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June 4, 20


Seaway Sunday -  Dave Bessant
01-Mapleglen-06-02-12-WDB.jpg (112144 bytes)
 Mapleglen at Brockville Saturday night
02-HLeeWhite-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (105913 bytes)
H Lee White this morning at Iroquois
03-Algosoo-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (146771 bytes)
Algosoo downbound through the lock at Iroquois Sunday morning
04-AlgomaNavigator-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (148785 bytes)
Algoma Navigator formerly Canadian Navigator at Iroquois
05-AlgomaNavigatorFlorenceB-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (80520 bytes)
Algoma Navigator meeting the Ojibwa and her tugs at Mariatown, heading into a threatening sky
06-FlorenceBObjibwa-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (75177 bytes)
Lead tug Florence B and the barge HM1 with the Ojibwa on board. Lac Manitoba is pushing from behind
07-Ojibwa-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (146880 bytes)
Project Ojibwa at Loyalist Park, heading to Iroquois
08-LacManitoba-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (96785 bytes)
Lac Manitoba
09-Ojibwa-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (156912 bytes)
The whole raft heading through the lock at Iroquois.
10-Ojibwa-06-03-12-WDB.jpg (149491 bytes)
Some of the hundreds watching the Ojibwa, including some who sailed in her.

Ojibwa tow passing Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-tow-03-06-12-rb.jpg (83098 bytes)
Florence M towing barge HM 1 with Ojibwa on board.
2-tow-03-06-12-rb.jpg (96299 bytes)
Lac Manitoba on the stern as the tow passes Mariatown.

Philip R. Clarke arriving at Duluth Sunday -  Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-prclarke-6-3-12-GHB.jpg (116593 bytes)        

James R. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jrb_5_29_12_rb.jpg (116596 bytes)
Unloading coal into the hopper with ore dock locomotives placing ore cars above

Lee A. Tregurtha laying in Gills Rock, Wis. May 31 - John Koessl
Picture-093.jpg (130035 bytes)        

Detroit River- Mike Nicholls
GREYFOXsdd01053112mn.jpg (93768 bytes)
Grey Fox on Nicholson's Drydock.
CHAMPIOND2202006b02053112mn.jpg (84848 bytes)
Tug Champion with barges D2002 & D 2006 upbound passing Nicholson's Ecorse.
CHAMPIONb05053112mn.jpg (98563 bytes) CHAMPIONs09053112mn.jpg (88543 bytes) CHAMPIOND20022006s10053112mn.jpg (88048 bytes)
FEDERALHUDSONb04053012mn.jpg (104584 bytes)
Federal Hunter at Detroit Nicholson's.
FEDERALHUDSONs01053012mn.jpg (89926 bytes) OBERSTARJAMESLHONs05053012mn.jpg (89443 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar upbound above Belle Isle.

Twin Ports - Nick Stenstrup
4-AMA-6-1-12-ns.jpg (136502 bytes) 9-Sglen-6-1-12-ns.jpg (102366 bytes) 31-Sglen-6-1-12-ns.jpg (118204 bytes) 5-AC-6-1-12-ns.jpg (99169 bytes) 52-AC-5-31-12-ns.jpg (95409 bytes)
7-AC-6-1-12-ns.jpg (100165 bytes) 49-AC-5-31-12.jpg (77661 bytes) 44-BH-5-31-12-ns.jpg (90711 bytes) 56-HJLO-6-1-12-ns.jpg (103116 bytes) 14-JJB-6-1-12-ns.jpg (106365 bytes)
56-AMA-5-31-12-ns.jpg (142815 bytes) 7-AMA-6-1-12-ns.jpg (80580 bytes) 04-JJB-5-31-12-ns.jpg (63891 bytes) 12-JJB-5-31-12-ns.jpg (97678 bytes) 023-JJB-5-31-12-ns.jpg (119939 bytes)
24-JJB-6-1-12-ns.jpg (154053 bytes) 26-JJB-5-31-12-ns.jpg (150066 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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