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June 23, 20

Montreal Friday - Kent Malo
Luna6-22-12-km1.jpg (60777 bytes)
Mega yacht Luna 378 feet long (115 meters), belonging to Roman Abramovich, 3 rd riches man in Russia.
Luna6-22-12-km-a1.jpg (89191 bytes)
The yacht will be in  Montreal until July 1.
Luna6-22-12-km-c1.jpg (75130 bytes)
Not his biggest toy, the mega yacht Eclipse 555 feet long amid conflicting reports its priced anywhere from $250 million to one billion, for the Eclipse.
Luna6-22-12-km-b1.jpg (105011 bytes)
The modest Luna  here at M sec 1 Montreal
Tecumseh6-22-12-km1.jpg (64091 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound for a St Lawrence river port above Montreal.
Tecumseh6-22-12-km-a1.jpg (50378 bytes) Tecumseh6-22-12-km-b1.jpg (79857 bytes)      

PT 728 on its way from Kingston, N.Y. to Port Clinton, Ohio via the Erie Canal - Jim Hastings
To be an exhibit at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton. They will stop in Cleveland for a dedication event expected on June 26.
1-PT728-6-21-12-kh.jpg.jpg (176572 bytes)
PT 728 was built in 1945 at the Annapolis, Md Yacht Yard. It was slated to join the fleet of the Soviet navy, but with WWII nearing its end, it was de-commissioned in 1945 and sold to a private owner in 1947.
2-PT728-6-21-12-kh.jpg.jpg (181798 bytes)
It was used in TV and movie productions, including "McHale's Navy" and "PT 109." The original 12 cylinder gasoline engines have been replaced with 2 turbocharged GM 8-71 V8 diesels.
3-PT728-6-21-12-kh-jpg.jpg (186150 bytes)
In Lock 29.

Lac Manitoba and work barge inbound Hamilton - Eric Holmes
Lacmanitoba-06-22-12-eh.jpg (109602 bytes)        

Historical perspective - Keewatin - Terry McCullough collection
Keewatin-in-the-St-Marys-River.jpg (179231 bytes)
Keewatin in the St Marys River
Keewatin-at-the-Soo.jpg (171996 bytes)
At the Soo.
Keewatin.-1907.-Retired-from-active-service-1966.jpg (182466 bytes)    

Oval Beach at Saugatuck, Mich. Tuesday
061912_0947.jpg (214291 bytes) 061912_0954.jpg (158319 bytes)
Dock or shipwreck parts
061912_0955.jpg (148239 bytes) 061912_0957.jpg (111633 bytes) 061912_0959.jpg (205428 bytes)
061912_1019.jpg (291988 bytes) 061912_1017.jpg (327211 bytes) 061912_1004.jpg (343002 bytes) 061912_0960.jpg (53770 bytes) 061912_0994.jpg (148825 bytes)
061912_0963.jpg (145799 bytes)
Star of Saugatuck II heads out for a sun set cruise.
061912_0964.jpg (128108 bytes) 061912_0969.jpg (174153 bytes) 061912_0970.jpg (111858 bytes) 061912_1047.jpg (33641 bytes)
061912_1008.jpg (270518 bytes) 061912_1031.jpg (318397 bytes)      

Cruise on the tall ship Friends Good Will from South Haven, Mich.
The Friends Good Will is a working American reproduction of the historical Friends Good Will, a merchant square topsail sloop that was overtaken by the events of the War of 1812. Public cruises from the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven.
062012_0694.jpg (158348 bytes)
At its home dock.
062012_0695.jpg (110081 bytes) 062012_0720.jpg (134011 bytes)
3 miles into Lake Michigan
062012_0724.jpg (174476 bytes)
Crew wears period dress.
062012_0737.jpg (212582 bytes)
062012_0732.jpg (287708 bytes) 062012_0780.jpg (105077 bytes) 062012_0800.jpg (154689 bytes) 062012_0774.jpg (284838 bytes)
Camera is level, heeled over as the wind pushes us along at 7.5 knots.
062012_0796.jpg (95828 bytes)
062012_0835.jpg (287419 bytes)
Gauges on the right are for the diesel engine, It's only used for docking and maneuvering in the river.
062012_0849.jpg (165374 bytes) 062012_0830.jpg (217385 bytes) 062012_0832.jpg (138199 bytes) 062012_0884.jpg (118849 bytes)
Sky light for the cabin below deck.
062012_0813.jpg (64415 bytes) 062012_0804.jpg (249572 bytes) 062012_0803.jpg (278557 bytes) 062012_0817.jpg (174206 bytes) 062012_0816.jpg (216228 bytes)
062012_0873.jpg (187261 bytes) 062012_0863.jpg (199326 bytes) 062012_0885.jpg (194424 bytes) 062012_0902.jpg (96828 bytes)
Main sail in
062012_0904.jpg (177781 bytes)
062012_0861.jpg (226363 bytes)
Running out the cannon
062012_0909.jpg (176260 bytes) 062012_0914.jpg (177474 bytes) 062012_0926.jpg (163119 bytes) 062012_0927.jpg (107038 bytes)
Cannon Smoke
062012_0941.jpg (157393 bytes)
The small boat has been launched, it is used as a tug to turn the Friends Good Will.
062012_0945.jpg (213187 bytes)      

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