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May 5, 20

St. Clair River Friday -  Kevin D. Majewski 
1.TimDool-5-4-12-KM.jpg (52443 bytes)
Tim S. Dool,  bow-on view
2.TiDool-5-4-12-KM.jpg (57265 bytes)
Downbound at St. Clair
3.TDool-5-4-12-KM.jpg (71643 bytes) 4.TSDool-5-4-12-KM.jpg (70671 bytes) 5.TSD-5-4-12-KM.jpg (62231 bytes)
6.AlgProg-5-4-12-KM.jpg (47189 bytes)
 Algoma Progress downbound just above Marine City
7.AlgPro-5-4-12-KM.jpg (68781 bytes) 8.AlPro-5-4-12-KM.jpg (69926 bytes) 9.AmerInt-5-4-12-KM.jpg (62309 bytes)
 American Integrity unloading at the St. Clair Power Plant

Recent Seaway - Dave Bessant
01-Isolda-01-05-12-WDB.jpg (80887 bytes)
Isolda downbound at Brockville on Tuesday
02-Pineglen-02-05-12-WDB.jpg (101362 bytes)
Pineglen upbound at Brockville
03-ShamrockJupiter-02-05-12-WDB.jpg (111748 bytes)
Shamrock Jupiter also at Brockville on Wednesday
04-AtlanticErie-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (102556 bytes)
Atlantic Erie up through the Brockville Narrows at Fernbank on Thursday morning
05-AlgomaQuebecois-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (131846 bytes)
 Algoma Quebecois at Iroquois in the afternoon
06-AlgomaQuebecoiswOsprey-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (127693 bytes)
The mother osprey boatnerd with Algoma Quebecois passing right behind her
07-OspreyBoatnerd-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (107564 bytes)
Osprey Boatnerd up close
08-AlgomaQuebecois-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (33749 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois heading out in the fog towards Morrisburg
09-JoSpirit-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (118403 bytes)
Jo Spirit close behind
10-JoSpirit-03-05-12-WDB.jpg (90323 bytes)
spare prop blades

Hamilton, Friday - John van der Doe
Hamilton-4-May-2012-(1).jpg (78722 bytes) Hamilton-4-May-2012-(2).jpg (88177 bytes) Hamilton-4-May-2012-(27).jpg (166012 bytes) Hamilton-4-May-2012-(30).jpg (68940 bytes) Hamilton-4-May-2012-(36).jpg (87958 bytes)

BBC Hawaii passing Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-hawaii-04-05-12-rb.jpg (92097 bytes)
 She is taking the windmills to Ogdensburg. Formerly Beluga Evaluation. First trip in Seaway.
2-hawaii-04-05-12-rb.jpg (79797 bytes)      

Recent Welland Canal Photos - Paul Beesley
1-miram-4-27-12-pb.jpg (78589 bytes)
Tanker Miramis below Lock 2.
2-shamjup-4-27-12-pb.jpg (71103 bytes)
Another tanker, Shamrock Jupiter, above Lock 3.
3-shamjup-4-27-12-pb.jpg (103736 bytes)
Crew on the Jupiter work on the manifold.
4-lakeon-4-27-12-pb.jpg (181462 bytes)
Lake Ontario slides out of Lock 2.
5-bridge-4-27-12-pb.jpg (158624 bytes)
Glendale bridge.
6-fender-4-27-12-pb.jpg (223298 bytes)
Out of service, well-worn fenders above Lock 2.
7-steel-4-28-12-pb.jpg (113556 bytes)
Algosteel in Port Weller drydock.  HMCS Algonquin beside her in the deep dock.
8-fedsch-4-28-12-pb.jpg (96426 bytes)
Federal Schelde above Lock 2.
9-ojib-4-28-12-pb.jpg (78733 bytes)
Ojibway above Lock 1.

Working on board CCGS Samuel Risley - Paul Beesley
1-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (102395 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley anchored off the work area.  She is flying the round, black shape from her foremast to indicate she is anchored.  In this case she had 6 shots of chain out; that's 450 feet or 162 metres.
2-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (97120 bytes)
There are many areas where the water is too shallow for the ship to get to.  When that happens one of her 3 shallow-draft small craft are used to carry out the work.  The Sp (self-propelled) Barge being launched.  This craft is 26 feet long, weighs 7 tons, has two lifting winches with a 2500 lb capacity and a power-take-off to drive them and Zed-drive.  It also has a top speed of 6 knots.
3-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (115452 bytes)
This dock has just been put together by the crew.  It's plastic and replaces a much heavier wooden dock.  The ramp that joins the dock to the shore is still in the barge waiting to be unloaded and installed.
4-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (144246 bytes)
In this photo the barge crew are placing the concrete anchors that hold the ends of the dock in place.  Normally the barge has a crew of 3.  In this case we carried extra for the wharf construction and material unloading.
5-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (111353 bytes)
Gereaux lighthouse.  We were building the dock here for the IRB base.   IRB is Inshore Rescue Boat; they are staffed all summer and handle much of the Search and Rescue work concerning power boats and other small craft.  The lighthouse is not manned and the IRB crew live in a separate house.
6-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (172649 bytes)
Two of the small craft at the dock as furniture is unloaded and carried up to the IRB station.  The smaller craft, a Zodiac 590,  is also used to service shallow-water buoys but with its twin outboards it can move at over 20 knots.  Gets you there much faster but windchill becomes an issue on long rides.  It gets very wet if there is any wind kicking up the lake.
7-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (158356 bytes)
 Some of the buoys and anchor stones on deck of the Risley.  These are steel two-foot buoys.  Sometimes lights are placed on top to make them visible in the dark.  Also, the letters, numbers and stripes that are stuck on when the buoy is launched are retro-reflective so they are easier to see with searchlights and flashlights.
8-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (146438 bytes)
 Bag-o-chain.  This bag contains 5  90 foot lengths of 1/2" chain.  Many of the steel buoys require 90 feet (one shot) of chain because of the water depth.  The steel buoys usually take 3/4" chain.  These chains are cut to fit; each buoy has a specific length of chain determined by the water depth and 'on-position-radius' of the buoy.
9-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (123547 bytes)
Some of the newer lights that are now being installed on buoys by the Canadian Coast Guard.  These are pre-programmed to show the proper light by technicians at the CG base.  Each light is marked to ensure it is attached to the correct buoy.  The small lamp goes on the ORT buoys (Ottawa River Buoy made of plastic) which are smaller than the steel buoys.  The lamps are coupled to Kamlock fittings in the storage space and on most of the buoys.  This makes for easy installation.
10-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (105140 bytes)
SART & Emergency Radio on board the Risley.  There is a container at each liferaft station on board.  These are required to be carried.  A Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) is a self contained, waterproof
radar transponder intended for emergency use at sea. The radar-SART is used to locate a survival craft or distressed vessel by creating a series of dots on a rescuing ship's radar display. A SART will only respond to a 9 GHz X-band (3 cm wavelength) radar.
11-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (142677 bytes)
A weather buoy bound for Northern Georgian Bay.  These buoys come in various sizes and are found around the world. Each buoy sends weather and sea-state conditions via satellite to various weather organizations, such as Environment Canada and NOAA.  The information is used to help with weather forecasts.
12-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (136364 bytes)
The Zodiac 590.  It seats 3, two side by side aft of the operator.  The navigation equipment and the VHF radio are in the plastic topped consoles aft of the operator's position.
13-samris-4-12-12-pb.jpg (97320 bytes)
Finally, the working section of the Chief Officer's cabin.  Not much time is spent here, especially when the Risley is involved in buoy programs.  During the 28 days that B crew was on board they serviced over 500 buoys.  This included placing major navigation buoys, replacing winter buoys with summer buoys, adding lights, checking positions and repositioning buoys that had been dragged off position by wind and ice and placing new buoys where some others had simply disappeared.  Oh yes, it also involved checking out a whistle buoy found on a beach; turns out the buoy had been in this remote location since the early part of the 20th century.  Peacefully rusting away.

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick 
1mich4_27_12_rb.jpg (107157 bytes)
Michipicoten backing away from the ore dock
2lat_4_27_12_rb.jpg (221091 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha loading ore

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