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May 12, 20

Port Huron Friday - Kevin D. Majewski
1.AmerMar-5-11-12-KM.jpg (77308 bytes)
American Mariner bow-on, leaving lake Huron
2.AmerMa-5-11-12-KM.jpg (81500 bytes)
Entering the St. Clair River
3.AmMa-5-11-12-KM.jpg (87155 bytes)
Stern view
4.FedMack-5-11-12-KM.jpg (81992 bytes)
 Federal Mackinac approaching the St. Clair River
5.Fedmac-5-11-12-KM.jpg (68868 bytes)
6.FedMa-5-11-12-KM.jpg (100599 bytes) 7.FeMa-5-11-12-KM.jpg (94445 bytes) 8.AlRail-5-11-12-KM.jpg (82978 bytes)
Algorail unloading aggregate in Sarnia

Welland canal traffic - Michel Gosselin
1-cinn-5-11-12-mg.jpg (131544 bytes)
Cinnamon is about to enter lock 1
2-cinn-5-11-12-mg.jpg (106438 bytes) 3-cinn-5-11-12-mg.jpg (107291 bytes) 4-hmcs-5-11-12-mg.jpg (111464 bytes)
HMCS Athabaskan in Port Weller Dry Dock
5-isle-5-11-12-mg.jpg (211260 bytes)
CCGS Isle Rouge just left lock 1
6-isle-5-11-12-mg.jpg (162551 bytes)        

Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuymatw-5-11-12-BCM-01.jpg (126896 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing fleetmate Manitowoc in the bay
Cuymatw-5-11-12-BCM-02.jpg (133029 bytes) TugNanc-5-11-12-BCM-04.jpg (92134 bytes)
Tug Nancy Ann and barge
Mantw-5-11-12-BCM-03.jpg (180291 bytes) Mantw-5-11-12-BCM-05.jpg (116563 bytes)
Manitowoc going to Lafarge

Hamilton and Welland Canal - John van der Doe
Hamilton-11-05-2012-(22).jpg (92107 bytes)
Hamilton, Federal Nakagawa discharging steel in Hamilton.
Hamilton-11-05-2012-(23).jpg (100952 bytes)
Saguenay discharging cargo
Welland-Canal-11-05-2012-(1).jpg (117454 bytes)
Algoeast enters lock 4
Welland-Canal-11-05-2012-(2).jpg (93095 bytes)
Everlast departs lock 7

Maiden downbound passage of the tug Ken Boothe Sr. and its barge Lakes Contender -
Dick Wicklund
1-lkscontdr-5-10-12DW.jpg (129607 bytes) 2-lkscontdr-5-10-12DW.jpg (90527 bytes)      

Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
colstr51012.jpg (109198 bytes)
 Tanker Colorado Star upbound.
amborg51012.jpg (107708 bytes)
Americaborg upbound carrying containers and windmill parts.

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-spain-09-05-12-rb.jpg (79386 bytes)
 BBC Hawaii departing Iroquois Lock.
2-aki-09-05-12-rb.jpg (80088 bytes)
Clipper Aki below Iroquois Lock and BBC Hawaii heading down river.
3-aki-09-05-12-rb.jpg (107216 bytes)
Clipper Aki slides the wall into the lock.
4-aki-09-05-12-rb.jpg (87028 bytes)
This is her first trip into the Lakes.
1-hiroshima-11-05-12-rb.jpg (100262 bytes)
Sichem Hiroshima passing Ogdensburg on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-contester-11-05-12-rb.jpg (69851 bytes)
Sichem Contester passing Mariatown.

Joyce VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader unloading stone at Marquette's Shiras Dock -
Lee Rowe
IMG_7791.jpg (101463 bytes)        

Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann outbound the Rouge River approaching the Fort Street Bridge - Mike Nicholls
PATHFINDERb03051012mn.jpg (83198 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Algoma-Olympic-5-11-12-dd.jpg (149427 bytes) Manitowoc-2-5-11-12-dd.jpg (132237 bytes)      

Coast Guard Station Buffalo, N.Y.'s new 45-foot Response Boat-Medium - U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas D'Amore
uscgbuffalo.jpg (183620 bytes)
Moored to the station's pier after the crew officially accepted the boat May 10, 2012.
uscgbuffalos.jpg (138782 bytes)
The RB-M, built by Marinette Marine in Manitowoc, Wis., is a more capable platform for search and rescue and law enforcement, allowing Coast Guard crews to get on the scene of a maritime emergency safer and faster.

The preparation of the Erie Canal Harbor site in Buffalo was starting up this week. Construction crews were on the scene getting ready to re-dig the main terminus of the Erie Canal at it's original location (formerly occupied by Buffalo Memorial Auditorium after the canal was filled in & burried). The $23 Million project involves the recreation of the junction of the Erie Canal, Main-Hamburg Canal and the Commercial Slip in downtown Buffalo. -  Brian W.
1-Erie-Canal-Harbor-5-11-12-BW.jpg (230906 bytes)
Erie Canal Harbor property. This site was once the terminus of the Erie Canal in downtown Buffalo & was also the place where it intersected with the Main-Hamburg Canal & Commercial Slip.
2-Erie-Canal-Harbor-5-11-12-BW.jpg (189030 bytes)
Plans for the site include restoration of the original waterways once located here along with the redevelopment of the nearby Donovan Building, seen gutted in the background. Steel sheet pile is beginning to be delivered.

Historical Perspective, previous lives of the Calumet
- Brian W.
1-William-R-Roesch-1994-BW.jpg (83058 bytes)
William R. Roesch tied up and ready to back out after unloading limestone at the Gateway Metroport in Lackawanna in a rare water level view looking down towards Buffalo Outer Harbor, Summer 1994. 
2-David-Z-Norton-7-20-95-BW.jpg (78587 bytes)
David Z Norton arriving in the South Entrance & heading into the Bethlehem Slip. You're looking down the reach of the Union Ship Canal from the Father Baker Bridge on 7-20-95.

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