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June 30, 20

Soo Gathering - Dave Wobser
1-Sunrise-6-28-12-djw.jpg (99618 bytes)
Sunrise at Mission Point
1-LAT-a-djw-6-28-12.jpg (57700 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha downbound at 6:30 a.m.
2-Munson-a-6-28-12-djw.jpg (108355 bytes)
John G Munson upbound in the early morning
2-Munson-b-6-28-12-djw.jpg (124819 bytes)
A wave from the Munson's galley staff
3-algosteel-6-28-12-djw.jpg (80283 bytes)
 Algosteel downbound from the Export Dock
4-picnic-a-6-28-12-djw.jpg (125760 bytes)
Front row seating at the Annual unofficial Boatnerd Picnic
4-picnic-c-6-28-12-djw.jpg (209908 bytes)
Chefs Herm and Bill slaving over the hot grills
4-picnic-b-6-28-12-djw.jpg (284106 bytes)
Showing our colors
5-Gr--Mariner-6-28-12-djw.jpg (168873 bytes)
Grand Mariner heading to Mackinac Island
6-Algolake-a-6-28-12-djw.jpg (206966 bytes)
Downbound Algolake draws the photographers to the river's edge
6-Algolake-b-6-28-12-djw.jpg (50062 bytes)
Algolake stern view
7-CSL-Laurent-a-6-28-12-djw.jpg (113046 bytes)
CSL Laurentien is the afternoon boat
7-CSL-Laurent-b-6-28-12-djw.jpg (84338 bytes)
Laurentien stern view
8-Montrel-a-6-28-12-djw.jpg (100607 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound in the early evening
8-Montrel-b-6-28-12-djw.jpg (67945 bytes)
Montrealais stern view
1-US-50.jpg (70775 bytes)
New lighting on the International Bridge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bridge.
2-Canada-50.jpg (38210 bytes)
The arch section over the American and Canadian section are outlined in red, white and blue neon with a large "50" in the center of each arch.
1-BN-Group-6-29-12.jpg (196031 bytes)
Traditional Boatnerd  group picture adjacent to the MacArhtur Lock.
2-Blough-6-29-12-djw.jpg (101399 bytes)
Roger Blough in the Poe Lock just before spectators are allowed on the locks
3-Lineup-6-29-12-djw.jpg (232541 bytes)
 Lineup waiting for 9 a.m. opening.
4-Blough-6-29-12-djw.jpg (96081 bytes)
Blough attracting a crowd of admirers
5-Blough-6-29-12-djw.jpg (120990 bytes)
More Blough fans at Mission Point
6-KeweeStar-6-29-12-djw.jpg (109919 bytes)
 Keweenaw Star enroute back to Charlevoix after the 4-day GLLKA Lake Superior lighthouse cruise
7-Flinterstar-6-29-12-djw.jpg (124727 bytes)
Flinterstar downbound at Mission Point

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-deborah-15-06-12-rb.jpg (114699 bytes)
Marietje Deborah approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-deborah-15-06-12-rb.jpg (82589 bytes)
Cabin & Stack detail.
3-deborah-15-06-12-rb.jpg (93867 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.
4-mehmet-01-06-12-rb.jpg (88985 bytes)
Mehmet A sliding into Iroquois Lock.
5-charlotte-28-06-12-rb.jpg (98739 bytes)
Charlotte Theresa departing Iroquois Lock after her first trip into the Lakes.
6-bbc-29-06-12-rb.jpg (83539 bytes)
BBC Campana passing Mariatown.
7-sloman-22-06-12-rb.jpg (69371 bytes)
Sloman Dispatcher passing the disabled Sarah Desgagnes at Iroquois.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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