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May 24, 20

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-clarke-23may12-djd.jpg (53883 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke at Marine City on Wednesday.
2-saginaw-23may12-djd.jpg (68396 bytes)
1-leetreg-22may12-djd.jpg (55934 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha at Marine City on Tuesday.
1-navigator-20may12-djd.jpg (78506 bytes)
Algoma Navigator at Marysville on Sunday.
2-sapphire-20may12-djd.jpg (105998 bytes)

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_8051.jpg (110122 bytes)
McKee Sons arriving for ore.
IMG_8044.jpg (109139 bytes)
 Isle Royale Queen III, Marquette's newest attraction, touring the harbor.

Tuesday night the Philip R. Clarke backed out of Lorain, Ohio  - Jim Bobel8)
1-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (68655 bytes)
Finishing unloading at the Jonick Dock.
2-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (203248 bytes)
Backing though the Norfolk Southern Railroad lift bridge.
3-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (109566 bytes)
Backing though the Charles Berry Basucle Bridge.
4-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (109549 bytes)
A gaggle of Canadian Geese swim away from the stern of the boat.
5-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (74495 bytes)
Bridge personal enjoy the sunset as the ship lines up for the inner harbor.
6-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (99941 bytes)
The forward bow thruster exhaust as the ship turns.
7-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (73180 bytes)
Philip R. Clark in the inner harbor.
8-PClarke-5-22-12-JCB.jpg (63707 bytes)
Passing though the Lorain Lighthouse and the east Lorain Light marking the east breakwall.

Saginaw River Tuesday - Todd Shorkey
1-manitowoc-5-22-12-ts.jpg (128234 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at Cass Avenue.
2-manitowoc-5-22-12-ts.jpg (85987 bytes)
Captain out on the bridge wing waving and blowing a salute
3-manitowoc-5-22-12-ts.jpg (149039 bytes)
Stern view

Recent Visits to Marquette's Upper Harbor by Great Republic - Rod Burdick
1grtrep5_17_12rb.jpg (114521 bytes)
Turning to depart after loading ore
2grtrep5_21_12_rb.jpg (111961 bytes)
Preparing to load ore

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