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April 22, 20

Algoway with an infrequent visit to Hamilton at noon Saturday - Bill Bird
1-Algoway-04-21-12-a-bb.jpg (99567 bytes)
Algoway approaching Burlington piers with a few enthusiasts on hand.
2-Algoway-04-21-12-b-bb.jpg (79119 bytes)
Closeup, she has a cargo of potash from Thunder Bay.
3-Algoway--04-21-12-c-bb.jpg (64471 bytes)
Stern profile.
4-Algoway-04-21-12-d-bb.jpg (146923 bytes)
Bow shot.  Bridge is once again in working order so mariners and motorists can co-exist.

St. Clair River traffic at Algonac State Park on Saturday - Don Detloff
1-secure-21apr12-djd.jpg (86858 bytes)
Homeland Security Patrol Boat
2-sague-21apr12-djd.jpg (80163 bytes)
3-pacific-21apr12-djd.jpg (82807 bytes)
Pacific Huron

Rouge River - Ken Borg
IMG_6435.jpg (145724 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin unloading on Dock A on Zug Island, River Rouge, MI by "A" blast furnace.
IMG_6450.jpg (103320 bytes)
Looking down the original Channel  of the Rouge River toward the 141 Bridge and the Paul Martin unloading at Zug Island.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1grtrep4_17_12_rb.jpg (147645 bytes)
Great Republic at anchor, waiting to load ore
2mich4_17_12_rb.jpg (263274 bytes)
Michipicoten loading ore

Cruise aboard the Carnival Freedom - Scott McLellan     
1-Oasis-2-25-12-SM.jpg (107369 bytes)
Oasis of the Seas departing Fort Lauderdale on February 25.
2-OSOR-2-25-12-SM.jpg (106195 bytes)
Overseas Long Beach at Fort Lauderdale.
3-Dream-2-28-12-SM.jpg (112810 bytes)
Carnival Dream arriving at St. Thomas on February 28.
4-BGuit-2-28-12-SM.jpg (116264 bytes)
Yacht Blue Guitar, owned by Eric Clapton, anchored at St. Thomas.
5-AdSea-2-29-12-SM.jpg (94013 bytes)
Adventure of the Seas arriving at Antigua on February 29.
6-Pilot-3-3-12-SM.jpg (130549 bytes)
Nassau Pilot boat.
7-Jumbo-3-3-12-SM.jpg (128299 bytes)
Jumbo Ships -Daniella with a large yacht at Nassau on March 3.
8-MonSe-3-3-12-SM.jpg (126458 bytes)
Monarch of the Seas assisted by the tug Amber Jack at Nassau on March 3.
9-BaNav-3-3-12-SM.jpg (107049 bytes)
HMBS Bahamas,  a 198 foot Offshore Patrol vessel.

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