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April 28, 20

On board Lower Lakes Towing's new acquisition, Tecumseh, at Windsor April 27 - Roger LeLievre

Tecumseh was built in 1973 at Lockheed in Seattle, and operated on saltwater until her purchase last fall by Lower Lakes.
Tecumseh-1-rl.jpg (65635 bytes)
Side profile, at the ADM dock.
Tecumseh-2---rl.jpg (66360 bytes)
Stern view. Stack monograms will be added soon.
Tecumseh-3---rl.jpg (59201 bytes)
Signature LLT houseflag and Don't Give Up the Ship flag
Tecumseh-4--rl.jpg (71451 bytes)
Looking forward, with the unloading leg in the hold and ADM elevator at right.
Tecumseh-5---RL.jpg (83875 bytes)
Close-up of the leg.
Tecumseh-6---rl.jpg (85757 bytes)
The cargo of canola was loaded in Thunder Bay.
Tecumseh-7--rl.jpg (87076 bytes)
Canola in hand.
Tecumseh-8.jpg (67710 bytes)
Deck view showing MacGregor-type hatches.
Tecumseh-9.jpg (82957 bytes)
Photo of the ship under a previous name, Judy Litrico, hangs on board.
Great-Lakes.jpg (58916 bytes)
Barge Great Lakes and tug Michigan downbound.
Roman,-Stephen.jpg (43942 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman passes Zug Island.

Chicago area Friday - Tom Kort
01-challenger-04-27-12-tk.jpg (122345 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger being make ready for the season.
02-challenger-04-27-12-tk.jpg (142940 bytes) 03-challenger-04-27-12-tk.jpg (106612 bytes) 04-challenger-04-27-12-tk.jpg (99025 bytes) 05-isolda-04-27-12-tk.jpg (121758 bytes)
Isolda loading coal
06-drydock-04-27-12-tk.jpg (113402 bytes)
Unknown Chicago tour boat in dry dock.
07-anderson-04-27-12-tk.jpg (135059 bytes)
Anderson loading coal
08-virginiaborg-04-27-12-tk.jpg (89196 bytes)
09-mandarin-04-27-12-tk.jpg (115524 bytes)
Mandarin unloading
10-mandarin-04-27-12.jpg (108956 bytes)
11-spirit-04-27-12-tk.jpg (66644 bytes)
American Spirit  There was a east-north-east wind of 15 knots and maybe a little more. 
12-spirit-04-27-12-tk.jpg (76879 bytes)
 I believe the boats in the next shots were waiting for improved conditions before entering the harbors. 
14-spirit-04-27-12-tk.jpg (66151 bytes)
The American Spirit was about 1 mile outside of the harbor of the steel mill just north east of Gary.
15-spirit-04-27-12-tk.jpg (110121 bytes) 13-spirit-04-27-12-tk.jpg (125204 bytes)
17-callaway-04-27-12-tk.jpg (72306 bytes)
 Callaway about 10 miles out from the American Spirit, the Callaway was waiting.
18-callaway-04-27-12-tk.jpg (135615 bytes) 19-navigator-04-27-12-tk.jpg (79471 bytes)
Algoma Navigator  further to the west and closer to shore, the Navigator was also waiting. 
20-navigator-04-27-12-tk.jpg (87561 bytes) 21-navigator-04-27-12-tk.jpg (103576 bytes)
22-navigator-03-27-12-tk.jpg (91034 bytes) 23-navigator-04-27-12-tk.jpg (80260 bytes) 24-sykes-04-27-12-tk.jpg (143192 bytes)
The Sykes was in unloading limestone.
25-sykes-04-27-12-tk.jpg (97169 bytes) 26-sykes-04-27-12-tk.jpg (209224 bytes)
Fuel barge along side.
27-sykes-04-27-12-tk.jpg (127777 bytes)        

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-algorail-4-27-12-ts.jpg (109182 bytes)
Algorail upbound nearing Zilwaukee
2-algorail-4-27-12-ts.jpg (104931 bytes)
Stern view
1-ljkuber-4-27-12-ts.jpg (108524 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound at Cass Avenue
2-ljkuber-4-27-12-ts.jpg (106881 bytes)
Stern view

USCG Buoy Tender Alder in the Portage Canal in Houghton/Hancock - Danielle Adams
100_0110.jpg (132626 bytes)
 They were putting the buoys back in the water Friday.
100_0095.jpg (50327 bytes)      

Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Miramis-04-27-12-mb.jpg (94223 bytes)
Miramis in Iroquois lock
2-Miramis-04-27-12-mb.jpg (74123 bytes) 3-Miramis-04-27-12-mb.jpg (99804 bytes) 4-Miramis-04-27-12-mb.jpg (102929 bytes) 5-Melissa-Desgagnes-04-27-12-mb.jpg (98519 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes on the wall at Iroquois
6-Melissa-Desgagnes-04-27-12.jpg (96555 bytes) 7-Melissa-Desgagnes-04-27-12-mb.jpg (97103 bytes) 8-Federal-Schelde-04-27-12-mb.jpg (86194 bytes)
Federal Schelde up at Mariatown
9-Federal-Schelde-04-27-12-.jpg (82512 bytes) 10-Atlantic-Steamer-04-27-12-mb.jpg (96256 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer in Iroquois Lock
11-Atlantic-Steamer-04-27-12-mb.jpg (95120 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer stack
12-Atlantic-Steamer-04-27-12.jpg (105318 bytes)
Atlantic Steamer exiting Iroquois

 Hamilton, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-Fedmaas-27-04-12-eh.jpg (251941 bytes)
Federal Maas inbound Hamilton
2-Fedmaas-04-27-12-eh.jpg (283863 bytes) 3-Shamrockjup-04-27-12-eh.jpg (240872 bytes)
Shamrock Jupiter outbound Hamilton
4-Shamrockjup-04-27-12-eh.jpg (375185 bytes)  

Tanker Elisalex Schulte arrives at Oshawa Friday - Lorraine Morrill
1-Elisalex-Schulte---4-27-12lm.jpg (149245 bytes) 2-Elisalex-Schulte---4-27-12lm.jpg (151410 bytes)      

CSL Assiniboine in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan - Dianne Donati
CSL-Assiniboine-2-4-27-12-dd.jpg (98594 bytes)        

Sam Laud navigating the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland as seen from the Columbus Road Lift Bridge Wednesday - Al Leonard
1-SamLaud-4-25-12-AL.jpg (143496 bytes) 2-SamLaud-4-25-12-AL.jpg (137370 bytes) 3-SamLaud-4-25-12-AL.jpg (144209 bytes)    

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Power-Authority-Pier-4-27-12-BW.jpg (178235 bytes)
Overall view of the Power Authority Pier on the Buffalo River showing their two tugs, the new barge Hyvasu II in her slip, & the new Marine Travel Lift now under construction.
2-Power-Authority-Pier-4-27-12-BW.jpg (174168 bytes)
Close up view of the new travel lift being assembled in the Power Authority yard with the newly refinished dock face & apron to the left.
3-Power-Authority-Pier-4-27-12-BW.jpg (189119 bytes)
An old steel pontoon section of the Niagara River Ice Boom has been used to make a new sign for the park now under construction next to the Power Authority property.
4-Power-Authority-Pier-4-27-12-BW.jpg (300847 bytes)
Original artifacts from the Union Furnace Company ore docks, like this bollard, are being reused to top the entrance columns of the park in tribute to the site of Buffalo's first Blast Furnace plant.

Historical Perspective - Maplecliffe Hall upbound at Walpole Island Saturday April 28, 1984 - Dave Otterman
Maplecliffe-Hall.jpg (78874 bytes)        

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