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June 19, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-tec-6-11-12-a-md.jpg (81471 bytes)
Night shot of Tecumseh taking on a load at the elevator.
2-tec-6-11-12-b-md.jpg (66424 bytes)
Wide view of the harbor.
3-tec-6-12-12-c-md.jpg (132261 bytes)
Former name still visible.
4-tec-6-12-12-d-md.jpg (128230 bytes)
Still loading the next day.
5-cuy-6-12-12-md.jpg (118768 bytes)
Cuyahoga heads into Lake Huron.
6-ojib-6-12-12-md.jpg (102908 bytes)
Ojibway heads into Lake Huron.
7-jdl-6-12-12-md.jpg (127042 bytes)
John D. Leitch making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-pine-6-12-12-md.jpg (92700 bytes)
Pineglen downbound at 1 & 2.
9-sam-6-12-12-md.jpg (102214 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound at 1 & 2
 10-jba-6-12-12-md.jpg (72267 bytes)
John B. Aird in the north slip.
11-cjc-6-13-12-md.jpg (89593 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway downbound at 1 & 2.
 12-nav-6-13-12-md.jpg (100205 bytes)
Algoma Navigator heads into Lake Huron.
 13-stcl-6-14-12-md.jpg (103099 bytes)
St. Clair making the turn at 1 & 2.
14-ris-6-14-12-md.jpg (86712 bytes)
Samuel Risley downbound below 1 & 2.
15-tec-6-14-12-a-md.jpg (81322 bytes)
Tecumseh upbound at the Black River.
16-tec-6-14-12-b-md.jpg (98116 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
 17-mich-6-16-12-a-md.jpg (121628 bytes)
Michipicoten in the north slip for prop repairs.
18-mich-6-16-12-b-md.jpg (141257 bytes)
Spare blades on the dock.
19-mich-6-17-12-c-md.jpg (88257 bytes)
Departing after repairs completed.
20-prc-6-18-12-md.jpg (91993 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke downbound at 1 & 2.

Marietje Marsilla downbound in the Seaway above Montreal Monday - Kent Malo
MarietjeMarsilla6-18-12-km.jpg (83008 bytes)
Bound for Livorno Italy

Kaministiqua entering the Duluth Harbor on a cloudy Monday afternoon - Kent Rengo
Kaministiqua6-18-12-kr.jpg (92163 bytes)        

St. Clair River at Marine City on Sunday

1-leitch-17jun12-djd.jpg (76218 bytes)
John D. Leitch
2-undaunted-17jun12-djd.jpg (65422 bytes)
Undaunted and Pere Marquette 41
3-sailboats-17jun12-djd.jpg (67489 bytes)
4-nordisle-17jun12-djd.jpg (69988 bytes)

The Reuben Lasker was launched at Marinette Marine Corp. on Saturday -
Wendell Wilke
laskerI0001.jpg (101253 bytes)
 Reuben Lasker on the launchways
laskerII0001.jpg (125010 bytes) laskerIII0001.jpg (100986 bytes)
Selvick tugs standing by and U.S.S. Fort Worth forward.
laskerIIII0001.jpg (96684 bytes) laskerIIIII0001.jpg (112393 bytes)
Reuben Lasker after launch dockside.

Port of Antwerp - Chris Rombouts
Fed-Sakura-Antw-17-6-12-cr1.jpg (100950 bytes)
Federal Katsura entering the Port
Fed-Sakura-Antw-17-6-12-cr2.jpg (100468 bytes) Fed-Sakura-Antw-17-6-12-cr3.jpg (107111 bytes) Wicko-Antw-17-6-12-cr1.jpg (144762 bytes)
The Wicko at the docks.

Welland canal traffic on Friday - Michel Gosselin
1-green-06-15-12-mg.jpg (101973 bytes)
Greenwing is approaching lock 1
6-marie--06-15-12-mg.jpg (71859 bytes)
Marietje Marsilla is in lock 5 east
8-feder--06-15-12-mg.jpg (87733 bytes)
Federal Rhine approaching bridge 5

Great Lakes Towing Company continues its fleet overhaul program
P1010258.jpg (103299 bytes)
Tug Iowa is the second of the Company's tugs to undergo an overhaul at the Company's Cleveland shipyard.
P1010256.jpg (208152 bytes)      

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jrb_6_12_12_rb.jpg (124593 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal near sunset
2lat6_13_12_rb.jpg (110628 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha arriving to load ore

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
1.RISLEYSAMUELb02061512mn.jpg (70305 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Samuel Risley downbound off the old Rouge Entry.
2.RISLEYSAMUELs03061512mn.jpg (82751 bytes) 3.ALGOEASTb05061512mn.jpg (89704 bytes)
 Algoeast unloading at Mistersky's.
4.ALGOEASTs04061512mn.jpg (98588 bytes) 5.MCLEARYSSPIRITb08061512mn.jpg (88527 bytes)
Barge Mc Clearys Spirit and tug William J Moore downbound off Mistersky's.
6.MCLEARYSSPIRITs11061512mn.jpg (95365 bytes) 7.MOOREWILLIAMJb09061512mn.jpg (81579 bytes) 8.FEDERALHUNTERb13061512mn.jpg (105178 bytes)
Federal Hunter (Hong Kong) at Nicholson's Detroit.
9.FEDERALHUNTERs12061512mn.jpg (98347 bytes)  
1.GUARDIANb01061412mn.jpg (151657 bytes)
Windsor Police Boat Guardian off B.A.S.F. in Wyandotte.
3.SPENCERSARAHs04061412mn.jpg (93659 bytes)
Sarah Spencer in Nicholson's South Slip.
4.Foths05061412mn.jpg (136344 bytes)
Survey boat off the old Rouge Entry.
5.ALGOEASTb06061412mn.jpg (96948 bytes)
Algoeast downbound off Mistersky's.
6.ALGOEASTs07061412mn.jpg (75488 bytes)
7.SPRUCEGLENb08061412mn.jpg (71690 bytes)
Spruceglen at Sterling Fuel in Windsor.
8.SPRUCEGLENs09061412mn.jpg (74422 bytes) 1.THOMPSONJOSEPHHb11061412mn.jpg (72915 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson and Jr. upbound at the Livingstone Channel Crossing.
2.THOMPSONJOSEPHHJRb12061412mn.jpg (82977 bytes) 3.THOMPSONJOSEPHHs13061412mn.jpg (80821 bytes)
1.CALLAWAYCASONJs21061312mn.jpg (89025 bytes)
Cason J Callaway downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
2.LAKESCONTENDERb24061312mn.jpg (72415 bytes)
Barge Lakes Contender and tug Ken Boothe Sr. upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
4.BOOTHEKENSRb27061312mn.jpg (89666 bytes) 5.BOOTHEKENSRs30061312mn.jpg (94134 bytes) 3.LAKESCONTENDERs31061312mn.jpg (86340 bytes)
FOTHs02060712mn.jpg (124931 bytes)
Survey vessel off the Rouge Entry - surveying for the new bridge to Canada?
FOTHb01060712mn.jpg (127799 bytes) ROMANSTEPHENBb04060712mn.jpg (92267 bytes)
Stephen B Roman unloading at Premier Concrete in Windsor.
ROMANSTEPHENBs06060712mn.jpg (85901 bytes) MCLEODNORMANb02060812mn.jpg (76023 bytes)
Norman Mc Leod loading asphalt at Marathon in the Rouge River.
BLOUGHROGERb03060812mn.jpg (75347 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound above Fighting Island North Light.
INDIANAHARBORb07060812mn.jpg (94833 bytes) INDIANAHARBORs06060812mn.jpg (113557 bytes)
Indiana Harbor unloading on Zug Island.
INDIANAHARBORs05060812mn.jpg (112257 bytes) OBERSTARJAMESLHONb30060912mn.jpg (66438 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar outbound the Rouge River at the Jefferson Street Bridge.
OBERSTARJAMESLHONs31060912mn.jpg (88376 bytes) MUNSONJOHNGb42060912mn.jpg (79279 bytes)
John G Munson in the Rouge River approaching the Carmeuse Dock at the Jefferson Street Bridge.
MCKEESONSs47061012mn.jpg (80620 bytes)
Mc Kee Sons loading nut coke at Nicholson's Ecorse.
MCKEESONSs48061012mn.jpg (94514 bytes) CHAMPIOND20062002b03061012mn.jpg (79515 bytes)
Tug Champion towing barges D2005 & D2002 downbound off Zug Island.
CHAMPIONb53061012mn.jpg (130375 bytes) CHAMPIONs13061012mn.jpg (123565 bytes) D20062002CHAMPIONss64061012mn.jpg (89372 bytes) INNOVATIONb19061012mn.jpg (84576 bytes)
Tug Samuel D Champlain and barge Innovation downbound off Zug Island.
INNOVATIONs68061012mn.jpg (93735 bytes)
HOEYPATRICIAb26061012mn.jpg (158718 bytes)
Patricia Hoey at the Gaelic Tugboat Dock in the Rouge River.
AMERICANMARINERb73061012mn.jpg (74786 bytes)
American Mariner above Fighting Island North Light.

AMERICANMARINERs28061012mn.jpg (101732 bytes)
CALUMETb75061012mn.jpg (81256 bytes)
Calumet downbound off Zug Island.
CALUMETs76061012mn.jpg (98357 bytes)
TECUMSEHb80061012mn.jpg (88992 bytes)
Tecumseh at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
TECUMSEHs081061012mn.jpg (90643 bytes) ENDEAVOURb04061112mn.jpg (75516 bytes)
Barge Endeavour and tug Karen Andrie upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
ANDRIEKARENb08061112mn.jpg (73166 bytes) ENDEAVOURs07061212mn.jpg (74925 bytes)
ALGOMATRANSPORTs15061112mn.jpg (98473 bytes)
Algoma Transport unloading on Zug Island in the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
AMERICANMARINERb09061112mn.jpg (77275 bytes)
American Mariner at Mistersky's 
AMERICANMARINERs10061112mn.jpg (91457 bytes) MACASSABAYb17061112mn.jpg (184205 bytes)
Macassa Bay in Windsor
MACASSABAYs18061112mn.jpg (162192 bytes)
TREGURTHALEEAb20061112mn.jpg (69834 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound off Windsor.
TREGURTHALEEAs21061112mn.jpg (79576 bytes) CARRICKJOHNJb24061112mn.jpg (81180 bytes)
John J Carrick and Victorious at Sterling Fuel. 
CARRICKJOHNJs28061212mn.jpg (70894 bytes) VICTORIOUSb25061112mn.jpg (94081 bytes)
VICTORIOUSs27061212mn.jpg (90543 bytes) NEAHBAYb09061212mn.jpg (81521 bytes)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay upbound at Grassy Island.
NEAHBAYs08061212mn.jpg (93250 bytes) ALGOMANAVIGATORb03061212mn.jpg (68533 bytes)
Algoma Navigator at Sterling Fuel.
1.KUBERJAMESLb01061312mn.jpg (69033 bytes)
James L Kuber at Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
2.49424b07061312mn.jpg (138871 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C.  49424 downbound approaching the Belle Isle Bridge.
3.49424s08061312mn.jpg (145465 bytes) 5.BIONICbargeb13061312mn.jpg (127083 bytes)
Tug Bionic towing a barge off Windsor.
6.BIONICb16061312mn.jpg (143010 bytes) 8.BIONICbarges19061312mn.jpg (117878 bytes)

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