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May 7, 20

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-05-06-12-a-bb.jpg (65790 bytes)
After 3 weeks at the drydock in Port Weller for survey, painting and other work, Algosteel is upbound at Port Robinson headed to Port Colborne for still more work. 
2-Algosteelbow-05-05-12-a-bb.jpg (66337 bytes)
She spent the winter there undergoing steel replacement.
3-Algosteelstern-05-06-12-bb.jpg (87627 bytes) 4-Algosteel-05-06-12-b-bb.jpg (95886 bytes)
Following a stint at the stone dock, Algosteel heads to Windsor for a load of salt.
5-Wicko-05-06-12-a-bb.jpg (85981 bytes)
Saltie Wicko clear of Lock 7
6-Wicko-05-06-12-b-bb.jpg (86703 bytes) 7-AlgomaMariner-05-06-12-a-bb.jpg (83028 bytes)
Algoma Mariner headed to lock 3
8-AlgomaMariner-05-06-12-b-bb.jpg (94608 bytes)
Under one bridge and through another, she's headed to Superior.
9-Cuyahoga-05-06-12-a-bb.jpg (96692 bytes)
Cuyahoga sporting her latest paint job.
10-Cuyahoga-05-06-b-bb.jpg (114491 bytes)
Passing under Bridge 5 at Glendale Avenue

Kurt R. Luedtke heading up the Cuyahoga River, from the Hope Memorial Bridge Sunday - Kate White
1-Kurt-R.-Luedtke-5-6-12-kw.jpg (192327 bytes) 1-Kurt-R.-Luedtke-5-6-12-rn.jpg (82583 bytes)      

Samuel DeChamplain and Innovation passing Cheboygan, Mich. Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Samuel-DeChamplain-5-6-12-dd.jpg (83944 bytes)        

Saginaw River - Galen Witham and Hunter Maxon
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-1.jpg (75260 bytes)
The Algoway makes her way in past the Tug Kathy Lynn, attending to the barge which is dredging the River mouth.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-2.jpg (124444 bytes)
Passing Consumers Power.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-3.jpg (132381 bytes)
Makes her turn to starboard after passing Consumers Power.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-4.jpg (125178 bytes)
Algoway under overcast skies.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-5.jpg (117487 bytes)
 "Pouring on the power" and commencing a turn to starboard.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-6.jpg (139785 bytes)
The deck crew uses the work launch to begin taking lines to shore as the Algoway makes Saginaw Bay Fertilizer.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-7.jpg (171754 bytes)
Close up of the line handling crew.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-8.jpg (121808 bytes)
Taking the forward line ashore, as the forecastle and windlass crew look on.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-9.jpg (156461 bytes)
And over goes the boom.
Algoway-5-5-12-grw-10.jpg (130056 bytes)
 The Algoway, getting ready to unload her Potash, at Saginaw Bay Fertilizer.
CG41466-Sag-5-5-12-grw-1.jpg (199342 bytes)
CG 41466 makes its way up river on patrol from Station Saginaw.

New Seaway Salties - Rene Beauchamp
HHLCongo5-5-12-rb.jpg (142985 bytes)
HHL Congo as seen from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal on Saturday and heading to Thunder Bay.
Clipper-Gemini-4-30-12-rb.jpg (86218 bytes)
Clipper Gemini upbound at Cote Ste. Catherine on April 30 on her maiden voyage, destinations Valleyfield and Duluth.

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-presque-06may12-djd.jpg (54527 bytes)
Presque Isle at Algonac State Park on Sunday.
1-erie-05may12-djd.jpg (67766 bytes)
Atlantic Erie Saturday
2-speer-05may12-djd.jpg (46422 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer
1-dool-04may12-djd.jpg (55231 bytes)
Tim S. Dool Friday
2-Sichem-04may12-djd.jpg (56844 bytes)
Sichem Contester
3-tregurtha-04may12-djd.jpg (72089 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha
4-manitou-04may12-djd.jpg (66274 bytes)
1-gemini-03may12-djd.jpg (78827 bytes)
 Gemini Clipper Thursday
2-republic-03may12-djd.jpg (58050 bytes)
Great Republic
3-lake-03may12-djd.jpg (69955 bytes)
4-everlast-03may12-djd.jpg (56529 bytes)
Everlast & Norman McLeod
5-vega-03may12-djd.jpg (70423 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes
6-ebroborg-03may12-djd.jpg (68286 bytes)

Mandarin passing St. Clair - Jacob Northup
MandarinOjibwayFederalAmerican-022.jpg (104762 bytes) MandarinOjibwayFederalAmerican-036.jpg (103984 bytes)      

Algoway swinging out her boom at North Star - Todd Shorkey
1-algoway-5-5-12-ts.jpg (154062 bytes) 2-algoway-5-5-12-ts.jpg (80465 bytes)
Stern view

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