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May 22, 20


St. Clair River Sunday - Kevin Majewski
1.AlgoSte-5-20-12-KM.jpg (77738 bytes)
Algosteel almost bow-on, in the St. Clair River
2.AlgoSt-5-20-12-KM.jpg (100513 bytes)
Downbound at St. Clair
3.AlgoS-5-20-12-KM.jpg (88585 bytes)
Bow profile
4.Algo-5-20-12-KM.jpg (102118 bytes)
Stern view
5.HerbCJa-5-20-12-KM.jpg (100302 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson just above Marine City
6.HerbCJ-5-20-12-KM.jpg (89279 bytes)
Bow profile
7.HeCJ-5-20-12-KM.jpg (103592 bytes)
Aft profile
8.HCJ-5-20-12-KM.jpg (86837 bytes)
 Downbound in the St. Clair River

Ships at Hamilton and Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-FedStLaurent-Greenwing-5-20-12-jm.jpg (132498 bytes)
Federal St Laurent and Greenwing at anchor, Hamilton Harbor
2-Saginaw-5-20-12-jm.jpg (144456 bytes)
Saginaw loading at Dofasco
3-Algomarine-5-20-12-jm.jpg (157073 bytes)
Algomarine upbound at the Glendale bridge, destination Ojibway
4-Algomarine-5-20-12-jm.jpg (97493 bytes)
Algomarine approaching lock 4 West
5-Birchglen-5-20-12-jm.jpg (143038 bytes)
Birchglen the former Federal Richelieu upbound for Superior
6-Greenwing-5-20-12-jm.jpg (146412 bytes)
Greenwing departed from Hamilton clears the Homer bridge en route to Detroit
7-Greenwing-5-20-12-jm.jpg (124011 bytes)
 Lots of pleasure craft making the canal passage
8-Greenwing-5-20-12-jm.jpg (146726 bytes)
Stern view of Greenwing entering lock 3

Seaway - Dave Bessant
01-AlgomaGuardianFederalNakagawa-05-09-12-WDB.jpg (87506 bytes)
Algoma Guardian and Federal Nakagawa meeting at the Ogdensburg Bridge in the fog.
02-HarbourLoyalty-05-16-12-WDB.jpg (125266 bytes)
Harbour Loyalty up bound at Brockville
03-HeddleMarine-05-17-12-WDB.jpg (80555 bytes)
Heddle Marine barge on the way to Halifax to pick up the Ojibwa
04-SjardMarselisborg-05-18-12-WDB.jpg (125799 bytes)
SJard and Marselisborg both at Ogdensburg to unload windmill parts, not often you will see two vessels here at the same time.
05-Sjard-05-18-12-WDB.jpg (82416 bytes)
Sjard unloading
06-TimSDool-05-20-12-WDB.jpg (121452 bytes)
Tim S Dool downbound past Fort Wellington during a re-enactment of battles of 1837, some American forces firing at the Canadian Fencibles
07-Marselisborg-05-20-12-WDB.jpg (108459 bytes)
Marselisborg unloading after Sjard has departed.

SeaRose in Long Pond, NL anchorage May 21 -  Larry Damchuk
Details on her visit
123.jpg (97185 bytes) 124.jpg (101397 bytes) 125.jpg (89820 bytes) 126.jpg (102070 bytes) 127.jpg (53502 bytes)
128.jpg (97432 bytes) 129.jpg (68422 bytes) 131.jpg (71502 bytes) 134.jpg (79691 bytes) 137.jpg (79412 bytes)

Welland Canal Sunday - Bill Bird
1-Algosea-05-20-12-a-bb.jpg (84724 bytes)
Algosea upbound at Thorold.
2-Algosea-05-20-12-b-bb.jpg (79906 bytes) 3-Algosea-05-20-12-c-bb.jpg (82552 bytes)
headed for Sarnia.
04-Algosoo-05-12-20-a-bb.jpg (77113 bytes)
Algosoo at the Glendale Ave bridge.
5-Algosoo-05-20-12-b-bb.jpg (102260 bytes)
Loaded with ore, she's bound for Burns Harbor.
6-Algomarine-05-20-12-a-bb.jpg (71528 bytes)
Algomarine on her way to Lock 3
7-Algomarine=05-20-12-b-bb.jpg (90731 bytes)
headed to Ojibway
9-Birchglen-05-20-12-b-bb.jpg (61856 bytes)
Birchglen clearing Lock 3
10-Pineglen-05-20-12-a-bb.jpg (100020 bytes)
on her way to Superior
11-Pineglen-05-20-12-b-bb.jpg (123609 bytes)
Pineglen approaching tieup wall below Lock 2
12-Pineglen-05-20-12-c-bb.jpg (92488 bytes)
with a full load of ore for Ashtabula.

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
STMARYSCEMENTb16051812mn.jpg (94677 bytes)
St Marys Cement II and Sea Eagle II unloading at the St. Marys Cement Dock in the Rouge River.
STMARYSCEMENT!!s12051812mn.jpg (105856 bytes) STMARYSCEMENTs14051812mn.jpg (118958 bytes) SEAEAGLEIIs13051812mn.jpg (242393 bytes) FRIENDSHIPb18051812mn.jpg (143780 bytes)
Friendship upbound passing Mistersky's.
FRIENDSHIPs23051812mn.jpg (139326 bytes) STATEOFMICHIGANb26051812mn.jpg (92134 bytes)
State of Michigan downbound off Mistersky's.
DIAMONDBELLEb30051812mn.jpg (140336 bytes)
Diamond Belle upbound off Mistersky's.
DIAMONDBELLEs32051812mn.jpg (138106 bytes) TECUMSEHb05051912mn.jpg (83890 bytes)
Tecumseh upbound off Downtown Detroit.
TECUMSEHs07051912mn.jpg (84279 bytes) EMILIEb090521912mn.jpg (86029 bytes)
Emilie (Panama) upbound off Zug Island.
EMILIEs11051912mn.jpg (86865 bytes) ALGOMATRANSPORTb27051912mn.jpg (88258 bytes)
Algoma Transport unloading in the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ALGOMATRANSPORTs28051912mn.jpg (87618 bytes)
CLARKEPHILIPRs31051912mn.jpg (101729 bytes)
Cason J Callaway unloading in the Zug Island Hopper.
  CLARKEAMSPIRITs33051912mn.jpg (145346 bytes)
American Spirit and Cason J Callaway at Zug Island.

Bristol Bay fire training May 15 - Al Endelmann
Bristol-Bay-5-15-12-B.jpg (125783 bytes) Bristol-Bay-5-15-12-E.jpg (119732 bytes) Bristol-Bay-5-15-12-K.jpg (152225 bytes) Bristol-Bay-5-15-12-M.jpg (95126 bytes) Bristol-Bay-5-15-12-P.jpg (147824 bytes)

The Mud Lake Junction Buoy is no longer a feature of the St. Marys River system. We will miss the clang, clang of the bell which was a distinguished feature of this buoy. We have gotten used to hearing the boats, both up bound, and down bound, report to Soo Traffic, when they arrived at this  call-in point. Starting last October Soo Traffic warned boats of construction in the area of this buoy. At the time I said that it seemed likely, that a crib would be built. A river ride Saturday proved that this did, in fact happen. Now Soo Traffic, and the ship captains refer to this point, only as the Mud Lake Junction. Attached are five pictures of the old and the new - Herm Klein
1-JBY--5-20-12--HK.jpg (60746 bytes)
Mud Lake Junction Buoy in better days
2-CSJ-5-20-12-HK.jpg (74673 bytes)
Columbia Star at the Mud Lake Junction Buoy
3-JSL-5-20-12-HK.jpg (76014 bytes)
Sam Laud at the Mud Lake Junction Buoy
4-JSM-5-20-12-HK.jpg (70110 bytes)
State of Michigan at the Mud Lake Junction Buoy
5-MLJ-5-20-12-HK.jpg (47332 bytes)
New Mud Lake Junction crib

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