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June 11, 20

Freshly-painted Kaye E. Barker out of the graving dock at Bay Marine, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Saturday - Ralph Murre
June-9th-2012-004.jpg (164535 bytes)
Jimmy L. on the bow
June-9th-2012-007.jpg (133831 bytes) June-9th-2012-009.jpg (117525 bytes) June-9th-2012-011.jpg (145060 bytes) June-9th-2012-016.jpg (102290 bytes)

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-FederalWelland-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (102051 bytes)
Federal Welland clear of Lock One
2-FederalWellandpilot-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (147044 bytes)
 Pilot climbing aboard-he'll be on for a ten hour trip to Cape Vincent at the eastern end of Lake Ontario
3-Irma-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (87943 bytes)
Irma at Thorold
4-Irma-06-09-12-b-bb.jpg (85963 bytes)
Heading to Cleveland
5-Yorktown-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (95358 bytes)
After a stop in Toronto, Yorktown heads up canal at Bridge 5
6-Yorktowndiningroom06-09-12-bb.jpg (64787 bytes)
Dining room on the lower deck
7-Yorktown-06-09-12-b-bb.jpg (113746 bytes)
AIS says she's heading to Goderich. 
8-AlgomaEnterprise-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (114907 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise entering Lock One
9-AlgomaEnterprise-06-09-12-b-bb.jpg (73539 bytes)
On her way to Lock two
10-AlgomaEnterprise06-09-12-c-bb.jpg (93267 bytes)
Headed to Sandusky.
11-AnglianLady&barge-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (88239 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady and barge on their way to Lock One.  Headed to Hamilton
12-AnglianLady-06-09-12-a-bb.jpg (98847 bytes)
Anglian Lady closeup

Hamilton June 9 - John van der Doe
Hamilton-9-Juni-2012-(33).jpg (101628 bytes)
McAsphalt barge
Hamilton-9-Juni-2012-(43).jpg (51961 bytes)
Algoma Olympic

Sam Laud in Cleveland Sunday - Kate White
1-Sam-Laud-6-10-12-kw.jpg (151577 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge.
2-Sam-Laud-6-10-12-kw.jpg (148686 bytes) 3-Sam-Laud-6-10-12-kw.jpg (187981 bytes)    

Welland Canal traffic Thursday - Michel Gosselin
1-hhla-06-07-12-mg.jpg (94161 bytes)
HHL Amur just left lock 1
2-hhla-06-07-12-mg.jpg (95922 bytes)
stern view
3-algo-06-07-12-mg.jpg (109847 bytes)
Algosteel is about to enter lock 1
4-sjard-06-07-12-mg.jpg (113807 bytes)
Sjard just left lock 1
5-sjard-06-07-12-mg.jpg (90512 bytes)
stern view
6-rthon-06-07-12-mg.jpg (95433 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin just left lock 2
7-maersk-06-07-12-mg.jpg (100645 bytes)
Maersk Illinois approaching lock 2
8-maersk-06-07-12-mg.jpg (89161 bytes)
stern view

John G. Munson unloading stone at the Carmuese Lime Plant in River Rouge, Mich. - Ken Borg
IMG_7430.jpg (80783 bytes)        

US Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock in Port Huron - Kevin Cenci
SDC11475.jpg (98057 bytes)        

Perelik in Oshawa Harbor Thursday - Lorraine Morrill
1228P---Perelik---Oshawa-6-7-12.jpg (184991 bytes)        

Epworth beach August 10, 1909 - Steve Hunt
1967.11.jpg (121418 bytes)

With some time to look into this, I find that the vessels were the Don Juan de Austria, Yantic, Nashville, Essex, Dorothea, and Gopher, all on a naval reserve training trip with 1600 reservists among the six vessels. The fleet anchored off Epworth at 6 AM, Monday, 16 August 1909 (not 11 August 1909 as the photo caption indicates) and remained there for nine hours while signal and gunnery drills were performed. The army was conducting massive reserve training at the same time at Lincoln Fields (now the Lincoln Hills Golf Course, I believe) just north of Epworth, and its commanders, as well as Michigan governor Fred Warner, were guests aboard the Don Juan de Austria.
Information Search post by William Lafferty


 Algoma Guardian upbound Thursday. The girls rowing are the national high school lightweight champions from Southgate Anderson High school.
DSC02314.jpg (96849 bytes) DSC02318.jpg (102441 bytes) DSC02320.jpg (105431 bytes) DSC02285.jpg (115138 bytes)
Passing the former Bob-Lo boats

Badger Gathering - Dave Wobser
Badger-A-5-8-12-djw.jpg (39136 bytes)
S.S. Badger approaching Ludington on Friday Evening.
Badger-B-5-8-12-djw.jpg (52878 bytes)
Unloading the passengers from Manitowoc
Badger-C-5-8-12-djw.jpg (132529 bytes)
Boatnerds having dinner before boarding.
Badger-D-5-8-12-djw.jpg (66328 bytes)
Quiet foredeck on Friday evening
Badger-E-5-8-12-djw.jpg (74007 bytes)
Builders plate
Badger-F-2-8-12-djw.jpg (86259 bytes)
Co-owner Don Clingan discusses the EPA issues facing the Badger's continued operation.
Badger-G-5-8-12-djw.jpg (78439 bytes)
 Junior Chief Engineer Bill Kulka talks about issues keeping a 60-year old vessel in top operating condition.
Badger-H-5-8-12-djw.jpg (59496 bytes)
Senior Captain Dean Hobbs gives the gathered Boatnerds some insight into the history of he Badger.
Badger-I-5-8-12-djw.jpg (65284 bytes)
Chief Kulka handing out door prizes from his "salvage locker".
Badger-J-5-8-12-djw.jpg (91312 bytes)
Pilothouse awaiting the tour groups
Badger-K-5-8-12-djw.jpg (93132 bytes)
Checking out the pilothouse
Badger-L-5-8-12-djw.jpg (70549 bytes)
A typical stateroom
Badger-M-5-8-12-djw.jpg (92399 bytes)
Ready to load on Saturday morning
Badger-N-5-8-12-djw.jpg (106505 bytes)
Empty car deck
Badger-O-5-9-12-djw.jpg (98116 bytes)
Fresh supplies coming aboard
Badger-P-5-9-12-djw.jpg (106558 bytes)
The "Spartan Store" stands idly by as loading begins
Badger-Q-5-9-12-djw.jpg (95505 bytes)
Passing USCG Station Ludington
Badger-R-5-9-12-djw.jpg (66556 bytes)
Ludington Light
Badger-RR-5-9-12-djw.jpg (86507 bytes)
|(l-r) First Mate Mike Martin, Wheelsman Scott Peck and junior Captain Jeff Curtis guiding Badger into Manitowoc.
Badger-S-5-9-12-djw.jpg (74825 bytes)
Crowd on the foredeck as we approach Manitowoc harbor
Badger-SS-5-9-12-djw.jpg (85252 bytes)
Manitowoc Breakwater Light
Badger-T-5-9-12-djw.jpg (60432 bytes)
Badger backing into her slip
Badger-TT-5-9-12-djw.jpg (76446 bytes)
Capt. Curtis explains the operation of a Chadburn to a budding Boatnerd
Badger-U-5-9-12-djw.jpg (103466 bytes)
Unloading in Manitowoc
Badger-UU-5-9-12-djw.jpg (86165 bytes)
 Badger leaving for the Wisconsin Shoreline Cruise
Badger-V-5-9-12-djw.jpg (91664 bytes)
Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Badger-VV-5-9-12-djw.jpg (120513 bytes)
A brand new Burger personal watercraft built in Manitowoc
Badger-WW-5-9-12.jpg (83993 bytes)
The forward triple-expansion steam engine from the Chief Wawatam
Badger-X-5-9-12.jpg (48804 bytes)
 Leaving Manitowoc on Saturday evening
Badger-Y-5-9-12-djw.jpg (74521 bytes)
Photographers catching the Wisconsin sunset
Badger-Z-5-9-12.jpg (55653 bytes)
Wisconsin sunset behind the Badger as we head home to Ludington

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