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June 8, 20

Detroit area traffic on the Rouge and Detroit Rivers - Chuck Wagner
1-AlgMon-6-6-12-cw.jpg (57201 bytes)
Upbound Algoma Montrealais.
2-MichMon-6-6-12-cw.jpg (74161 bytes)
Passing the Michipicoten unloading stone in Windsor.
3-Front-6-6-12-cw.jpg (92730 bytes) 4-Front-6-6-12-cw.jpg (75620 bytes)
Downbound Frontenac passing the Algoma Montrealais
5-LAT-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (120441 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha departing Severstal.
6-LAT-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (129144 bytes) 7-LAT-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (86145 bytes) 8-LAT-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (121769 bytes) 9-Cal-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (83123 bytes)
Upbound Calumet.
10-Tow-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (116175 bytes)
Tugs Manitou and Ann Marie with barges.
11-Man-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (136921 bytes)
12-Ann-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (138880 bytes)
Ann Marie
13-Zug-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (55095 bytes)
Coke quench at Zug Island.
14-AmMar-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (83911 bytes)
American Mariner underway after unloading coal at Zug Island.
15-AmMar-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (56288 bytes)
16-Pine-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (83821 bytes)
Upbound Pineglen.
17-MaIll-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (102663 bytes)
Maersk Illinois downbound after loading in Milwaukee.
18-MaIll-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (82520 bytes) 19-MaIll-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (96798 bytes) 20-MaIll-6-6-12-cw1.jpg (90707 bytes)

Welland Canal - Eric Holmes
1-Sjard-06-07-12-eh.jpg (95033 bytes)
Sjard downbound above Lock 1
2-Sjardalgosteel-06-07-12-eh.jpg (75738 bytes)
Sjard passing Algosteel above Lock 1
3-Algosteel-06-07-12-eh.jpg (59466 bytes)
Algosteel upbound above Lock 1
4-Algosteel-06-07-12-eh.jpg (107018 bytes)
Working on the conveyor system
5-Algosteel-06-07-12-eh.jpg (111848 bytes)
Stern view

St. Clair River at Marine City on Wednesday - Don Detloff
1-algoway-06jun12-djd.jpg (76782 bytes)
2-montrealais-06jun12-djd.jpg (56777 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais
3-maersk-06jun12-djd.jpg (84697 bytes)
Maersk Illinois

Goderich, Ont. Monday - Bruce Douglas 
1-ATransfer-6-4-12-bjd.jpg (93950 bytes)
Algoma Transfer early morning fog.
2-ATransfer-6-4-12-bjd.jpg (117756 bytes)
Algoma Transfer early afternoon.
3-ATransfer-6-4-12-bjd.jpg (112022 bytes)
Algoma Transfer early morning fog, from castle.
4-ATransfer-6-4-12-bjd.jpg (207918 bytes)
 Algoma Transfer early afternoon from castle.
5-Katoa-9-11-2010-bjd.jpg (168721 bytes)
Sifto facilities before tornado August 2011.
6-SiftoMine-6-4-12-bjd.jpg (201438 bytes)
Work continues Monday

Michigan and the Great Lakes barge in the port of Green Bay on June 6 - Andy Roever
IMG_1538.jpg (125695 bytes) IMG_1541.jpg (111050 bytes)      

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
AMERICANMARINERb01060612mn.jpg (72294 bytes)
American Mariner unloading in the Rouge Short Cut Canal and upbound.
AMERICANMARINERs26060612mn.jpg (82931 bytes) MACASSABAYb02060612mn.jpg (96392 bytes)
Macassa Bay downbound off Fort Wayne.
SJARDb04060612mn.jpg (111507 bytes)
Sjard downbound off Detroit.

SJARDs07060612mn.jpg (93128 bytes)
FLOWERPOTb09060612mn.jpg (114403 bytes)
Flowerpot upbound off Belle Isle.
FLOWERPOTs10060612mn.jpg (95062 bytes) MICHIPICOTENb12060612mn.jpg (85046 bytes)
Michipicoten unloading at Southwest Sales West.
MICHIPICOTENs17060612mn.jpg (96121 bytes) GREATREPUBLICb19060612mn.jpg (63763 bytes)
Great Republic upbound off Zug Island.
GREATREPUBLICs22060612mn.jpg (90153 bytes) JANEANNIVb24060612mn.jpg (95300 bytes)
Jane Ann IV in Nicholson's North Slip with the Sarah Spencer in the South Slip.
PINEGLENb28060612mn.jpg (90248 bytes)
Pineglen upbound above Fighting Island North Light.
PINEGLENs30060612mn.jpg (81544 bytes)  

Green Bay, Wis. - Scott Best
1-MIGL-06-07-12-sb.jpg (184036 bytes)
Stern view at the K&K North Dock sharing the dock with a few hundred sea gulls.
2-MIGL-06-07-12-sb.jpg (105612 bytes)
Bow view
3-MIGL-06-07-12-sb.jpg (148784 bytes)
Close up of some parts or possibly a generator that was removed from the tug.

Sea Eagle Wednesday from the Columbus Road Bridge - Kate White
1-Sea-Eagle-6-5-12-kw.jpg (177595 bytes)
Sea Eagle and tug Iowa
2-Sea-Eagle--6-5-12-kw.jpg (156371 bytes)      

Lower Harbor Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jlvglt_6_1_12_rb.jpg (101554 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader unloading stone
2jjb_6_2_12_rb.jpg (121102 bytes)
John J. Boland arriving with coal

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-olm-ljk-6-6-12-ts.jpg (98429 bytes) 2-olm-ljk-6-6-12-ts.jpg (99417 bytes) 3-olm-ljk-6-6-12-ts.jpg (97081 bytes)
Passing the Algorail at Lafarge Essexville
4-olm-ljk-6-6-12-ts.jpg (113999 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J Kuber stern view
1-algorail-6-6-12-ts.jpg (112725 bytes)
Algorail unloading at Lafarge Essexville
2-algorail-6-6-12-ts.jpg (102320 bytes)
Unloading boom view

Calumet outbound Cleveland with another load of Cargill salt Tuesday - Paul Magyar
1-CALUMET-6-5-12-PM.jpg (138290 bytes)        

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