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May 29, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-maersk-27-05-12-rb.jpg (98881 bytes)
 Maersk Illinois passing CCGS Griffon at Iroquois Lock Sunday.
2-maersk-27-05-12-rb.jpg (110623 bytes)
 U.S. registry is rare for a salty these days.
3-havel-27-05-12-rb.jpg (86724 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel departing Iroquois Lock downbound.
4-colorado-27-05-12-rb.jpg (84365 bytes)
Colorado Star passing Mariatown.
1-marietje-26-05-12-rb.jpg (80342 bytes)
Marietje Marsilla approaching Iroquois Lock Saturday.
2-marietje-26-05-12-rb.jpg (141073 bytes)
Cabin detail.
3-marietje-26-05-12-rb.jpg (72430 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.
1-vitosha-25-05-12-rb.jpg (139889 bytes)
Vitosha departing Iroquois Lock. Fednav stack insignia under the Navigation Maritime Bulgaria colors Friday.
2-vitosha-25-05-12-rb.jpg (84902 bytes)
Vitosha has the name Federal Pearl welded letters on the bow and stern.
3-vitosha-25-05-12-rb.jpg (86490 bytes)
Vitosha passing CCGS Griffon at Mariatown.
1-nordisle-24-05-12-rb.jpg (100134 bytes)
Nordisle of Limassol passing Mariatown.
2-nordisle-24-05-12-rb.jpg (94603 bytes)
She is three years old and heading for Sarnia.

Iroquois Lock and Prescott
- Murray Blancher
1-Fen-05-26-12-mb.jpg (81462 bytes)
Fen up at Iroquois Saturday
2-Fen-05-26-12-mb.jpg (105732 bytes) 3-Marietje-Marrsilla-05-26-12-mb.jpg (98390 bytes)
Marietje Marsilla up at Iroquois
4-Marietje-Marsilla-05-26-mb.jpg (91840 bytes) 5-Maersk-Illinois-05-27-12-mb.jpg (100078 bytes)
Maersk Illinois up at Iroquois
6-Maersk-Illinois-05-27-12-mb.jpg (124756 bytes) 7-CCG-Griffon-05-27-12-mb.jpg (117003 bytes)
CCG Griffon on the south wall at Iroquois
8-CCG-Griffon-05-26-12-mb.jpg (86792 bytes)
CCG Griffon at anchor
1-Algomarine-05-24-12-mb.jpg (111265 bytes)
Algomarine preparing to unload at Prescott Elevator Thursday
2-Algomarine-05-24-12-mb.jpg (114892 bytes) 3-John-B-Aird-05-24-12-mb.jpg (89370 bytes) 4-John-B-Aird-05-24-12.jpg (75697 bytes)
John B Aird up at Iroquois
5-Margot-05-24-12-mb.jpg (69750 bytes)
Margot down at Brockville
6-Margot-05-24-12-mb.jpg (76733 bytes) 7-John-B-Aird-05-24-12-mb.jpg (79283 bytes)
John B Aird approaching Iroquois

Montreal Friday and Saturday - Rene Beauchamp
Maasdam5-26-12-rb.jpg (91532 bytes)
Cruiseship Maasdam
Maria-Desgagnés5-26-12-rb.jpg (33909 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes
Torm-Loire5-26-12-rb.jpg (81828 bytes)
Torm Loire
Maersk-Illinois5-26-12-rb.jpg (50906 bytes)
Maersk Illinois entering the Seaway for Milwaukee on a foggy day. According to the news media, the smog had been caused by a huge forest fire in Ontario.
Maersk-Illinoisb5-26-12-rb.jpg (102276 bytes)
First deep sea US registered cargo vessel to transit the Seaway since several years. Port of registry is Norfolk, VA
Maersk-Illinoisc5-26-12.jpg (126445 bytes)
Accomodation block.
CSL-Laurentien5-26-12-rb.jpg (57661 bytes)
CSL Laurentien bound for Burns Harbor.
Lady-Christina5-26-12-rb.jpg (35244 bytes)
 Lady Christina at low speed, minutes before she went to the anchorage for Seaway inspection before proceeding for Valleyfield.

Saturday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Ojibway-05-26-12-a-bb.jpg (97880 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at Allanburg
2-Ojibway-05-26-12-b-bb.jpg (101015 bytes) 3-Ojibway-05-26-12-c-bb,jpg.jpg (77506 bytes) 4-Ojibway-05-26-12-d-bb,jpg.jpg (84922 bytes)
Headed for southern Lake Michigan.
5-Sjard-05-26-12-a-bb.jpg (90709 bytes)
Sjard at the Homer bridge with more windmill parts for Menominee
6-Sjard-05-26-12-b-bb.jpg (106544 bytes)
heading to Lock 3
7-Chemtrans-Havel05-26-12-a-bb.jpg (92136 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel at the guardgate proceeding dead slow so she won't have to tie up above Lock 7
8-Chemtrans-Havel-05-26-12-b-bb.jpg (95626 bytes)
On her way to Montreal.

Sjard upbound below Lock 4 Welland Canal Saturday - Eric Holmes
1-Sjard-5-26-12-eh.jpg (132732 bytes) 2-Sjard-5-26-12-eh.jpg (120109 bytes) 3-Sjard-5-26-12-eh.jpg (101964 bytes)    

Recent St. Marys River Traffic - Roger LeLievre
Lakes-Contender-5-26-12rl.jpg (30244 bytes)
Lakes Contender lower St. Marys River on Saturday
Boothe-Sr,-Ken-5-26-12rl.jpg (62324 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr
Boothe-Sr,-Ken-5-26-12rl2.jpg (49253 bytes)
Stern view.
Lakes-Contender-Atlantic-Erie-5-26-12rl.jpg (35591 bytes)
Lakes Contender passing Atlantic Erie
Atlantic-Erie-5-26-12rl.jpg (56933 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound
Algoma-Montrealais---5-25-12RL.jpg (48340 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais Friday evening.
HHL-Amur-Jackson-5-24-12rl.jpg (60822 bytes)
HHL Amur, Herbert C. Jackson
HHL-Amur-5-24-12rl.jpg (55283 bytes)
HHL Amur headed to Thunder Bay with windmill parts.
Cuyahoga.jpg (39723 bytes)
Cuyahoga on Friday afternoon.
Cuyahoga-stern-5-25-12.jpg (39331 bytes)
Algoma-Guardian-5-22-12rl.jpg (51502 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
Duluth-Barges-5-20-12rl.jpg (50052 bytes)
Tug Duluth bound for Sault Ste. Marie with two cargo barges and a crane barge May 20.
Jacquelyn---Barge-5-20-12rl.jpg (60869 bytes)
Crane barge Jacquelyn.
Sarah-B.-5-20-12rlJPG.jpg (45522 bytes)
Tug Sarah B. at the stern.

HMCS Ojibwa departs Halifax for Port Burwell Saturday
Ojibwa-leaves-Halifax-26052012.jpg (120132 bytes)
Ojibwa on her way out of Halifax Harbor.
Ojibwa-positioned-over-submerged-drydock-m-(1).jpg (135672 bytes)
Ojibwa is carefully positioned over the submerged Heddle Marine drydock in Halifax Harbor.

Buffalo Black Rock Canal - Brian W.
1-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (100143 bytes)
Michigan-Great Lakes headed down bound on the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo and just starting into the draw at the CN Railroad "Harbor Draw" bridge.
2-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (133391 bytes)
The bow of the barge is passing the center of the draw span.
3-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (127645 bytes)
tug clearing
4-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (95785 bytes)
Departing the Black Rock Lock. They are a fairly large unit & take up just about all of the good water in the chamber.
5-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (79445 bytes)
The tug is now swinging the stern of the unit away from the lower guide wall to line up for the next reach below the lock.
6-Michigan-Great-Lakes-5-23-12-BW.jpg (95413 bytes)
The Michigan-Great Lakes is now clear of the lock and heading down bound for the Tonawanda Channel of the Niagara River.
1-Michigan-Great-Lakes-Noco-5-24-12-BW.jpg (187845 bytes)
The Michigan-Great Lakes tied up at the Noco Product Terminal on the Niagara River in Tonawanda from the South Grand Island Bridge.
2-Michigan-Great-Lakes-Noco-5-24-12-BW.jpg (186583 bytes)
Stern view showing the tug in the notch and the unloading pier at Noco.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-5-24-12-BW.jpg (163567 bytes)
The Ferry St. Lift Bridge is opening for the Rebecca Lynn - A-397. This is a through truss, single leaf, bascule type lift bridge over the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo.
4-Rebecca-Lynn-5-24-12-BW.jpg (99333 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and barge A-397 arrived in push mode and headed straight down the canal to the Black Rock Lock as the sun was about to set on a warm, summer like evening.

Three yachts at Marine City Friday - Don Detloff
2-Griffin-25May12-DJD.jpg (93455 bytes)
Motoryacht Griffin
3-To-Kalon-25May12-DJD.jpg (112523 bytes)
Motoryacht To-Kalon
1-Schooner-25May12-DJD.jpg (141160 bytes)
Schooner Wind Dancer

Saginaw River Thursday - Todd Shorkey
1-algorail-5-24-12-ts-a.jpg (119289 bytes)
Algorail outbound Wednesday night at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
2-algorail-5-24-12-ts-a.jpg (119199 bytes)
Stern view
1-manistee-5-24-12-ts.jpg (130213 bytes)
Manistee outbound Thursday morning at the Liberty Bridge
2-manistee-5-24-12-ts.jpg (125885 bytes)
Manistee Stern View
1-algoway-5-24-12-ts.jpg (140337 bytes)
Algoway inbound at Cass Avenue
2-algoway-5-24-12-ts.jpg (141638 bytes)
Stern view

Detroit and Toledo Wednesday - Mike Nicholls
DIAMONDJACKb05052212mn.jpg (87711 bytes)
Passing Mistersky's downbound.
DIAMONDJACKs09052212mn.jpg (96839 bytes) ToledoLight04052312mn.jpg (105588 bytes)
Toledo Light.
BOLANDJOHNJb07052312mn.jpg (84326 bytes)
John J Boland outbound from the CSX Coal Dock.
AMERICANFORTITUDEVALORb12052312mn.jpg (84969 bytes)
American Fortitude and American Valor at the Torco Docks.
JIIMAANsdd13052312mn.jpg (124237 bytes)
Jiimaan preparing to depart the Toledo Shipyard Drydock.
DetroitRiverLight31052312mn.jpg (81937 bytes)
Detroit River Light.
FEDERALOSHIMAb39052312mn.jpg (95110 bytes)
Federal Oshima in the Ojibway Anchorage.
FEDERALOSHIMAs38052312mn.jpg (89933 bytes) LAUDSAMb41052312mn.jpg (100046 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound off the Rouge River Short Cut  Canal.
LAUDSAMs43052312mn.jpg (91670 bytes)        

Welland canal traffic Wednesday - Michel Gosselin
1-riche-05-23-12-mg.jpg (97520 bytes)
Richelieu  after departing Lock 3
2-riche-05-23-12-mg.jpg (126708 bytes) 3-toka-05-23-12-mg.jpg (125704 bytes)
Stern view of yacht To-Kalon in lock 3
4-toka-05-23-12-mg.jpg (69362 bytes) 5-hmcs-05-23-12-mg.jpg (124651 bytes)
More work being done on HMCS Athabaskan in Port Weller dry dock
6-algoma-05-23-12-mg.jpg (114523 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais departing lock 1
7-algoma-05-23-12-mg.jpg (65216 bytes)      

Lake Huron and Lake Michigan May 22 - Tom Hynes
1-Mississagi-5-22-12-th.jpg (89734 bytes)
Mississagi headed into Brevort last Tuesday to load sand.  View from the US-2 Cut River Bridge.
2-Mackinaw-5-22-12-th.jpg (98518 bytes)
Mackinaw at her home port of Cheboygan.
3-Buckthorn-5-22-12-th.jpg (125074 bytes)
Buckthorn docked in Cheboygan.
4-BuckthornStern-5-22-12-th.jpg (160468 bytes)
Stern view of Buckthorn.
5-Ryba-Cheboygan-5-22-12-th.jpg (138642 bytes)
Unidentified Ryba tug and barges tied up just upstream of the Cheboygan lock and dam.
6-Ryba-Cheboygan2-5-22-12-th.jpg (205954 bytes)
This compact equipment is able to pass through the two locks on the 38 mile long Inland Waterway from Cheboygan to Crooked Lake.

South Chicago May 20 - Steve Bauer
1-MHanah-5-20-12-sb.jpg (134121 bytes)
The tug Mary E. Hannah pushes a barge out of Calumet Harbor toward Indiana Harbor shortly after sunrise. 
2-Mnstee-5-20-12-sb.jpg (177398 bytes)
The Manistee loading coal at the KCBX south dock in the early morning light.
3-Vtsha-5-20-12-sb.jpg (231281 bytes)
The saltie Vitosha completes her turn in the harbor and starts to back up the river with an assist from the Selvick tugs Carla  Selvick and John M. Selvick.
4-Vtsha-5-20-12-sb.jpg (105128 bytes)
Her former name, Federal Pearl, still visible under the paint, the Vitosha backs upriver between 92nd and 95th St.
5-Vtsha-5-20-12-sb.jpg (143144 bytes)
Once common in the past, it is now rare to see a saltie go upriver beyond Iroquois Landing at the mouth of the Calumet.  The Vitosha is one of those rare visitors as she negotiates Wisconsin Steel Bend south of 106th St en route to Chicago Fuel Terminal to load for the Netherlands.
6-Mnstee-5-20-12-sb.jpg (166693 bytes)
The Manistee outbound at 95th St for Lake Michigan.
7-Bthe-5-20-12-sb.jpg (141539 bytes)
The G Tug Colorado assists the Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender on her first visit to South Chicago as she approaches 92nd St.
8-Bthe-5-20-12-sb.jpg (124584 bytes)
Approaching the NS 5 bridge enroute to KCBX.
9-Bthe-5-20-12-sb.jpg (146029 bytes)
The deck is spotless on the new tug.
10-Bthe-5-20-12-sb.jpg (229927 bytes)
Through the bridges approaching 100th St.

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