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April 30, 20

 Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-AtlanticHuron-04-29-12-a-bb.jpg (85896 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Thorold.
2-AtlanticHuron-04-29-21-b-bb.jpg (97762 bytes)
 heading for Lock 7 and eventually Halifax
3-CSLNiagara-04-29-12-a-bb.jpg (80614 bytes)
CSL Niagara clearing Lock 2
4-CSLNiagara-04-29-12-b-bb.jpg (114274 bytes)
bowthruster wash pushing vessel to east side of channel
5-Kaministiqua-04-29-12-a-bb.jpg (137628 bytes)
because Kaministiqua is sliding along the west wall.
6-CSLNiagaraKaministiqua-04-29-12-a-bb.jpg (77254 bytes)
passing entry
7-Kaministiqua-04-29-12-b-bb.jpg (78419 bytes)
Kaministiqua heading to the lock
8-Ebroborg-04-29-12-a-bb.jpg (79700 bytes)
Ebroborg clear of Lock 1
9-Ebroborg-04-29-12-b-bb.jpg (79269 bytes)
on her way to Cleveland

Sichem Contester of Singapore upbound at Mariatown Sunday - Ron Beaupre
1-sichem-29-04-12-rb.jpg (86775 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-sichem-29-04-12-rb.jpg (84301 bytes)      

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-algorail-4-29-12-ts.jpg (71518 bytes)
Algorail inbound nearing Zilwaukee
2-algorail-4-29-12-ts.jpg (80413 bytes)
Another view
3-algorail-4-29-12-ts.jpg (97648 bytes)
 Stern view
1-ljkuber-4-29-12-ts.jpg (77848 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Carrollton.
2-ljkuber-4-29-12-ts.jpg (100614 bytes)
Stern view nearing the I-75/Zilwaukee Bridge 

Erie, Pa. - Brian W.
1-Lakes-Contender-4-29-12-BW.jpg (83438 bytes)
Lakes Contender tied up across the slip from the Cleveland Rocks.
2-Cleveland-Rocks-4-29-12-BW.jpg (70535 bytes)
The unusual shape of the bow of the Cleveland Rocks barge, the hole for the thruster, & a glimpse of her strange looking king post for the unloading rig up on deck.

St. Clair River on Sunday - Kevin Majewski
1.AlgoCan-4-29-12-KM.jpg (94303 bytes)
Algocanada upbound at St. Clair, Michigan
2.AlgoCa-4-29-12-KM.jpg (75986 bytes) 3.AlgoC-4-29-12-KM.jpg (116754 bytes) 4.ShaJupi-4-29-12-KM.jpg (95301 bytes)
Shamrock Jupiter docked at Sarnia, Ontario
5.LakeOnt-4-29-12-KM.jpg (118341 bytes)
Lake Ontario docked at Sarnia

Michipicoten departing Superior, Wis. Sunday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Michipicoten-4-29-12-GHB.jpg (120242 bytes) 2-Michipicoten-4-29-12-GHB.jpg (108611 bytes) 3-Michipicoten-4-29-12-GHB.jpg (124453 bytes)    

St. Clair River at Marine City on Sunday - Don Detloff
2-andrie-29apr12-djd.jpg (177550 bytes)
Barbara Andrie and Barge
1-saginaw-29apr12-djd.jpg (53910 bytes)
1-roman-27apr12-djd.jpg (64626 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman at Marine City on Friday.

 Philip R. Clarke in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. Sunday - Dianne Donati
Philip-R-Clarke-2-4-29-12-dd.jpg (133831 bytes)        

Port Huron and Detroit - Bruce Hurd
Cdesgag42812.jpg (81285 bytes) HLWht42812.jpg (93698 bytes) ShamJup42812.jpg (81872 bytes) AmInt42812.jpg (76415 bytes) Atlhur42812.jpg (78725 bytes)

Oshawa Harbour Friday - Andre Blanchard
1-ESchulte-Vict-4-27-12-ab.jpg (73990 bytes)
Tanker Elisalex Shulte (on Left) and Tug Victorious and barge John J. Carrick arrived in Oshawa moments after each other. First to arrive was Elisalex Schulte who was assisted by tugs Ecosse and Lac Manitoba (not shown here).
2-Victorious-4-27-12-ab.jpg (82282 bytes)
Victorious/John J. Carrick docked closest to the camera.
3-ESchulte-4-27-12-ab.jpg (81983 bytes)
Elisalex Schulte is registered under the flag of Singapore. This is her first appearance in Oshawa. She left Oshawa the next day.

Herbert C. Jackson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick 
1hcj_4_24_12_rb.jpg (173060 bytes)
Loading ore on a spring morning

Port of Toledo Historic - Jim Hoffman
soo-river-trader-city-docks.jpg (78985 bytes)
Soo River Trader at City Docks Toledo, Ohio waiting for a berth at one of the grain elevators further upriver.
joseph-h-frantz-app-co-dock.jpg (90630 bytes)
Joseph H. Frantz approaching CSX#4 Coal Dock Toledo, Ohio.
calgadoc-db-cherry-sr-brg.jpg (151287 bytes)
Calgadoc with a load of grain onboard outbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio from the Cherry Street Bridge.

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