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May 14, 20

Colorado Star in Green Bay Sunday - Andrew Roever
Colorado-Star-5-13-12-(1).jpg (110247 bytes) Colorado-Star-5-13-12-(4).jpg (99246 bytes) Colorado-Star-5-13-12-(6).jpg (115905 bytes)    

Holland and Grand Haven Activity - Tom Hynes
b-GJBusch-5-13-12th.jpg (158502 bytes)
Gregory J. Busch and STC 2004 at Brewer's Dock in Holland.
c-GJBusch-5-13-12th.jpg (87809 bytes)
They may have unloaded slag from Indiana Harbor.
a-GJBusch-5-13-12th.jpg (193429 bytes)
This appears to be the first voyage of the season for the ATB pair.
d-DrummondIslanderII-5-13-12th.jpg (140164 bytes)
MCM Marine's tug Drummond Islander is tied up in Holland as well.
e-DredgePipe-5-13-12th.jpg (149658 bytes)
Dredge pipe being stored out of the way.
f-HollandPrincess-5-13-12th.jpg (124941 bytes)
Tour vessel Holland Princess
g-HollandPrincess-5-13-12th.jpg (168148 bytes)
Stern view of Holland Princess
h-D.J.-Angus5-13-12th.jpg (163250 bytes)
Research vessel D.J. Angus in Grand Haven.
 i-KingCo-B14-5-13-12t.jpg (136498 bytes)
King Company barge B14 tied up in Ferrysburg.

Soo Weekend - Lee Rowe
IMG_7818.jpg (77392 bytes)
Mapleglen upbound on Saturday.
IMG_7858.jpg (46004 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound Sunday
IMG_7879.jpg (88861 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac approaching the locks.
IMG_7929.jpg (77732 bytes)
Ebroborg downbound.
IMG_7946.jpg (104662 bytes)
McKee Sons and Invincible downbound
IMG_7958.jpg (53376 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha at Big Point

Buffalo Saturday - Brian W.
1-American-Mariner-5-12-12-BW.jpg (124056 bytes)
American Mariner transiting the Outer Harbor as she comes around the Buffalo breakwall. An old "Milk Bottle" light is preserved on the Coast Guard Base grounds.
2-American-Mariner-5-12-12-BW.jpg (103399 bytes)
The stern section of the Mariner swings to Port as they line up for the Buffalo River.
4-American-Mariner-5-12-12-BW.jpg (113761 bytes)
Turning nice and easy on the swing around a lighted marker at Lighthouse Point, the Mariner kicks up some mud.
5-American-Mariner-5-12-12-BW.jpg (111966 bytes)
Now the Mariner is heading up the Buffalo River Entrance Channel with downtown in the background as she passes between the North & South Piers.
6-American-Mariner--5-12-12-BW.jpg (111936 bytes)
There's not much room in the City Ship Canal when the Mariner is passing by.
7-American-Mariner--5-12-12-BW.jpg (139415 bytes)
She is now in the reach of the canal beneath the Buffalo Skyway Bridge as ship lines up for General Mills.
8-American-Mariner--5-12-12-BW.jpg (137387 bytes)
As they come alongside the dock, the boom is being raised for the unloading hopper at the Frontier Elevator.
9-American-Mariner--5-12-12-BW.jpg (134175 bytes)
This shot shows the close clearance on the Skyway Bridge as she clears under the span.
10-Buoy-boat-5-12-12-BW.jpg (100168 bytes)
 The buoy boat 49413 at the Buffalo Coast Guard Base was sitting in the Marine Travel Lift near the slip.

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-grayfox-13may12-djd.jpg (123802 bytes)
Grayfox Sunday at Marine City
2-white-13may12-djd.jpg (62952 bytes)
H. Lee White
3-dool-13may12-djd.jpg (52910 bytes)
Tim S. Dool
1-graham-12may12-djd.jpg (101391 bytes)
Sandy Graham Saturday at Algonac.
2-boland-12may12-djd.jpg (66473 bytes)
John J. Boland

Lee A. Tregurtha downbound at St. Clair, Michigan Thursday - Dick Wicklund
1-latstclair-5-10-12DW.jpg (97461 bytes) 2-latstclair-5-10-12DW.jpg (71395 bytes) 3-latstclair-5-10-12DW.jpg (112726 bytes) 4-latstclair-5-10-12DW.jpg (92022 bytes)  

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Thousand-Islander-V-05-12-12-mb.jpg (137351 bytes)
GBL Thousand Islander V at the dock Gananoque On. Maitland On.
2-Ojibway-05-13-12-mb.jpg (69571 bytes)
3-Ojibway-05-13-12-mb.jpg (56610 bytes) 4-Algoma-Progress-05-13-12-mb.jpg (69201 bytes)
Algoma Progress
5-Algoma-Progress-05-13-12-mb.jpg (52660 bytes)
6-Federal-Sakura-05-13-12-mb.jpg (75637 bytes)
Federal Sakura
7-Federal-Sakura-05-13-12.jpg (54376 bytes)      

Weekend on the St. Clair River - Dave Wobser
1-FedMac-5-11-12-djw.jpg (66761 bytes)
Federal Mackinaw downbound
2-Calumet-5-11-12-djw.jpg (67597 bytes)
Calumet downbound
3-Calumet-5-11-12-djw.jpg (67158 bytes)
Calumet stern view
4-AmMariner-5-11-12-djw.jpg (52285 bytes)
American Mariner downbound
5-Mariner-Int-5-11-12-djw.jpg (66721 bytes)
American Mariner meeting fleetmate American Integrity below St. Clair
6-AmIntegrity-5-11-12-djw.jpg (51695 bytes)
American Integrity upbound
7-AmIntegrity-5-11-12-djw.jpg (58611 bytes)
American Integrity stern view
8-Algosoo-5-11-12-djw.jpg (70971 bytes)
Algosoo downbound
9-Kam-5-11-12-djw.jpg (71439 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound at dusk
10-AlMontre-5-11-12-djw.jpg (85218 bytes)
Algoma Montrealias downbound
11-Buffalo-5-12-12-djw.jpg (64018 bytes)
Buffalo upbound
12-Buffalo-5-12-12-djw.jpg (81774 bytes)
 Buffalo approaching the Blue Water Bridges
13-Cresswell-5-12-12-djw.jpg (109689 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound
14-Boland-5-12-12-djw.jpg (63442 bytes)
John J. Boland upbound
15-SandyGraham-5-12-12-djw.jpg (86050 bytes)
Ferry Sandy Graham upbound to Cedar Point Ontario. She is on a 4-day trip returning from Heddle Marine, in Hamilton, when she had been for service. The ferry serves the Beausoleil First Nation reservation on Christian, Beckwith and Hope Islands at the southern end of Georgian Bay.
16-SamLaud-5-12-12-djw.jpg (40644 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound
17-Algoeast-5-12-12-djw.jpg (58777 bytes)
Algoeast upbound
18-AEast-ASpirit-5-12-12-djw.jpg (46964 bytes)
Algoeast meets Algoma Spirit near Marysville
19-AlgomaSprit-5-12-12-djw.jpg (63334 bytes)
Algoma Spirit downbound
20-LeeA-T-5-12-12-djw.jpg (53800 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha up in the evening rain
21-Richelieu-5-13-12-djw.jpg (47850 bytes)
Richelieu downbound in the early morning
22-H-L-White-5-13-12-djw.jpg (64204 bytes)
H Lee White downbound at Marysville

Hamilton, Ont. - John van der Doe
Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(28).jpg (144865 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(29).jpg (137653 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(41).jpg (115597 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(45).jpg (166012 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(33).jpg (159981 bytes)
Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(34).jpg (167143 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(35).jpg (108595 bytes) Hamilton-13-mei-2012-(36).jpg (168962 bytes)    

Great Republic in Munising - Rod Burdick
1grtrep_5_9_12_rb.jpg (161313 bytes)
Unloading the first coal cargo of the season for Neenah Paper

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin entering the Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock Saturday downbound with coal from Superior to Quebec - Roland Van Bulck
RHPaulMartin_2012_05_12_rvb.jpg (91567 bytes)        

Marine Historical Society of Detroit Historian of the Year Award

Marine Historical Society of Detroit Historian of the Year Emory A. Massman Jr. The award was presented Saturday evening at the MHSD's annual dinner at St. Clair, Mich. Massman is author of the new book "The Nicholson Lines and Their Captains," which he signed for purchasers at the event. Author Chris Winters was guest speaker.
P1040685.jpg (98355 bytes)
Emory Massman presented the award by Society President Roger LeLievre
Emory-Massman.jpg (131252 bytes) Emory-Massman-2.jpg (73395 bytes)
Emory signing copies of his book.
P1040687.jpg (73480 bytes)
Chris Winters presents.

Historical Perspectives - Buffalo Tankers -  Brian W.
1-Gemini-Summer-95-BW.jpg (76375 bytes)
Gemini being led off the dock at Mobil Oil on the upper Buffalo River by the tugs Iowa & Mississippi on a hot summer day in 1995. She was by far the biggest boat I ever saw that far up & it was pretty impressive to see her winding her way through the river.
2-Stephen-Reinauer-9-3-98-BW.jpg (103605 bytes)
View taken from the Mobil dock looking downstream at the tug-barge combination Stephen Reinauer-George Morris unloading gas on a absolutely calm, clear, & perfect night, 9-3-98.

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