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May 15, 20

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-01.jpg (82877 bytes)
Cuyahoga arriving in the river
Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-02.jpg (84316 bytes) Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM--03.jpg (59732 bytes) Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-04.jpg (102880 bytes) Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-05.jpg (98547 bytes)
Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-06.jpg (161934 bytes)
Research vessel Storm
Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-07.jpg (112816 bytes)
Tug Nancy Ann
Cuyhga-5-14-12-BCM-08.jpg (106516 bytes)
unloading salt

Detroit River Monday - Ken Borg
IMG_7211.jpg (104950 bytes)
 Algosar upbound the Detroit River off Delray Park.
IMG_7216.jpg (105820 bytes)
Great Republic downbound the Detroit River.
IMG_7228.jpg (90548 bytes)
Turning around to dock at Zug Island.
IMG_7230.jpg (96279 bytes)
Approaching the USS Gt. Lakes Works blast furnace plant on Zug Island in River Rouge, MI

Bradshaw McKee and barge Cleveland Rocks unloading in Cleveland Monday - Kate White
2-Bradshaw-McKee-5-14-12-kw.jpg (175173 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge.
1-Bradshaw-McKee-5-14-12-kw.jpg (103837 bytes)      

Welland Canal Sunday and Monday - Michel Gosselin
1-clipper-5-13-12-mg.jpg (85229 bytes)
Clipper Gemini is approaching lock 1
2-clipper-5-13-12-mg.jpg (111808 bytes)
stern view
3-lady-5-13-12-mg.jpg (77582 bytes)
yacht Lady Barbara is heading toward lock 7
5-lady-5-13-12-mg.jpg (135209 bytes)
stern view
4-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (78121 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais leaving lock 7
6-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (110418 bytes) 7-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (104919 bytes)
Algolake is approaching Bridge 4
8-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (82855 bytes) 9-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (81386 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell is approaching Bridge 4
10-algoma-5-13-12-mg.jpg (101412 bytes)

Herbert C. Jackson at the Harbors in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hcj5_5_12_rb.jpg (89399 bytes)
Loading ore at the Upper Harbor
2hcj5_11_12_rb.jpg (140808 bytes)
Unloading stone at the Lower Harbor

Maumee River May 7 - Greg Hornyak
00-Sanpiper.jpg (95499 bytes) 01-Manistee_inbound.jpg (66968 bytes) 02-manistee_CSX.jpg (78229 bytes) 03-manistee_in_CSX.jpg (72064 bytes) 04-manistee_Skyway.jpg (50387 bytes)
05-AEC.jpg (85665 bytes) 06-courage.jpg (102419 bytes) 07-courage_cornelius.jpg (92243 bytes) 08-Jiiman_Drydock.jpg (119983 bytes) 09-manistee_bow.jpg (65752 bytes)
10-manistee_bridges.jpg (137918 bytes) 11-boyer_Museum_dock.jpg (64365 bytes)      

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