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May 10, 20

Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender at the Soo on the return portion of its maiden voyage - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  - Michelle Hill
1-lkctdr-5-9-12-usac.jpg (79767 bytes)
 Lakes Contender/Ken Boothe Sr. waiting above the International Bridge for the Poe Lock Wednesday afternoon.
2-lkctdr-5-9-12-usac.jpg (105674 bytes)
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers line handler carries the lines as the vessel enters the Poe Lock.
3-lkctdr-5-9-12-usac.jpg (159800 bytes)
A close up view of where the two vessels join.
4-lkctdr-5-9-12-usac.jpg (83599 bytes)
 Stern view of the tug and barge.

Great Republic arriving in Munising Wednesday -
Lee Rowe
greatrepublicmunising5-9-12-(1).jpg (56570 bytes) greatrepublicmunising5-9-12-(2).jpg (89123 bytes) greatrepublicmunising5-9-12-(3).jpg (108917 bytes)
She has to turn in the harbor and move in sideways to the coal dock.

Calumet in Buffalo
- Brian W.
1-Calumet-5-9-12-BW.jpg (132122 bytes)
Calumet as seen looking down the reach of the City Ship Canal alongside the Sand Supply Co. landing with the Buffalo Skyway Bridge in the far background.
3-Calumet-5-9-12-BW.jpg (65992 bytes)
Sand is being discharged onto the pile in this shot overlooking the deck at about amidships.
2-Calumet-5-9-12-BW.jpg (136902 bytes)
Close up of the rear superstructure with her oversized stacks and unusual pilothouse that seems to be part of the supporting framework of the unloading rig.

St. Clair River
- Don Detloff
1-michi-09may12-djd.jpg (67845 bytes)
Michipicoten at Algonac State Park on Wednesday.
2-marine-08may12-djd.jpg (49927 bytes)
Algomarine Tuesday
1-invince-08may12-djd.jpg (76853 bytes)
Invincible & McKee Sons.
2-missi-08may12-djd.jpg (56337 bytes)
1-mariner-07may12-djd.jpg (67989 bytes)
Algoma Mariner at Marine City on Monday.

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Fairchem-Steed-05-09-12-mb.jpg (66039 bytes)
Fairchem Steed down at Iroquois
2-Fairchem-Steed-05-09-12-mb.jpg (60471 bytes) 3-Algonova-05-09-12.jpg (78569 bytes)
Algonova at the Iroquois Lock
4-Algonova-05-09-12-mb.jpg (99328 bytes) 5-Algoma-Guardian-05-09-12-mb.jpg (54272 bytes)
Algoma Guardian down at Cardinal
7-Federal-Nakagawa-05-09-12-mb.jpg (70343 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa up in haze at Crossover
1-Emilie-05-08-12-mb.jpg (94588 bytes)
Emilie secured at Port of Oshawa

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_7698.jpg (99726 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder loading in Marquette on Monday.
IMG_7710.jpg (39907 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at the dock in fog.
IMG_7701.jpg (226474 bytes)
A new sign celebrating the ore docks centennial.

Emilie in Oshawa harbor Tuesday - Lorraine Morrill
1-Emilie---Oshawa-5-8-12lm.jpg (117234 bytes)        

Work on Board CCGS Samuel Risley - Paul Beesley
1-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (137471 bytes)
A green buoy can be seen to the right of the ship.  We are ready to pick it up.
2-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (191324 bytes)
The "Happy Hooker", an explanation for which will be found at the bottom of this page, is ready to do its stuff.
3-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (178553 bytes)
 The line has been run through the lifting lug on the buoy and the attached web sling has been run through and is being hooked on for lifting.
4-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (118672 bytes)
The buoy is clear of the water and its chain is in the chain stopper where it can be safely worked on while the Captain holds the ship in position.
5-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (126943 bytes)
Some days it is easier to lift the barge on board from aft and place it on the aft deck.  Here it can be fuelled/serviced.  The cage underneath the barge is to protect the prop and azimuthal unit from rocks.
6-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (111816 bytes)
Securing a lantern on an ORT buoy.
7-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (165335 bytes)
  In one of the narrow channels in Southern Georgian Bay we found these red and green ORT buoys tangled up.  We lifted one and its anchor, the second mooring came up with it.  The moorings had to be disentangled.
8-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (163870 bytes)
Once the moorings are disentangled the chains are inspected and, in this case, replaced because of wear.  Then the buoys have their IDs renewed and they are replaced on their advertised position.
9-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (177238 bytes)
This is why we replaced the chain.  This section of chain is typically the first few feet where the chain first touches the bottom.  As the buoy moves with the wind, ice and currents this section of chain gets the most motion across the bottom and therefore the most wear.
10-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (163412 bytes)
 A two foot steel buoy getting a new mooring.  A chain nipper is placed around the buoy and dropped all the way down to the mooring chain.  This nipper is then lifted and it tips the buoy and exposes the mooring chain.  This buoy has some rust just under the lifting lugs; caused by moving ice wearing the paint off over successive winters.  It also has a bit of growth on it, mostly zebra mussels.
11-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (151944 bytes)
 Working in the small boat attaching ID stickers to an ORT plastic buoy.  Even this little chop on the water makes these buoys dance and hard to control while working on them.
12-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (150345 bytes)
 R&R in mid-afternoon.  This dock has two very large anchors attached to it yet it was moved by the ice over the winter.
13-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (225554 bytes)
An ORT buoy that has suffered from ice damage.  The buoy is filled with foam to provide flotation.  Hanging under the buoy is a yellow-appearing thing which is actually a concrete counterweight to keep the buoy floating upright.  With nothing attached to the buoys they float nearly horizontal.
14-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (105374 bytes)
Home again.  The Risley is anchored but because of the design above water she tends to swing on her anchor a lot.  The barge operator can watch this swing and approach when the ship has swung far enough to present its port side to the wind and sea thereby providing a lee, and a safe landing,  on the starboard side.
15-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (213484 bytes)
Once alongside all the extraneous materiel is taken out of the barge, then it is hooked up to the #1 hoist and lift level with the deck.  The crew disembarks.
16-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (192499 bytes)
The barge is then lifted toward its chocks on the boat deck.
17-samris-4-23-12-pb.jpg (110425 bytes)
 Placing the barge on the boat deck is the maximum lift/extension allowed for the crane.  The sister ship, CCGS Earl Grey in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has a barge that is 2 feet longer and 1 ton more.  They cannot get their barge onto the boat deck so it is always secured on the after deck.
An explanation of how the Happy Hooker works.  Both Coast Guards call it this.    

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-ebrob-4-29-12-pb.jpg (64390 bytes)
Ebroborg above Lock 2.  Some of these Borg ships are very small considering they trade world-wide.
2-ebrob-4-29-12-pb.jpg (151679 bytes)
On board the Kaministiqua the back of a store's crane is open for maintenance.
3-kam-4-29-12-pb.jpg (91287 bytes)
The Kam slides the wall toward Lock 1.
4-ebrob-4-29-12-pb.jpg (90132 bytes)
In order to give their small ships more protection against the oceans of the world the company builds them with substantial breakwaters ahead of the cargo hatches.
5-atlhur-4-29-12-pb.jpg (96265 bytes)
Repair work on the fly on board the Atlantic Huron.
6-atlhur-4-29-12-pb.jpg (90960 bytes)
As the day draws to a close so does the downbound canal transit of the Huron, seen here approaching Lock 1.
7-elisax-4-30-12-pb.jpg (88916 bytes)
 Elislax Schulte leaves Lock 2 upbound.
8-elisax-4-30-12-pb.jpg (115652 bytes)
Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

Seaway Morrisburg to Cardinal
- Dave Bessant
01-Wicko-05-05-12-WDB.jpg (130989 bytes)
Wicko upbound at Cardinal Saturday morning
02-Wicko-05-05-12-WDB.jpg (143820 bytes)
Wicko as she passes through an Opening Day fishing derby
04-JohnDLeitch-05-05-12-WDB.jpg (102199 bytes)
John D Leitch approaching Mariatown
07-JohnDLeitch-05-05-12-WDB.jpg (104265 bytes)
Stern view of John D Leitch as she heads downriver
08-AlgomaSpirit-05-05-12-WDB.jpg (98077 bytes)
Algoma Spirit at Morrisburg upbound
09-Tecumseh-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (229910 bytes)
Tecumseh Sunday morning downbound at Maitland
10-AlgoseaBBCHawaii-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (160679 bytes)
Algosea with BBC Hawaii behind her at Ogdensburg, unloading windmill parts
11-BBCHawaii-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (127275 bytes)
 Closeup of BBC Hawaii where she appears to list to starboard a bit while unloading
12-TimSDool-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (154766 bytes)
Tim S Dool downbound at Prescott
13-Manitoba-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (176629 bytes)
Manitoba tied up at the Port of Prescott
14-FlorenceM-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (89869 bytes)
Florence M comes out from behind the elevators
15-BBCHawaii-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (97022 bytes)
BBC Hawaii from the port, she appears to be all leveled out now
16-WNTwolanFlorenceMTimSdool-06-05-12-WDB.jpg (111477 bytes)
WN Twolan with a barge full of corn it seems, and Florence M in the background with Tim S Dool too

Windsor to Quebec City - Captain Clarence Vautier
FederalAsahi5-07-12-CV.jpg (91711 bytes)
Federal Asahi, Navios Hios, Cap Pierre, all at Quebec City
NaviosHios5-07-12-CV.jpg (112681 bytes) Cap-Pierre5-07-12-CV.jpg (75032 bytes) Tecumseh5-07-12-CV-.jpg (75173 bytes)
Tecumseh at Windsor
tecumseh.jpg (128731 bytes)
Tecumseh at Port Colborne.

Hon. James L. Oberstar at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hjlo_5_2_12_rb.jpg (234350 bytes)
Bow view, loading ore
2hjlo_5_2_12_rb.jpg (156570 bytes)
Backing away from the ore dock

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Ostrander-Integrity-5-8-12-dd.jpg (144392 bytes) McKee-and-Sons-Invincible-5-7-12-dd.jpg (118166 bytes) Algoma-Enterprise-2--5-9-12-dd1.jpg (91506 bytes)    

Historical Perspective - Red Wing in the 1960's, photographer unknown. (From the Martin Collection.)
1-RedWing-0-00-00-nm.jpg (99340 bytes)        

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