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April 23, 20

Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin
1-algo-20-4-12-mg.jpg (58859 bytes)
Algoma Progress is heading toward Lock 1
2-algo-20-4-12-mg.jpg (95931 bytes)
stern view
3-fede-20-4-12-mg.jpg (78591 bytes)
Federal Ems about to enter Lock 7
4-fede-20-4-12-mg.jpg (74531 bytes)
stern view
5-hlee-20-4-12-mg.jpg (69594 bytes)
H. Lee White in Port Robinson
6-alou-20-4-12-mg.jpg (118272 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit in Port Robinson
7-wilf-20-4-12-mg.jpg (105607 bytes)
Wilf Seymour and H. Lee White passing
8-wilf-20-4-12-mg.jpg (86951 bytes)
stern view
9-hlee-20-4-12-mg.jpg (82033 bytes)
stern view
10-apo-20-4-12-mg.jpg (88312 bytes)
Apollon is approaching Lock 1
11-apo-20-4-12-mg.jpg (100635 bytes)
stern view
12-apo-21-4-12-mg.jpg (67153 bytes)
Apollogracht departing Lock 1
13-mrs-21-4-12-mg.jpg (99495 bytes)
Mrs C approaching Apollogracht
14-mrs-21-4-12-mg.jpg (97930 bytes)
lake pilot climbing up
15-apo-21-4-12-mg.jpg (88508 bytes)
stern view
16-paci-21-4-12-mg.jpg (103756 bytes)
Stern view of Pacific Huron as she's heading Lock 2.
17-paci-21-4-12-mg.jpg (78423 bytes)
about to enter Lock 2

Elisalex Schulte at the Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-elisa-22-04-12-rb.jpg (82420 bytes)
Elisalex Schulte below Iroquois Lock.
2-elisa-22-04-12-rb.jpg (79292 bytes)
Sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-elisa-22-04-12-rb.jpg (96522 bytes)
Cabin detail. Laid down in 2008. Launched 2011.

Lake Ontario arrived in Oshawa, Ontario Sunday -  Andre Blanchard
1-LOntario-4-22-12-ab.jpg (111418 bytes)
Lake Ontario unloading its cargo in Oshawa.
2-LOntario-4-22-12-ab.jpg (93731 bytes)
Another view.

 Lake Ontario unloading at the Port of Oshawa - Murray Blancher
1-Lake-Ontario-04-22-12-mb.jpg (116024 bytes) 2-Lake-Ontario-04-22-12-mb.jpg (115931 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives Toledo - Jim Hoffman
wm-g-mather-co2-1a.jpg (100024 bytes)
William G. Mather loading coal at C&O#2 Dock Toledo, Ohio.
fort-henry-uw-mrvr-1a.jpg (87827 bytes)
Fort Henry upbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio with a cargo of newspaper rolls bound for the Toledo Warehousing Dock to be used by the Toledo Blade Newspaper.
enterprise-cc-west-co-frog-pond.jpg (101659 bytes)
 Kinsman Enterprise and Charles C. West at the C&O Docks Frog Pond area Toledo, Ohio.
rob-c-stanley-co-3.jpg (125178 bytes)
Robert C. Stanley loading coal at C&O#3 Dock Toledo, Ohio. The bumboat Deweys is alongside.

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