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July 2, 20

St. Marys Challenger in Owen Sound Saturday -  David Martin
IMG_1257.jpg (77814 bytes) IMG_1267.jpg (93717 bytes) IMG_1271.jpg (135047 bytes) IMG_1293.jpg (151767 bytes)  

Marietje Deborah at Marine City on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-marietje-01jul12-djd.jpg (63681 bytes)        

Engineer's Day at the Soo - Glenn T. Lechner
1-Flinterstar-6-29-12-gl.jpg (142310 bytes)
Flinterstar in the Mac Lock, with a few boatnerds watching the action.
2-RogerBlough-6-29-12-gl.jpg (55957 bytes)
Roger Blough making the turn above Rock Cut.
3-RogerBlough-6-29-12-gl.jpg (83038 bytes)
lined up for the cut.
4-RogerBlough-6-29-12-gl.jpg (66982 bytes)
shuttle boom detail.
5-Flinterstar-6-29-12-gl.jpg (86588 bytes)
Flinterstar following the Blough above Rock Cut.

Upper Harbor Ore Dock Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jjb_6_24_12_rb.jpg (174167 bytes)
John J. Boland
2mich_6_26_12_rb.jpg (146467 bytes)
Michipicoten, view from the breakwall
3michjjb6_28_12rb.jpg (185445 bytes)
Harbor cruise boat Isle Royale III, Michipicoten arriving, and John J. Boland
4jjbmich6_28_12rb.jpg (151207 bytes)
 John J. Boland and Michipicoten, bow views

Port Huron - Ron Piskor
1-HCJ-6-30-2012-RJP.jpg (106907 bytes)
On the last day of June 2012 the upbound Herbert C. Jackson swings its stern to port setting up for its passage under the Bluewater Bridges.
2-HCJ-6-30-2012-RJP.jpg (139708 bytes)
The Jackson under the Bluewater Bridges.
3-HCJ-6-30-2012-RJP.jpg (187928 bytes)
 Fishermen try their luck during the fleeting sunshine of this warm summer evening as the Jackson heads out into Lake Huron.

Marietje Deborah and Alamosborg at the Soo - William Keetley
P1010994.jpg (96751 bytes) P1010998.jpg (99402 bytes) P1020031.jpg (135954 bytes) P1020028.jpg (103237 bytes)  

Interlake Steamship's new headquarters in Middleburg Heights Ohio - Dan Rowley
Interlake-SS-7-1-12-001.jpg (206565 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-002.jpg (97862 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-003.jpg (181473 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-005.jpg (119277 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-006.jpg (183505 bytes)
Interlake-SS-7-1-12-008.jpg (236749 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-009.jpg (193336 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-010.jpg (83797 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-011.jpg (102988 bytes) Interlake-SS-7-1-12-004.jpg (125195 bytes)

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