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June 24, 20

Keewatin returns home to Port McNicholl - Bill Bird
1-Keewatinconvoy-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (100695 bytes)
Convoy of ships bringing in Keewatin.  Hundreds of small boats were on the scene as well.
2-MissMidland-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (120865 bytes)
Leading the way local cruise ship Miss Midland
3-CapeHurd-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (150039 bytes)
followed by search and rescue cutter Cape Hurd
4-AmericanGirl-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (171860 bytes)
and then American Girl, the stern tug when needed
5-WendyAnne-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (133020 bytes)
Lead tug Wendy Anne
6-WendyAnne&Keewatin-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (121243 bytes)
Wendy Anne and Keewatin
7-Keewatin-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (94723 bytes)
Keewatin with bunting and flying her various flags over the years.
8-Keewatincrew-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (79472 bytes)
Members of Keewatin crew acknowledging one of many salutes
9-Keewatin-06-23-12-b-bb.jpg (93998 bytes)
Stern view    
10-Keewatin-06-23-12-c-bb.jpg (99192 bytes)
another view
11-policeboat-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (221887 bytes)
This high speed police boat, belonging to Cape Hurd chased away small boats that got too close
12-helicopter-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (17128 bytes)
A helicopter buzzed Keewatin many times-apparently filming a documentary
13-crowd-06-23-12-a-bb-.jpg (125190 bytes)
wide view of the crowd at Port McNicholl awaiting Keewatin's arrival.
14-Keewatin&tugs-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (131525 bytes)
As Keewatin approached her berth, tugs spun her around
15-Keewatin&tugs-06-23-12-b-bb.jpg (105607 bytes)
getting close
16-Keewatinsecure-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (118986 bytes)
bow secure
17-Keewatinsecure-06-23-12-b-bb.jpg (109808 bytes)
secure back aft
18-GilBlutrich-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (79936 bytes)
Gil Blutrich the man behind a 1.7 billion dollar re-development of Port McNicholl financed Keewatin's move and rings the ship's bell.
19-EricConroy-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (114419 bytes)
Eric Conroy, a former waiter on Keewatin was project manager for the tow.  He pointed out money to refurbish the ship will be done through private donations and corporate sponsorships.
20-Keewatinbyebye-06-23-12-a-bb.jpg (116652 bytes)
One last look at one of a kind.   

2012 International Tug Race Detroit River - Ron Piskor
1-start-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (146180 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II in the foreground pours on the power as the race fleet approaches the starting line.
2-josephine-6-23-2010-rjp.jpg.jpg (141280 bytes)
Josephine clear of the starting line heading toward the Ambassador Bridge.
3-hogan-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (200696 bytes)
Mailboat Joseph J. Hogan powered up.
4-hogan2-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (183722 bytes)
Joseph Hogan slams into a river roller.
5-jww-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (169837 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II surfs down a river wave under the Ambassador Bridge.
6-rr-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (155806 bytes)
Tugs R&R, Jesse T and Dyker Lass above the Ambassador Bridge.
7-phoebe-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (158314 bytes)
Tug Phoebe running along the Windsor Ontario seawall.
8-hogjww-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (180844 bytes)
Mailboats Joseph J. Hogan and J.W. Westcott fight through the river surf along the Windsor seawall.
9-rryork-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (167325 bytes)
Tug R&R makes a pass by downtown Detroit after crossing the finish line with the cruiseship Yorktown in the background.
1-rrwave-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg (126411 bytes)
The crew on the Tug R&R braces as they encounter a monster wave on their port side.
2-jjhogan-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg (191383 bytes)
Joseph J. Hogan takes one over the bow.

Tug boat race 2012 -  Ken Borg
IMG_7698.jpg (102173 bytes) IMG_7699.jpg (128700 bytes) IMG_7703.jpg (124707 bytes) IMG_7700.jpg (103674 bytes) IMG_7702.jpg (88825 bytes)
IMG_7710.jpg (74435 bytes) IMG_7704.jpg (141218 bytes) IMG_7715.jpg (82838 bytes) IMG_7717.jpg (96907 bytes) IMG_7720.jpg (109711 bytes)
IMG_7731.jpg (103004 bytes) IMG_7736.jpg (77451 bytes) IMG_7740.jpg (88091 bytes) IMG_7763.jpg (122363 bytes)  

Tug boat race 2012 - John van der Doe
Tugboatrace-2012-(6).jpg (137970 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(7).jpg (164493 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(8).jpg (134498 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(9).jpg (117292 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(10).jpg (107009 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(11).jpg (171108 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(12).jpg (140982 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(13).jpg (154098 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(14).jpg (153870 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(15).jpg (130958 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(16).jpg (156231 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(17).jpg (194161 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(18).jpg (142947 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(19).jpg (155585 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(20).jpg (151382 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(21).jpg (150419 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(22).jpg (171193 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(23).jpg (135747 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(24).jpg (151070 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(25).jpg (128475 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(26).jpg (117610 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(27).jpg (118940 bytes)      

PT-728 arrived in Buffalo Saturday afternoon from Medina - Brian W.
They are staying the night at the Erie Basin & departing for Cleveland tomorrow morning if the weather holds out.
1-PT-728-6-23-12--BW.jpg (154229 bytes)
While waiting fort the PT boat to arrive from Medina, Amtrak train 64, the Maple Leaf passed over the CSX (New York Central) lift bridge on the Eire Canal at Tonawanda.
2--PT-728-6-23-12-BW-004.jpg (130365 bytes)
 I noticed an interesting detail under the CSX bridge. This shot shows the shock absorber that kept the draw span from slamming into the South bridge abutment when lowering the bridge.
3-PT-728-6-23-12-BW-011.jpg (177306 bytes)
 PT-728 has arrived and is starting into the draw at the CSX bridge. This structure dates from 1918 & was originally powered by steam.
4--PT-728-6-23-12--BW.jpg (158953 bytes)
Now clear of the draw bridge at Tonawanda, the boat heads East down the reach of the canal for the Niagara River.
5-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (120709 bytes)
PT-728 is heading down the Black Rock Canal, just above the Peace Bridge.
6-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (156407 bytes)
Arriving at the Erie Basin in Buffalo, PT-728 ties up @ the fuel dock.
7-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (114192 bytes)
Detail of the shark nose on the bow.
8-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (172316 bytes)
Bow mounted .50 Cal Browning machine gun.
9-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (155624 bytes)
Starboard mounted Twin 50's.
10-PT-728-6-23-12-BW.jpg (168002 bytes)
Aft 20 MM gun.
11-PT-728-6-23-12--BW.jpg (142432 bytes)
Moving ahead from the Fuel Dock at the Erie Basin, the boat is tied up for the evening. They were due to depart on the morning of the 24th if the weather held out.

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