
5-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (154129 bytes)
Partly raised
6-Burliftbridge-20-04-12-eh.jpg (144232 bytes)
Fully raised
7-Limnos-20-04-12-eh.jpg (81613 bytes)
Limnos tied up waiting for the bridge to reopen
8-Limnos-20-04-12-eh.jpg (93473 bytes)
Limnos first one through
10-Algolake-20-04-12-eh.jpg (159551 bytes)
Algolake outbound
11-Algolake-20-04-12-eh.jpg (104655 bytes)
12-Shipswaiting-20-04-12-eh.jpg (88895 bytes)
Algolake outbound, Algoma Olympic and Federal Ems inbound
13-Algoolympic-20-04-12-eh.jpg (75570 bytes)
 Algoma Olympic inbound
14-Algoolympic-20-04-12-eh.jpg (148695 bytes) 15-Algoolympic-20-04-12-eh.jpg (74894 bytes)
Turning for Dofasco
16-Fdedems-20-04-12-eh.jpg (101971 bytes)
 Federal Ems inbound
17-Fdems-20-04-12-eh.jpg (128958 bytes)        

Detroit and Rouge Rivers - Mike Nicholls
A397b06041912mn.jpg (100755 bytes)
Barge A 397 and tug Rebecca Lynn loading at the Marathon Dock in the Rouge River.
A397s04041912mn.jpg (98625 bytes) REBECCALYNNs03041912mn.jpg (127426 bytes) SHEILAKAYb10041912mn.jpg (218744 bytes)
Tug Sheila Kaye at the Fort Street Bridge.
SHEILAKAYEs07041912mn.jpg (211789 bytes)
DIAMONDJACKb09041912mn.jpg (170736 bytes)
Diamond Jack at Gaelic Park in the Rouge River.
DIAMONDJACKs11041912mn.jpg (166603 bytes) SHANNONb12041912mn.jpg (141567 bytes)
Tug Shannon at the Gaelic Tug Dock.
TECUMSEHb13041912mn.jpg (85629 bytes)
Tecumseh unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
ALGOMAGUARDIANb15041912mn.jpg (75785 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ALGOMAGUARDIANs17041912mn.jpg (87299 bytes) STORMONTLACSTJEANb18041912mn.jpg (80937 bytes)
Truck ferry, Tug Stormont and barge Lac St Jean crossing from Detroit to Windsor.

Detroit River
USCGS105NEAHBAY02041312.jpg (124399 bytes)
 Destined for Cleveland, Neah Bay gets under way from Windsor
USCGS105NEAHBAY01041312.jpg (104801 bytes) INDIANAHARBOR02041812.jpg (111465 bytes)
 Indiana Harbor up at Windsor
INDIANAHARBOR01041812.jpg (163184 bytes)  

USCG replacing Aids to Navigation on the lakes
120419-G-JG957-004.jpg (107085 bytes) 120419-G-JG957-020.jpg (99594 bytes) 120417-G-PF502-136.jpg (118978 bytes) 120417-G-PF502-016.jpg (143064 bytes) 120417-G-PF502-039.jpg (147022 bytes)
120416-G-PF502-028.jpg (103919 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - This day in History - Helga Smith on a Seaway visit in the early 1960s. She sank on April 23, 1962 off Newfoundland. - Tom Manse Collection
Smith,-Helga.jpg (29372 bytes)        

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