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June 13, 20

St. Marys Challenger at Manitowoc Tuesday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-6-12-12-lg-DSC-1011.jpg (135316 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger backing into turning basin after leaving her dock in Manitowoc, Wis.
Stmarchall-6-12-12-lg-DSC-1031.jpg (91097 bytes)
Coming around Ryerson Bend.
Stmarchall-6-12-12-lg-DSC-1080.jpg (117796 bytes)
Passing the Sub U.S.S. Cobia at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum.
Stmarchall-6-12-12-lg-DSC-1087.jpg (149096 bytes)
Passing the Budwieser Elevator.
Stmarchall-6-12-12-lg-JPG-0013.jpg (177060 bytes)
Steaming past the North Pier Lighthouse on her way to Charlevoix.

Turkish tanker Elevit passing Mariatown, Ont. - Ron Beaupre
1-elevit-12-06-12-rb.jpg (104132 bytes)
Elevit is a new ship commissioned this year.
2-elevit-12-06-12-rb.jpg (74693 bytes)
Cabin detail of Elevit.
3-elevit-12-06-12-rb.jpg (88567 bytes)    

Marietje Marsilla departing Duluth Tuesday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Marietje-Marsilla-6-12-12-GHB.jpg (128912 bytes)
Outbound at 6 p.m.
2-Marietje-Marsilla-6-12-12-GHB.jpg (99879 bytes)      

Welland Canal Tuesday - John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(54).jpg (92259 bytes) Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(56).jpg (119635 bytes) Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(58).jpg (82095 bytes)
Federal Hudson meets Federal Rhine below Lock 1
Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(61).jpg (113247 bytes) Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(74).jpg (95467 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais moves from Lock 4 to Lock 3.
Welland-Canal-12-June-2012-(79).jpg (100684 bytes)        

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