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June 29, 20


Point Edward and Sarnia  - Marc Dease
1-miss-6-22-12-md.jpg (110472 bytes)
Mississagi downbound below 1 & 2.
2-hcj-6-22-12-md.jpg (95766 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson  downbound below 1 & 2.
3-rich-6-22-12-md.jpg (104360 bytes)
Richelieu heads into Lake Huron.
4-stel-6-22-12-md.jpg (74566 bytes)
Algosteel downbound followed by the American Century and Alpena while the CSL Assiniboine heads out at 11 & 12.
5-cent-6-22-12-md.jpg (83303 bytes)
American Century downbound above 1 & 2.
6-alp-6-22-12-md.jpg (86578 bytes)
Alpena downbound below 1 & 2.
7-mich-6-22-12-md.jpg (82616 bytes)
Michipicoten making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-acan-6-23-12-md.jpg (118772 bytes)
Algocanada upbound at Point Edward.
9-rog-6-23-12-md.jpg (75946 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound at 1 & 2.
10-amar-6-23-12-md.jpg (101007 bytes)
Algomarine downbound below 1 & 2.
11-mont-6-23-12-a-md.jpg (90345 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais upbound at Marysville.
12-mont-6-23-12-b-md.jpg (98519 bytes)
Stern view.
13-ent-6-23-12-a-md.jpg (107528 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise downbound in Lake Huron.
14-ent-6-23-12-b-md.jpg (111700 bytes)
Stern view.
15-ent-6-23-12-c-md.jpg (118073 bytes)
Lined up on the Point Edward range lights, still has quite a turn to make at 1 & 2.
16-away-6-23-12-a-md.jpg (125105 bytes)
Algoway upbound above 1 & 2.
17-away-6-23-12-b-md.jpg (117148 bytes)
Stern view.
18-ojib-6-23-12-a-md.jpg (101251 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at Black River.
19-ojib-6-23-12-b-md.jpg (112514 bytes)
Stern view.
22-rog-6-25-12-c-md.jpg (80099 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Black River.
20-rog-6-25-12-a-md.jpg (89424 bytes)
Just above the bridges.
21-rog-6-25-12-b-md.jpg (102249 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
 23-dool-6-25-12-md.jpg (84499 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound below 1 & 2.
24-lat-6-25-12-md.jpg (90335 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound below 1 & 2.

Soo Wednesday - Dave Wobser
1-Gott-1-djw-6-27-12.jpg (68741 bytes)
 Edwin H. Gott downbound at Mission Point.
2-Gott-2-djw-6-27-12.jpg (90288 bytes)
Gott stern view
3-CSL-Assin-1-djw-6-27-12.jpg (62073 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine downbound after dinner
4-CSL-Assin-2-djw-6-27-12.jpg (92568 bytes)
Assiniboine stern view
5-Rich-1-djw-6-27-12.jpg (72018 bytes)
Richelieu following Assiniboine
6-Rich-2-djw-6-27-12.jpg (77502 bytes)
Richelieu stern view
8-Ojibway-2-djw-6-27-2012.jpg (82246 bytes)
Ojibway in the MacArthur Lock
7-Ojibway-1-djw-6-27-2012.jpg (153903 bytes)
Ojibway leaving the lock

Soo early June - Jim Hoffman
a-k-atkinson-ds-soo-bow.jpg (91816 bytes)
Arthur K. Atkinson at the MCM Dock at the Soo.
a-k-atkinson-ds-soo-stern.jpg (105595 bytes)
Stern view of Arthur K. Atkinson at the MCM Dock at the Soo.
algoma-discovery-db-rock-cut-1.jpg (79373 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound St. Marys River at the Neebish Island Ferry Dock.
algoma-montrealais-db-rock-cut-1b.jpg (69800 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound St. Marys River at the Neebish Island Ferry Dock.

Wind Turbine Blades from North Dakota loaded in Duluth - Duluth Seaway Port Authority
DSC_1996_c1.jpg (66187 bytes)
This week 60 wind turbine blades manufactured in North Dakota are being exported to Brazil aboard the Dutch-flagged Alamosborg.
P10201231.jpg (116069 bytes) P10202421.jpg (121066 bytes) P10202101.jpg (124182 bytes)  

Recent Detroit Traffic - Ken Borg
IMG_7843.jpg (112883 bytes)
 Sarah Desgagnes and Vigilant I upbound the Detroit River passing Windmill Point. 
IMG_7845.jpg (134542 bytes)
Vigilant I lashed to the Desgagnes.
IMG_7793.jpg (53542 bytes)
 Capt. Henry Jackman upbound and St. Clair downbound below Windmill Pt., Detroit River.
IMG_7803.jpg (64480 bytes)
 Capt Henry Jackman heading out into Lake St. Clair as fisherman try their luck.
IMG_7817.jpg (104429 bytes)
 Indiana Harbor unloading at Zug Island in River Rouge, MI
IMG_7819.jpg (91035 bytes)
Algoma Navigator unloading stone on the Rouge River in Detroit, MI
IMG_7821.jpg (85357 bytes)
Tecumseh upbound
IMG_7823.jpg (88247 bytes)
Federal Margaree at ADM in Ojibway
IMG_7828.jpg (81674 bytes)
Hon James Oberstar down the Rouge River meeting the Canadian Navigator.
IMG_7838.jpg (83057 bytes)
Hon. James Oberstar outbound the Rouge River heading to Marquette for more taconite.

Port Huron Weekend - Chris Franckowiak
IMG_0853[1].jpg (61289 bytes)
IMG_0856[1].jpg (82006 bytes) IMG_0858[1].jpg (80272 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise
IMG_0860[1].jpg (71783 bytes) IMG_0863[1].jpg (118117 bytes)
IMG_0865[1].jpg (87112 bytes) IMG_0870[1].jpg (96066 bytes)
IMG_0873[1].jpg (89663 bytes)    

St. Marys River last weekend - David Kaye
1-ehgott-6-24-12-dk.jpg (114060 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott, just east of Soo Locks.
2-ojib-6-24-12-dk.jpg (120010 bytes)
Ojibway, at Mission Point.
3-tsdool-6-24-12-dk.jpg (103971 bytes)
Tim S. Dool, at Mission Point.
4-altrans-6-24-12-dk.jpg (85378 bytes)
Algoma Transport, in Soo Locks.
5-irma-6-24-12-dk.jpg (69578 bytes)
6-lhwite-6-23-12-dk.jpg (97944 bytes)
H. Lee White, Passing DeTour Reef Lighthouse.
7-acour-6-23-12-dk.jpg (87553 bytes)
American Courage, entering Lake Huron.

Herbert C. Jackson at Marine City on Wednesday - Don Detloff
1-jackson-27jun12-djd.jpg (84320 bytes)        

Edgar B. Speer in the Rock Cut Tuesday evening - Andrew Constans
DSC_0042.jpg (25280 bytes) DSC_0066edit.jpg (78709 bytes)      

Herbert C. Jackson stops at the the West pier of the Soo Locks for an inspection of a recent steering repair - Randy Yeo
1-HCJ-6-26-12.jpg (126760 bytes)        

John G. Munson inbound Huron, Ohio Monday with a load of stone - Paul Magyar
1-JOHN-G-MUNSON-6-25-12-PM.jpg (69865 bytes) 2-JOHN-G-MUNSON-6-25-12-PM.jpg (61318 bytes)      

Cuyahoga departs her namesake river Monday after picking up a load of salt bound for Canada - Thomas Seiler
Cuyahoga-06-25-12-ts.jpg (129590 bytes)        

Keweenaw Star docked in the canal by the Ramada Inn near Houghton/Hancock, Mich. - Danielle Adams
keweenawstar6-12-(2).jpg (90226 bytes)
First time back to Houghton in almost 3 years.
keweenawstar6-12-(1).jpg (89481 bytes)      

Upper Harbor Ore Dock Activity in Marquette on June 22 - Rod Burdick
1acour_6_22_12_rb.jpg (112970 bytes)
American Courage highlighted by the setting sun
2sag_6_22_12_rb.jpg (133139 bytes)
Saginaw arriving at sunset

Seaway & St Lawrence River photos from mid-June - Paul Beesley
1-almar-6-13-12-pb.jpg (97805 bytes)
Algoma Mariner upbound at Prescott, Ontario being passed by a plastic boat.
2-atlhur-6-13-12-pb.jpg (100704 bytes)
Atlantic Huron after clearing the Iroquois lock upbound.
3-campan-6-13-12-pb.jpg (103049 bytes)
BBC Campana anchored off Ogdensburg, NY waiting for dock space.
4-hawaii-6-13-12-pb.jpg (110435 bytes)
 BBC Hawaii unloading at Ogdensburg, NY.
5-amazon-6-13-12-pb.jpg (101187 bytes)
 HHL Amazon slowly approaching the Iroquois lock upbound.
6-albay-6-14-12-pb.jpg (84663 bytes)
Algobay upbound toward the Snell lock.
7-never-6-14-12-pb.jpg (84719 bytes)
Everlast and Norman McLeod at speed below the Snell lock.
8-twolan-6-14-12-pb.jpg (83842 bytes)
Followed by the W N Twolan and barge.
9-twolan-6-14-12-pb.jpg (101688 bytes)
 Another view.
10-canemp-6-15-12-pb.jpg (123140 bytes)
My latest gig - Canadian Empress at her berth by the railroad bridge in Montreal's old port.
11-catdes-6-15-12-pb.jpg (123479 bytes)
Catherines Desgagnes upbound in the Southshore Canal above Montreal.
12-flisun-6-15-12-pb.jpg (130698 bytes)
Flintersun leaves the Cote St Catherine lock, upbound.
13-flisun-6-15-12-pb.jpg (89998 bytes)
On her way up the Southshore Canal.
14-seddes-6-15-12-pb.jpg (70691 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes alongside in the canal loading for the annual Canadian Arctic Resupply mission.
15-ceylon-6-16-12-pb.jpg (86319 bytes)
Ceylon upbound toward Montreal.  Many of the ships that visit Montreal are too large for the Seaway so we never see them above the city.
16-flistar-6-16-12-pb.jpg (125182 bytes)
Flinterstar in Montreal.
17-elena-6-16-12-pb.jpg (137067 bytes)
 Tanker Arca refuels the MSC Elena in Montreal.  The ship has unloaded her entire deck cargo of containers.
18-oak-6-16-12-pb.jpg (95605 bytes)
Oakglen loaded and upbound.  Because the river is deeper, and they have retained deep-sea load lines, these former salties can load more than is possible if they are in the Seaway. 
19-belgi-6-16-12-pb.jpg (102645 bytes)
OOCL Belgium in Montreal.
20-belgi-6-16-12-pb.jpg (101964 bytes)
Spare prop.  Bigger than the lifeboat.

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