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June 18, 20

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-HLeeWhite-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (72986 bytes)
 H Lee White clear of lock 3 after completing her fourth trip of the season to Quebec City.
2-HLeeWhite-06-16-12-b-bb.jpg (105095 bytes)
Headed to Calcite, but has one more trip to Quebec.
3-Nordisle-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (112495 bytes)
Tanker Nordisle at Homer Bridge
4-Nordisle-06-16-12-b-bb.jpg (99532 bytes)
Bound for Sarnia
5-Birchglen-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (74356 bytes)
Riding high Birchglen at Allanburg
6-Birchglen-06-16-12-b-bb.jpg (95399 bytes)
On her way to Superior.
7-Algobay&friends-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (112668 bytes)
Algobay on way to Lock Two joined by friends.
8-Algobay-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (91674 bytes)
9-Algobay-06-16-12-b-bb.jpg (95436 bytes)
Making the wall below Lock 2
10-Algobay-06-16-12-c-bb.jpg (137036 bytes)
About to enter the lock
11-SamuelRisley-06-16-12-a-bb.jpg (102947 bytes)
Samuel Risley clear of Lock 2
12-SamuelRisley-06-16-12-b-bb.jpg (100384 bytes)
Headed to Burlington

Buffalo Fireboat Edward M. Cotter - Brian W.
1-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (140457 bytes)
 The Edward M. Cotter is on her way down the Buffalo River Entrance Channel from the Watson Basin passing the attack sub USS Croaker & the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock.
2-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (107120 bytes)
The boat was looking neat & trim in her shiny, bright red & white paint job.
3-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (137623 bytes)
Passing Light House Point with Downtown Buffalo as a backdrop as seen from the Outer Harbor.
4-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (64518 bytes)
Testing the fire monitors on the bow & upper pilothouse as the pumps are spun up.
5-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (137296 bytes)
The aft fire fighting turret is raised and the nozzles are on.
6-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (80628 bytes)
Name board, radio antenna, & fire monitor of the Upper Pilothouse.
7-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (175305 bytes)
Stack markings.
8-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (130637 bytes)
Backing into the fire boat slip at Michigan St. on a sunny afternoon in the mud brown Buffalo River.
9-Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW.jpg (194021 bytes)
Finished with engines. The throttle levers for the Port & Starboard shafts are set to idle on the bridge wing control stand. These handles are interlocked with 2 additional sets in the pilothouse & opposite bridge wing.
Edward-M.-Cotter-6-16-12-BW-014.jpg (64575 bytes)
Here's a rainbow in the spray mist as the Cotter streams out water on Buffalo's Outer Harbor.

St. Clair River at Marine City - Don Detloff
1-Thompson-16jun12-djd.jpg (68118 bytes)
 Joseph H. Thompson and Jr. Saturday
2-grayfox-16jun12-djd.jpg (100777 bytes)
1-spirit-15jun12-djd.jpg (57154 bytes)
American Spirit Friday
2-marine-15jun12-djd.jpg (58722 bytes)

Detroit - Ken Borg
IMG_7465.jpg (59193 bytes)
American Courage up the Detroit River off Grosse Isle.
IMG_7527.jpg (118292 bytes)
Manitowoc  in the Rouge river from the Dix Stree Bridge loading mill scale?
IMG_7530.jpg (121031 bytes)
 Loading the Manitowoc
IMG_7537.jpg (121230 bytes)
Manitowoc in Rouge River looking up the river from Fort St. Gaelic Tugboat Co on left.

Hamilton Saturday - John van der Doe.
Hamilton-15-and-16-June-2012-(24)-Salvor.jpg (105501 bytes)
Hamilton-15-and-16-June-2012-(26).jpg (54553 bytes)
Salvor with barge
Hamilton-15-and-16-June-2012-(28)-Florence-M.jpg (71422 bytes)
Florence M

Port Huron Friday - Chris Franckowiak  
IMG_0785[1].jpg (122209 bytes)
IMG_0792[1].jpg (109101 bytes) IMG_0800[1].jpg (111921 bytes)
IMG_0811[1].jpg (96313 bytes) IMG_0819[1].jpg (115904 bytes)
HHL Amazon
IMG_0828[1].jpg (118974 bytes)        

Recent Salties in the Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-Eemsborg-6-7-12-jm.jpg (124538 bytes)
Eemsborg departing Lock 1
2-Eemsborg-6-7-12.jpg (115957 bytes)
Pilot boat joins Eemsborg as they head out to Lake Ontario
3-NorthContender-6-7-12-jm.jpg (107783 bytes)
Tanker North Contender downbound between Lock 1 and 2
4-NorthContender-6-7-12-jm.jpg (96839 bytes)
At the approach wall as English River departs the lock
5-MaerskIllinois-6-7-12-jm.jpg (117573 bytes)
The Russian bound Maersk Illinois departs lock 7
6-MaerskIllinois-6-7-12-jm.jpg (110855 bytes)
U.S. flagged and registered in Norfolk

Recent St Clair River Activity - Terry McCullough
John-D-Leitch.-June-12-2012-4.jpg (133476 bytes)
John D Leitch.
Ojibway.-June-12-2012-2.jpg (122783 bytes)
Paul-R-Tregurtha.-June-14-2012-1.jpg (80980 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha.
Pineglen.-June-12-2012-3.jpg (78534 bytes)
Tecumseh.-June-14-2012-5.jpg (75404 bytes)
Greenwing.-June-14-2012-2.jpg (99113 bytes)

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