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May 31, 20


St. Clair River - John McCreery
1-LeeA-5-25-12-jm.jpg (134760 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha downbound for the Rouge
2-LeeA-5-25-12.jpg (130512 bytes)
Turned for the mouth of the St. Clair River.
3-ColoradoStar-5-25-12-jm.jpg (116215 bytes)
Pilot boat leads the way back from the Colorado Star
4-Pilot-5-25-12-jm.jpg (155350 bytes)
Pilot boat returning off the lake
5-ColStar-Pintail-5-25-jm.jpg (219062 bytes)
Looking very much like a pilot but instead the Canadian survey vessel Pintail making several passes of area around the river mouth
6-ColoradoStar-5-25-12-jm.jpg (132167 bytes)
Tanker Colorado Star turned toward the river
7-Pintail-5-25-12-jm.jpg (147671 bytes)
Closeup of the survey vessel Pintail
8-Frontenac-5-25-12-jm.jpg (106985 bytes)
Frontenac in ballast pulls away from the Imperial Oil fuel dock
9-Soley-2-5-26-12-jm.jpg (113435 bytes)
 Soley-2 downbound in the morning overcast
10-LeeA-5-26-12-jm.jpg (128627 bytes)
Lee A back from unloading at the Rouge a turn around of about 30 hours
11-SamLaud-5-26-12-jm.jpg (94344 bytes)
Sam Laud passing up at the St.Clair Inn
12-Tecumseh-5-26-12-jm.jpg (99835 bytes)
Tecumseh makes her way up the river from Windsor heading back to Thunder Bay
13-Nordisle-5-26-12-jm.jpg (88641 bytes)
Nordisle headed to the Imperial oil dock to load for New York
14-FedEms-5-26-12-jm.jpg (93776 bytes)
Federal Ems passing Marine City upbound from Detroit.
15-CSLNiagara-5-27-12-jm.jpg (122772 bytes)
CSL Niagara with several sailboats heading out into a stormy lake Huron high winds rain and lightning
16-HCJackson-5-27-12-jm.jpg (93990 bytes)
Jackson downbound
17-Ojibway-Jackson-5-27-12-jm.jpg (152681 bytes)
Ojibway and Jackson meet on the river
18-Ojibway-Sjard-5-27-12-jm.jpg (126335 bytes)
Ojibway followed closely by Sjard
19-Sjard-Pilot-5-27-12-jm.jpg (117448 bytes)
Pilot comes out to escort the Sjard
20-Sjard-5-27-12-jm.jpg (121582 bytes)
Sjard at the Bluewater bridges
21-Sjard-Ojibway-5-27-12-jm.jpg (101940 bytes)
22-Sjard-Pilot-5-27-12-jm.jpg (115350 bytes)
Pilot exchange

Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
1-LakesContender-5-30-12-bv.jpg (143813 bytes)
Lakes Contender unloading iron ore at Torco
2-LakesContender-5-30-12-bv.jpg (130430 bytes)
Bow View
3-LakesContender-5-30-12-bv.jpg (88122 bytes)
Lakes Contender unloading boom
4-KenBooteSr-5-30-12-bv.jpg (126775 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr.
5-LakesContender-5-30-12-bv.jpg (122653 bytes)
Unloading onto the Live Pad
6-AmFortitude,AmValor-5-30-12-bv.jpg (114135 bytes)
American Fortitude and American Valor in Lay up
7-AmValor-5-30-12-bv.jpg (108586 bytes)
Forward deck house, American Valor
8-AmFortitude-5-30-12-bv.jpg (101597 bytes)
Forward deck house, American Fortitude
9-AmFortitude-5-30-12-bv.jpg (97782 bytes)
American Fortitude in lay up
10-AmValor,AmFortitude-5-30-12-bv.jpg (98760 bytes)
American Valor and American Fortitude in lay up at Torco slip #2
11-JLKuber-5-30-12-bv.jpg (98673 bytes)
James L. Kuber in for repairs at Presque Isle slip #1
12-Victory-5-30-12-bv.jpg (140479 bytes)
 Working on the tug Victory
13-Victory-5-30-12-bv.jpg (134738 bytes)
Another view
14-dieselelectricpusher-5-30-12-bv.jpg (142535 bytes)
Freshly painted diesel electric pusher
15-dieselelectricpusher-5-30-12-bv.jpg (114211 bytes)
Another view
16-shiploader-5-30-12-bv.jpg (123873 bytes)
Ship loader on the Presque Isle side of Toledo Dock
17-dumper-5-30-12.jpg (110247 bytes)
Two car rotary dumper

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-emilie-30-05-12-rb.jpg (88110 bytes)
Emilie passing Mariatown.
2-pass-30-05-12-rb.jpg (90552 bytes)
Algowood passing Algoma Olympic above Mariatown.
3-rosaire-30-05-12-rb.jpg (84917 bytes)
Rosaire A Desgagnes unloading windmills at Ogdensburg.

 Westshore on Tuesday, between Veteran's Memorial Bridge and Liberty Bridge, preparing to depart from Bay City, heading for the lake - Todd Shorkey
1-westshore-5-29-12-ts.jpg (57403 bytes)        

Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
kbs_lc_5_27_12_rb.jpg (145901 bytes)
First visit, loading ore

Seaway visitors in Montreal on Tuesday - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_8442.jpg (75302 bytes)
North Contender below St-Lambert lock upbound for Hamilton.
IMG_8445.jpg (84313 bytes) IMG_8449.jpg (75193 bytes)
Harbour Clear sporting her new funnel markings. The vessel was on her way back from Valleyfield. It was her first trip since 2010.
IMG_8454.jpg (64474 bytes)
Colorado Star also at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage.
IMG_8465.jpg (70736 bytes)
Mehmet A at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage awaiting her departure for a Montreal dock on Wednesday morning. After unloading part cargo, she is to proceed up the Seaway bound for Burns Harbor.

Detroit Traffic May 25 - Mike Nicholls
ALGOSARb02052512mn.jpg (92592 bytes)
Algosar downbound off Mistersky's
ALGOSARs04052512mn.jpg (91974 bytes) AMERICANMARINERb13052512mn.jpg (84549 bytes)
American Mariner downbound off Mistersky's.
AMERICANMARINERs16052512mn.jpg (80631 bytes) WESTCOTTJWIIb14052512mn.jpg (126754 bytes)
J W Westcott II downbound off Mistersky's.
PATHFINDERb19052512mn.jpg (93003 bytes)
Pathfinder at Severstal Steel in Dearborn.

Canadian/Dutch freighter Qamutik leaving the IJmuiden Locks, destination Pilottown, LA., May 28 -  Peter Beentjes
qamutikcv.jpg (66916 bytes) qamutikca33.jpg (90289 bytes)      

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