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Keewatin tow from Saugatuck to Mackinaw City. May 30 - June 6, 20

Keewatin tow - St. James Marine
Tug Wendy Anne is towing the historical vessel Keewatin back to its home port in Canada.  The vessel is a 1905 luxury steam ship, the only one left like it. St. James Marine is a US Coast Gurard and ABS inspected towing company that provides towing and freight needs on the Great Lakes. The S.S. Keewatin was towed from Saugatuck to Mackinaw City where she will remain for 10 days before the trip to her new home, Port McNicoll, Ontario. More photos and video are posted at and will be updated during the second leg of the tow to Port McNicoll.
1-SSKeewatin-6-4-12-mc.jpg (156472 bytes)
Photo from aboard the tug American Girl. - Mike Collins
2-SSKeewatin-6-5-12-jc.jpg (648389 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne towing just past Frankfort. Newly refinished assisting vessel American Girl  alongside. - Jeff Cashman
3-SSKeewatin-6-5-12-jc.jpg (271315 bytes)
Wendy Anne towing the SS Keewatin past the Sleeping Bear Dunes. - Jeff Cashman
4-SSKeewatin-6-6-12-jp.jpg (84147 bytes)
Past Grays Reef Lighthouse. Tug American Girl in foreground. - Jeff Powers
5-SSKeewatin-6-6-12-jp.jpg (62749 bytes)
Under the Mackinaw Bridge. - Mike Collins
6-SSKeewatin-6-7-12-mc.jpg (122714 bytes)
Aboard the American Girl.
7-SSKeewatin-6-7-12-mc.jpg (125765 bytes)
Under the Mackinaw Bridge - Mike Collins
8-SSKeewatin-6-7-12-wf.jpg (115185 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne and Keewatin at Mackinaw City. - Wendy Fogg.
Keewatin arriving at Mackinaw City June 6 - Richard Weiss
1.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (76154 bytes) 2.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (82713 bytes) 3.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (99561 bytes) 4.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (98638 bytes) 5.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (95680 bytes)
6.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (105366 bytes) 7.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (110917 bytes) 8.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (116250 bytes) 9.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (194989 bytes) 10.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (111827 bytes)
11.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (85475 bytes) 12.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (82694 bytes) 13.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (74403 bytes) 14.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (63458 bytes) 15.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (58243 bytes)
Sun set over Keewatin's first night at Mackiaw City. 
16.keewatin.6-6-12-riw.jpg (68597 bytes) 17.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (62621 bytes) 19.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (54610 bytes)
 I came back around 11 p.m. for some night photos and there is still some twilight in the sky. If you look closely you will see the stars are a little streaked, this is a testimony to just how long these exposures were.
18.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (57870 bytes) 20.keewatin.6-6-12-riw1.jpg (42907 bytes)

Keewatin Tow in Mackinaw City - Terry Pepper
SS-Keewatin-2012-06-06-Pepper--011.jpg (94979 bytes) SS-Keewatin-2012-06-06-Pepper--016.jpg (227901 bytes)
Passing the Old Mackinac Point Light
SS-Keewatin-2012-06-06-Pepper--018.jpg (97939 bytes) SS-Keewatin-2012-06-06-Pepper--019.jpg (93596 bytes)  

Keewatin Tow arriving - Bob Campbell
IMG_8860.jpg (106026 bytes) DSC03905.jpg (105977 bytes) DSC03909.jpg (85744 bytes)    

Keewatin tow - EM
1-Keewatin-6-6-12-em.jpg.jpg (166658 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne towing Keewatin
2-Keewatin-6-6-12-em.jpg.jpg (104663 bytes)
White Shoals in the background
3-Keewatin-6-6-12-em.jpg.jpg (186771 bytes) 4-Keewatin-6-6-12-em.jpg.jpg (131378 bytes)  

Keewatin Tow - Michael Cunningham
keewatin_256.jpg (98022 bytes) keewatin_289.jpg (96585 bytes) keewatin_304.jpg (78225 bytes) keewatin-356.jpg (42665 bytes)  

Keewatin tow - LVG and J. Powers
1-Keewatin-6-6-12-lg.jpg.jpg (89440 bytes)
Keewatin and Wendy Anne passing Grays Reef lighthouse.
2-Keewatin-6-6-12-lg.jpg.jpg (59120 bytes)
Passing White Shoals lighthouse and turning East for the bridge.
3-Keewatin-6-6-12-lg.jpg.jpg (85081 bytes) 5-Keewatin-6-6-12-jp.jpg.jpg (131838 bytes)
Cisco photographing Keewatin tow.
4-Keewatin-6-6-12-lg.jpg.jpg (92182 bytes)

Keewatin tow as it reaches the Straights of Mackinac -Tom Bublitz
1-Keewatin-6-6-12-TB.jpg (88478 bytes)
From the scenic turn-out on US-2, east of St. Ignace
2-Keewatin-6-6-12-TB.jpg (114500 bytes)
Mackinac Bridge, taken from mid-span of the bridge. 

Keewatin in Mackinaw City - Dianne Donati
Keewatin-3-dd.jpg (103903 bytes) Keewatin-2-dd.jpg (116730 bytes) Keewatin-6-dd.jpg (117670 bytes)    
Keewatin tow, Monday, Saugatuck, Mich. - Roger LeLievre

With the tug Matt Allen on the stern and Carol Ann on the bow, the tow departed the Kalamazoo River for Lake Michigan around 11 a.m. Outside of the piers, the tow was handed over to the tug Wendy Anne for the journey up the lake, with the tug American Girl accompanying. Several dozen well-wishers showed up, starting at 9 a.m., to watch her leave.
1-Kee.jpg (82993 bytes)
Matt Allen movies into position.
2-Kee.jpg (65154 bytes)
American Girl leaves to wait for the tow outside the piers.
3-Kee.jpg (85697 bytes)
Wendy Anne follows.
4-Kee.jpg (52864 bytes)
Towline goes aboard the Matt Allen.
5-Kee.jpg (94346 bytes)
And they're away!
6-Kee.jpg (60909 bytes)
Matt Allen working up speed.
7-Kee.jpg (50794 bytes)
The Kee's iconic stack moves past.
8-Kee.jpg (50016 bytes)
Slowed down in the mud.
9-Kee.jpg (55845 bytes)
Tugs stirred up a lot of river bottom.
10-Kee.jpg (39427 bytes)
Headed for the lake.
11-Kee.jpg (47817 bytes)
At the mouth of the river.
12-Kee.jpg (50353 bytes)
Tug Carol Ann.
13-Kee.jpg (47968 bytes)
Photographers record Keewatin passing the pier heads.
14-Kee.jpg (49542 bytes)
Free of the river.
15-Kee.jpg (54301 bytes)
Wendy Anne stands by to relieve the Carol Ann.
16-Kee.jpg (38899 bytes)
The tow begins.
17-Kee.jpg (24126 bytes)
Last look.

Keewatin and tugs Wendy Anne and American Girl just inside the Saugatuck channel Sunday morning -
Marc Vander Meulen
Keewatin_tugs_06032012_mvm.jpg (206134 bytes) Keewatin_06032012_mvm.jpg (133407 bytes) AmericanGirl_WendyAnne_06032012_mvm.jpg (225617 bytes) Keewatin_05312012_mvm.jpg (106488 bytes)  

Saugatuck Sunday -
Matt Miner
1-Reiss-6-3-12-MM.jpg (158722 bytes)
Tug Reiss still anchored off shore.
2-KeewBoats-6-3-12-MM.jpg (149462 bytes)
Keewatin lifeboats in the parking lot.
3-KeewBoats-6-3-12-MM.jpg (217813 bytes)
All the lifeboat bottoms are rotted out.
4-KeewCSaug-6-3-12-MM.jpg (110040 bytes)
The City of Saugatuck II passing the Keewatin.
5-Keewatin-6-3-12-MM.jpg (102685 bytes)
Stern view with the work barge along side.
6-Keewatin-6-3-12-MM.jpg (154139 bytes)
A view through the trees.
7-Keewatin-6-3-12-MM.jpg (124681 bytes)
Close up of the pilothouse.
8-Keewatin-6-3-12-MM.jpg (117672 bytes)
Close up of the stack.
9-KeewWork-6-3-12-MM.jpg (116700 bytes)
Work continues on the freight doors.
10-KzooLi-6-3-12-MM.jpg (229175 bytes)
The summer home that was built 1956 from the old lighthouse's wood that was destroyed by a tornado earlier that year.
11-KzooOld-6-3-12-MM.jpg (170424 bytes)
Looking up the old river mouth into what is now Ox Bow Lake. The summer home can be seen on the left.
12-KzooOld-6-3-12-MM.jpg (149821 bytes)
Remains of the old piers sticking out in to Lake Michigan.

Keewatin in Saugatuck, Sunday - Roger LeLievre
Kee-1-rl.jpg (75668 bytes)
Docked on the Kalamazoo River, seen from the tour boat Star of Saugatuck.
Kee-3-rl.jpg (70455 bytes)
Stern view
Kee-2-rl.jpg (79309 bytes)
Another stern view
St-James-tugs.jpg (84151 bytes)
Beaver Island-based tugs American Girl and Wendy Anne docked ahead of the Keewatin.
King-Tugs.jpg (101925 bytes)
King tugs have the weekend off.

Keewatin at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River Sunday - Bob VandeVusse
1-Keewatin-6-3-12-bvv.jpg.jpg (92172 bytes)
 Keewatin with tugs American Girl and Wendy Anne.
2-Keewatin-6-3-12-bvv.jpg.jpg (92315 bytes)
View of Keewatin from aft.
3-Keewatin-6-3-12-bvv.jpg.jpg (98758 bytes)
Stern shows a list to port.

Keewatin Tow May 30-31  - Brian Bluekamp
1-KeewatinTow-5-30-2012.jpg (161847 bytes) 2-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (134161 bytes) 3-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (118561 bytes) 4-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (127060 bytes) 5-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (145144 bytes)
6-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (127060 bytes) 7-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (239587 bytes) 8-KeewatinTow-5-31-2012.jpg (201437 bytes)    
Keewatin Tow Thursday - Dave Wobser
Keewatin-1-djw-5-31-12.jpg (74699 bytes)
Keewatin looking proud and ready to go
Keewatin-2-djw-5-31-12.jpg (84281 bytes)
Stern view
Keewatin-3-djw-5-31-12.jpg (73863 bytes)
Bigger tug Matt Allen arrives in town
Keewatin-4-djw-5-31-12.jpg (68341 bytes)
King Co. tugs Matt Allen and Carol Ann getting organized
Keewatin-5-djw-5-31-12.jpg (61464 bytes)
The stern-first tow begins
Keewatin-6-djw-5-31-12.jpg (78474 bytes)
Stern end is out of the slip
Keewatin-7-djw-5-31-12.jpg (53950 bytes)
Lined up in the new channel
Keewatin-8-djw-5-31-12.jpg (107695 bytes)
Persistent rain did not hold down the spectator crowd
Keewatin-9-djw-5-31-12.jpg (65255 bytes)
Passing a private marina
Keewatin-10-djw-5-31-12.jpg (61404 bytes)
Saugatuck Twp. Fire Dept. fire boat helping with security perimeter
Keewatin-11-djw-5-31-12.jpg (65172 bytes)
Making her way toward the turning basin
Keewatin-12-djw-5-31-12.jpg (48060 bytes)
Getting ready to spin her for the balance of the tow down the river
Keewatin-13-djw-5-31-12.jpg (158274 bytes)
Life boats left behind for good reason.

Keewatin being pulled out by the stern in the Kalamazoo River at Saugatuck - Bill Van Appledorn
101_1511-1.jpg (81880 bytes)
 Pulling is the tug Matt Allen, with the tug Carol Ann guiding the bow.
Keewatin-being-pulled-out-at-Saugatuck.jpg (108828 bytes)      
Keewatin move Wednesday - Richard Jenkins
1-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (53664 bytes)
Night shot the evening before the planned departure
2-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (146855 bytes)
Keewatin with her bow swung away from her old berth, and a slight list to starboard. Water ballast in giant plastic bags on her cargo deck was used to trim the ship down by the bow to bring up her stern and reduce her draft.
3-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (100260 bytes)
Tug Carol Anne pulling on the Keewatin's stern.
4-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (86952 bytes)
A large crowd gathered to watch as Keewatin's stern is swung out.
5-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (104497 bytes)
Keewatin's first passengers in over 4 decades got a very short ride today.
6-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (83510 bytes)
One final attempt to swing the Keewatin's bow.  This is about as far as she got today.
 7-Keewatin-5-30-12-rj.jpg (99935 bytes)
The tugs have gone home for the day, and Keewatin's ballast has been adjusted to bring her back on an even keel.

Keewatin move Wednesday - Richard Weiss
1.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (93076 bytes) 2.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (87630 bytes) 5.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (257788 bytes) 3.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (76458 bytes) 4.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (103310 bytes)
6.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (97729 bytes) 7.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (104614 bytes) 8.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (93348 bytes) 9.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (105232 bytes) 10.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (138573 bytes)
11.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (92493 bytes) 12.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (82165 bytes) 13.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (122042 bytes) 14.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (106452 bytes) 15.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (147349 bytes)
16.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (119107 bytes) 17.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (205345 bytes) 18.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (116523 bytes) 19.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (178083 bytes) 20.keewatin.5-30-12-riw.jpg (100310 bytes)

Village of Douglas, saying good bye to the Keewatin. The Mayor of Douglas read a proclamation to Mr Peterson Thanks, Georgia Bradley
Keewatin-getting-ready-to-leave.jpg (86575 bytes) Keewatin.jpg (95975 bytes) up-close-to-the-Keewatin.jpg (82624 bytes) Straight-ahead.jpg (126444 bytes) Keewatin-Farewell.jpg (132452 bytes)

Keewatin from Platte Bay - Dan Bradshaw
1-Keewatin-6-5-12-db.jpg (85677 bytes)        

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