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July 3, 20

Welland Canal Monday - Bill Bird
1-MarietjeDeborah-07-02-12-a-bb.jpg (92291 bytes)
Dutch salty Marietje Deborah in the Welland bypass
2-MarietjeDeborah-07-02-12-b-bb.jpg (165549 bytes)
Crew keeping busy with paint brushes
3-MarietjeDeborah-07-02-12-b-bb.jpg (89568 bytes)
Headed to Casablanca.
4-RtHonPaulJMartin-07-02-12-a-bb.jpg (106180 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J Martin under bridge 21 in Port Colborne
5-RtHonPaulJMartinAlamosborgTugVictoriousJohnJCarrick.jpg (95400 bytes)
With Martin secure just south of the bridge Alamosborg and Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick enter the system
6-Alamosborg-07-02-12-a-bb.jpg (99777 bytes)
Alamosborg clear of Lock 8 with windmill parts for Brazil.
7-AlamosborgAlgomarine-07-02-12-a-bb1.jpg (92328 bytes)
passing Algomarine which is stopped for fuel and supplies.  Algomarine would head to Nanticoke to load slag for Detroit
8Tug-VictoriousJohnJCarrick-07-02-12-a-bb.jpg (124528 bytes)
Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick on their way to Lock 8
9-TugVictoriousJohnJCarrick-07-02-12-b-bb.jpg (86568 bytes)
headed for Montreal
10-AlgomaOlympic-07-02-12-a-bb.jpg (73935 bytes)
Algoma Olympic at Port Robinson
11-AlgomaOlympic-07-02-12-b-bb.jpg (88395 bytes)
bound for Meldrum Bay

Manitowoc arrived in the Cheboygan River to unload stone at the Durocher yard Monday - Fred Stone
1-Manitowoc-7-2-12-fs.jpg (131612 bytes)
She had loaded stone at Port Dolomite earlier in the day. 
2-Manitowoc-7-2-12-fs.jpg (95450 bytes)
 View from the east side of the river with USGC 30 Mackinaw on the near side.
3-Manitowoc-7-2-12-fs.jpg (140738 bytes)
Up close from the boat ramp on the west side of the river.
4-Manitowoc-7-2-12-fs.jpg (125904 bytes)
View across the Durocher yard on the west side of the river.  USGC Mackinaw in the background.
5-Manitowoc-7-2-12-fs.jpg (126777 bytes)
Bow view from the south end of the Durocher property.  Tug Champion in the foreground.

St. Mary's River over the weekend - Scott McLellan
1-Gott-06-30-12---SM.jpg (95059 bytes)
Edwin H Gott sails into the sunset heading for Green Point.
2-PRCr--07-01-12---SM.jpg (103032 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell upbound early in the morning
3-Sprg---01-01-12---SM.jpg (62187 bytes)
Spruceglen upbound at Johnson's Point
4-Sag-01-01-12-SM.jpg (72104 bytes)
Saginaw approaching Johnson's Point.
5-Sag-01-01-12-SM.jpg (101796 bytes)
Saginaw has completed her turn and is heading to Essar Steel with a load of stone.
6-AmCour-07-02-12-SM.jpg (72730 bytes)
American Courage passing Coyle Point just after sunrise.
7-RoBl-07-02-12-SM.jpg (70806 bytes)
Roger Blough up bound heading for Green Point.
8-Kam-07-02-12-SM.jpg (78041 bytes)
Kaministiqua at Johnson's Point.

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-kong-30-06-12-rb.jpg (93234 bytes)
Sichem Hong Kong departing Iroquois Lock.
2-dubai-01-07-12-rb.jpg (77960 bytes)
 Sichem Dubai passing Mariatown downbound.
3-dubai-01-07-12-rb.jpg (78262 bytes)
Sichem Dubai docked at the old Universal Terminals.
4-bogdan-01-07-12-rb.jpg (84702 bytes)
Bogdan sailing past Mariatown.
5-bogdan-01-07-12-rb.jpg (81554 bytes)
Bogdan will load at Baie Comeau.
6-atlantic-01-07-12-rb.jpg (106720 bytes)
Atlanticborg upbound at Mariatown.
7-atlantic-01-07-12-rb.jpg (95853 bytes)
She has windmillls for Ogdensburg.

Cason J. Callaway inbound to Duluth - Brian Kays
1CJCallaway-07-01-2012-BKays.jpg (124879 bytes)        

St Lawrence River at Cornwall - Kent Malo
Sjard7-01-12-km.jpg (89730 bytes)
Sjard upbound
SongaSapphire7-01-12-km.jpg (136450 bytes)
Songa Sapphire about to enter Eisenhower lock at Massena New York, top right hand corner
Atlanticborg7-01-12-km.jpg (93204 bytes)
Atlanticborg upbound at Hamilton's Island for Ogdensburg, New York

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
1-APPLEDOREIVb15062112mn.jpg (108938 bytes)
Appledore IV at the Ambassador Bridge.
2-KUBERLEWISJs03062112mn.jpg (107697 bytes)
Olive L Moore and Lewis J Kuber unloading at the old G.L.E.W. shipyard.
3-KUBERLEWISJb10062112mn.jpg (87789 bytes) 4-MOOREOLIVELs.J062112mnPG.jpg (102758 bytes)
Olive L Moore.
5-MOOREOLIVELb08062112mn.jpg (107708 bytes)
6-CALUMETs23062112mn.jpg (87302 bytes)
Calumet upbound off Zug Island.
7-CALUMETb21062112mn.jpg (100171 bytes) 8-MANISTEEb25062112mn.jpg (103574 bytes)
Manistee upbound at the Livingstone Crossing.
9-FRIENDSHIPb30062112mn.jpg (111879 bytes)
Friendship upbound off Wyandotte.
10-FRIENDSHIPs31062112mn.jpg (115561 bytes)
11-MANISTEEb34062112mn.jpg (100152 bytes)
Manistee at Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
12-MANISTEEs33062112,m.jpg (107520 bytes) 16-FEDERALMARGAREEs21062112mnJPG.jpg (95939 bytes) 1-ALGONOVAb38062212mn.jpg (95178 bytes)
Algonova downbound off U.S. Steel Ecorse.
2-ALGONOVAs39062212mn.jpg (111404 bytes)
4-CLARKEPHILIPRb43062212mn.jpg (89241 bytes)
Philip R Clarke loading fines at Zug Island.
3-CLARKEPHILIPRs42062212mn.jpg (93594 bytes) 5-ALOUETTESPIRITb48062212mn.jpg (102060 bytes)
 Alouette Spirit unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
6-ALOUETTESPIRITs44062212mn.jpg (94361 bytes) 7-SEYMOURWILFb46062212mn.jpg (103514 bytes)
Wilf Seymour at Nicholson's Detroit.
8-SEYMOURWILFs45062212mn.jpg (110693 bytes) 9-PATHFINDERb57062212mn.jpg (122626 bytes)
Pathfinder downbound off Mistersky's.
10-PATHFINDERs59062212mn.jpg (99450 bytes) 11-LACSTJEANb49062212mn.jpg (86389 bytes)
Lac St Jean upbound off Zug Island.
12-LACSTJEANs54062212mn.jpg (99845 bytes)
13-STORMONTb02062212mn.jpg (106045 bytes)
Stormont with the Lac St Jean.
14-STORMONTs52062212mn.jpg (108497 bytes) 15-FEDERALMARGAREEb55062212mn.jpg (87273 bytes)
Federal Margaree (Marshall Islands) loading at the Windsor ADM Elevator.
18-ALPENAb63062212mn.jpg (106348 bytes)
Alpena unloading at LaFarge Springwells Dock.
17-ALPENAs61062212mn.jpg (100063 bytes)

The NOAA research vessel Reuben Lasker launch June 16 - Peter Thielen
1-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (110380 bytes) 2-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (127723 bytes) 3-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (104569 bytes) 4-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (114692 bytes) 5-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (105834 bytes)
6-Lask-06-16-12-PT.jpg (107255 bytes)        

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