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May 20, 20

St. Marys River Friday & Saturday - Roger LeLievre
Alpena---bow.jpg (45440 bytes)
Alpena headed to Lake Superior with cement.
Alpena---stern.jpg (42891 bytes)
Alpena, stern view.
Anderson,-AM.jpg (44431 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson with a load of stone.
Cohen,-Wilfred-M.jpg (59391 bytes)
Tug Wilfred M. Cohen.
CSL-Tadoussac.jpg (44461 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac.
CSL-Tadoussac---stern.jpg (51405 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac - stern.
Emilie.jpg (44515 bytes)
Saltie Emilie.
Jackson,-HC.jpg (50108 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson in the Nine Mile Anchorage on Saturday afternoon.
Leitch,-John-D.jpg (42477 bytes)
John D. Leitch
Ojibway.jpg (57282 bytes)
Ojibway, loaded with grain.
PML-9000-steel-coils.jpg (51012 bytes)
Steel coils on the PML 9000.
PML-9000.jpg (41441 bytes)
Barge PML 9000.
Tregurtha,-Lee-1.jpg (49596 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound Saturday morning, meeting the Ojibway.
Tregurtha,-Lee-2.jpg (49607 bytes)
Tregurtha's stern.

Ft. Gratiot Lighthouse Dedication Saturday - Georgia Bradley
Ft.-Gratiot-Lighthouse.jpg (144811 bytes) C.Miller-5-19-12.jpg (194228 bytes) C.Levin.jpg (137998 bytes) Colorado-Star-5-19-12.jpg (78052 bytes) Kwintebank.jpg (80827 bytes)
Kwintebank-&-Cason-Calloway.jpg (101453 bytes) Cason-Calloway.jpg (68725 bytes)      

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-marselis-16-05-12-rb.jpg (82233 bytes)
Marselisborg entering Iroquois Lock.
2-marselis-16-05-12-rb.jpg (165726 bytes)
 Cabin detail. She is heading for Ogdensburg.
3-handy-16-05-12-rb.jpg (150853 bytes)
Handy Three entering Iroquois Lock.
4-handy-16-05-12-rb.jpg (159831 bytes)
She is on her delivery voyage to Puerto Rico.
5-loyalty-18-05-12-rb.jpg (75258 bytes)
Harbour Loyalty still has her old Clipper stack colours.
6-morra-16-05-12-rb.jpg (86182 bytes)
Morraborg heading down the Seaway.
7-sapphire-16-05-12-rb.jpg (94541 bytes)
Sapphire passing Mariatown.
8-sapphire-16-05-12-rb.jpg (83018 bytes)
Cabin detail. First trip into the Lakes.
9-ogdens-17-05-12-rb.jpg (92496 bytes)
Sjard and Marselisborg at Ogdensburg. Perhaps first time two salties at once.
10-lcm131-18-05-12-rb.jpg (105600 bytes)
LCM 131 building docks while Algosea passes up bound.
11-munt-18-05-12-rb.jpg (88274 bytes)
Muntgracht passing Mariatown.
12-munt-18-05-12-rb.jpg (114422 bytes)
Built in 2012, she is on her first trip into the Lakes.
St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-undaunted-19may12-djd.jpg (65598 bytes)
 Undaunted & Pere Marquette 41 at St. Clair Saturday.
2-michigan-19may12-djd.jpg (87142 bytes)
 State of Michigan at Marine City
1-navigator-18may12-djd.jpg (71218 bytes)
Algoma Navigator Friday
2-frontenac-18may12-djd.jpg (69843 bytes)
Frontenac at Sombra
3-vitosa-18may12-djd.jpg (67845 bytes)
4-michigan-18may12-djd.jpg (83494 bytes)
State of Michigan
5-lake-18may12-djd.jpg (76935 bytes)
6-east-18may12-djd.jpg (84106 bytes)
7-krogen-18may12-djd.jpg (134671 bytes)
Kadey Krogen Yacht
1-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (70208 bytes)
Bradshaw McKee and Cleveland Rocks at Marine City on Friday.
2-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (90899 bytes) 3-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (59767 bytes) 4-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (120734 bytes) 5-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (94986 bytes) 6-bradshaw-18may12-djd.jpg (81922 bytes)
1-jackson-17may12-djd.jpg (62246 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson Thursday
2-missi-17may12-djd.jpg (64493 bytes)
Mississagi arriving at Sombra
3-buffalo-17may12-djd.jpg (48151 bytes)
4-rail-17may12-djd.jpg (66135 bytes)
5-dorothy-17may12-djd.jpg (69446 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder arriving at Marine City
Bronte and Hamilton, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-Algosea-05-19-12-eh.jpg (35808 bytes)
 Algosea approaching the Petro Canada Piers
2-Algosea-05-19-12-eh.jpg (62096 bytes)
Backing in
1-Fedstlaurent-05-18-12-eh.jpg (85717 bytes)
 Federal St. Laurent and tug LaPrairie heading to Hamilton
2-Fedstlaurent-05-18-12-eh.jpg (68532 bytes)  

Marinette, Wis. - Dick Lund
1-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (92100 bytes)
Algosteel unloading salt on Wednesday afternoon at Marinette Fuel & Dock Co.
2-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (89367 bytes)
Close-up of the recently painted ship
3-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (70001 bytes)
Wide view
4-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (101175 bytes)
Stern view later that afternoon
5-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (66561 bytes)
Bow profile as they depart early in the evening
6-AS-05-16-12-dl.jpg (89503 bytes)
Stern view heading out into the by of Green Bay
7-RL-05-19-12-dl.jpg (84159 bytes)
NOAA's new research vessel Reuben Lasker being "walked out" to the launch area at Marinette Marine on Saturday
8-RL-05-19-12-dl.jpg (92107 bytes)
Broadside view
9-RL-05-19-12-dl.jpg (87946 bytes)
A view from slightly astern

St. Clair River Saturday - David Kaye
1kwint-5-19-12-dk.jpg.jpg (126004 bytes)
Kwintebank passing the Great Lakes Maritime Center, Port Huron.
2hurontug-5-19-12-dk.jpg.jpg (108992 bytes)
Tug Huron Service with Barge Energy 6508 passing St Clair, MI.
3niagra-5-19-12-dk.jpg.jpg (120138 bytes)
CSL Niagara passing St. Clair.
4dorothya-5-19-12-dk.jpg.jpg (107787 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann and Barge Pathfinder

Tecumseh comes alongside the Sterling Marine Lube Dock in the Detroit River Friday - Allan Pageau
3-Tecumseh-051812-AP.jpg (88166 bytes)
Tecumseh Built by Lockheed Seattle Wa 1973
7-Tecumseh-051812-AP.jpg (77105 bytes)
Tecumseh originally Sugar Islander in for Lubes
8-Tecumseh-051812-AP.jpg (73939 bytes)
Tecumseh at greater than 635 ft plenty of space

Port Huron Friday - Kevin Majewski
1.AlgoRai-5-17-12-KM.jpg (124569 bytes)
Algorail upbound leaving the St. Clair River
2.AlgoRa-5-17-12-KM.jpg (108548 bytes)
3.AlgRa-5-17-12-KM.jpg (117709 bytes)
Approaching the Bridge
4.AlRa-5-17-12-KM.jpg (158964 bytes)
Forward view
5.AlR-5-17-12-KM.jpg (104354 bytes)
Entering Lake Huron
6.RebeLyn-5-17-12-KM.jpg (70471 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn and Barge A-397 leaving lake Huron
7.RebLyn-5-17-12-KM.jpg (141469 bytes)
Under the Bridge
8.RebLy-5-17-12-KM.jpg (148580 bytes)
9.ReL-5-17-12-KM.jpg (121073 bytes)
Downbound in the St. Clair River

Lower Detroit River Friday from the tour boat Friendship
detriver5-17-12-(2).jpg (87758 bytes)
Meeting the Catherine Desgagnes and Cleveland Rocks/ Bradshaw McKee in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
detriver5-17-12-(3).jpg (96905 bytes) detriver5-17-12-(1).jpg (99287 bytes) detriver5-17-12-(6).jpg (106338 bytes)  

St. Marys Challenger in Milwaukee Friday unloading powdered cement - John Monefeldt
SS-SMC-Milw-1.jpg (103244 bytes) SS-SMC-Milw-2.jpg (114960 bytes)      

Friday dredge Marie Dressler was dredging the entrance to the harbor of Cobourg, Ont. - Andre Blanchard
1-mdressler-5-18-12-ab.jpg (120833 bytes)
The sand from the dredging is used to build up the beach on a yearly basis.
2-mdressler-8-30-10-ab.jpg (89100 bytes)
This is a picture of Marie Dressler out of the water, back on August 30, 2010.

Manitowoc in the Cuyahoga River turning basin Friday - Kate White
1-Manitowoc-5-18-12-kw.jpg (95696 bytes)        

Algoma Olympic upbound at Fighting Island North Light Thursday - Mike Nicholls
ALGOMAOLYMPICb01051712mn.jpg (72100 bytes) ALGOMAOLYMPICs03051712mn.jpg (76489 bytes)      

Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Monday - Rod Burdick
1cjc5_14_12rb.jpg (139124 bytes)
Loading ore
2cjc5_14_12rb.jpg (139420 bytes)
Bow view

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