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July 6, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-isolda-03-07-12-rb.jpg (78212 bytes)
 Isolda meets Marietje Deborah above Mariatown.
2-isolda-03-07-12-rb.jpg (75421 bytes)
The Deborah has a load of grain for Casablanca.
3-alamos-03-07-12-rb.jpg (85865 bytes)
Alamosborg has windmills for Pecem, Brazil.
4-purple-04-07-12-rb.jpg (124526 bytes)
Purple Gem in Iroquois Lock.
5-purple-04-07-12-rb.jpg (85610 bytes)
Purple Gem is on her first trip down the Seaway.
6-great-04-07-12-rb.jpg (79078 bytes)
Great Republic passing Mariatown on her way to Calcite.

Recent St. Marys River Traffic -
Roger LeLievre
Alamosborg-6-30-12rl.jpg (53355 bytes)
Alamosborg, downbound with wind turbine parts.
Algocanada.jpg (45541 bytes)
Algocanada on July 5.
Asher,-Chas.jpg (40110 bytes)
Tug Chas. Asher
Asher,-John.jpg (44025 bytes)
Tug John Asher. The two Roen tugs were Duluth-bound.
Atikinson.jpg (59922 bytes)
Arthur K. Atkinson at the MCM Marine dock awaiting her fate.
Birchglen.jpg (47532 bytes)
Birchglen headed up.
Blough,-Roger.jpg (40574 bytes)
Roger Blough down below Six Mile.
Boland.jpg (80384 bytes)
John J. Boland from the tour boat LeVoyageur.
Cedarglen.jpg (42409 bytes)
Cedarglen in the lower St. Marys.
Federal-Yukina.jpg (51350 bytes)
Federal Yukina at the Essar Steel Export Dock.
Keweenaw-Star.jpg (47578 bytes)
Keweenaw Star headed for Charlevoix.
Lakes-Contender.jpg (33963 bytes)
Lakes Contender upbound.
Lakes-Contender-wave.jpg (59595 bytes)
Friendly wave from the pilothouse of the tug Ken Boothe Sr.
Pictured-Rocks.jpg (42647 bytes)
Cruise boat Pictured Rocks upbound for Lake Superior.
Spartan.jpg (73722 bytes)
Tug Spartan pushing her barge downbound in Soo Harbor.

Point Edward and Sarnia
- Marc Dease
1-cath-6-26-12-md.jpg (104618 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes downbound below 1 & 2.
2-sag-6-28-12-a-md.jpg (106023 bytes)
Upbound past Fort Gratiot light at sunset.
3-sag-6-28-12-b-md.jpg (111063 bytes)
Into Lake Huron.
4-oji-6-28-12-a-md.jpg (69530 bytes)
Ojibway making the turn downbound at 1 & 2.
5-oji-6-28-12-b-md.jpg (80941 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
6-oji-6-28-12-c-md.jpg (79838 bytes)
Passing Fort Gratiot light.
7-oji-6-28-12-d-md.jpg (64810 bytes)
8-bell-6-29-12-md.jpg (83282 bytes)
Huron Belle returning  from pilot change.
9-funt-6-29-12-md.jpg (105150 bytes)
Federal Hunter below 1 & 2.
10-jrb-6-29-12-md.jpg (97717 bytes)
James R. Barker heads into 1 & 2.
11-lake-6-29-12-md.jpg (86018 bytes)
Algolake downbound below 1 & 2.
12-mont-6-29-12-md.jpg (62927 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais making the turn downbound.
13-tec-6-29-12-a-md.jpg (67684 bytes)
 Tecumseh laid up in the north slip at Point Edward.
14-tec-6-30-12-b-md.jpg (114755 bytes)
Stern view.
15-sara-6-30-12-md.jpg (88674 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes also in the north slip.
16-adis-6-30-12-md.jpg (96787 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound below 1 & 2.
17-alp-7-1-12-md.jpg (85321 bytes)
Alpena downbound at 1 & 2.
18-cuy-7-4-12-a-md.jpg (108188 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading at Red-D-Mix in Sarnia.
19-cuy-7-4-12-b-md.jpg (74855 bytes)
Cuyahoga heads into Lake Huron at sunset.
20-alp-7-4-12-a-md.jpg (85676 bytes)
Alpena downbound at 1 & 2.
21-alp-7-4-12-b-md.jpg (61717 bytes)
Below 1 & 2 at dusk.

Detroit River
-  Ron Piskor
1-JWW-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (166923 bytes)
 Paul (L) and John (R) of the Mailboat J.W. Westcott II crew smile as we head out to service 2 approaching ships on a beautiful Summer day. 
2-ALAB-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (137803 bytes)
Alamosborg approaching the Ambassador Bridge downbound.
3-ALAB-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (244265 bytes)
.The Westcott’s first order of business is to exchange Pilots on the Alamosborg.
4-ALAB-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (159883 bytes)
Of Dutch registry, the Alamosborg is loaded with wind turbine blades heading for Brazil.
5-ALAB-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (136686 bytes)
J.W. Westcott breaks away and heads back up river.
6-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (161537 bytes)
The second order of business for the Westcott is delivering mail to the approaching Alpena.
7-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (137782 bytes)
John approaches the Alpena off her stern as Paul looks on.
8-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (185399 bytes)
The classic scene that has endured for so many years on the Detroit River, ”Mail by the pail”.
9-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (136208 bytes)
With its job done, Westcott breaks away from the Alpena
10-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (120091 bytes)
Westcott heads for home as John takes one last look at the Alpena.
11-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (112710 bytes)
Down river near Zug Island the Alpena turns to head back up river to the LaFarge dock.
12-ALPENA-7-01-2012-RJP.jpg (105376 bytes)
Alpena uses its bow thruster to snug up to the dock.

Manitowoc, Wis, -
Ken Wright
1-badger-7-1-12-kw.jpg (105585 bytes)
Badger coming in July 1.
2-badger-7-1-12-kw.jpg (89847 bytes) 3-badger-7-1-12-kw.jpg (118344 bytes)
Leaving Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, headed to Ludington.
4-dsulliv-7-1-12-kw.jpg (69128 bytes)
Denis Sullivan coming into Manitowoc about 30 minutes ahead of the Badger arriving. The Denis Sullivan was doing day trips from Manitowoc.

 Duluth and Two Harbors - Brad Krekelberg
01bk7-12.jpg (119858 bytes)
 Aerial bridge experienced electrical failure and got stuck in this position
02bk7-12.jpg (72043 bytes)
You don't see this often. American Integrity making a hard turn to avoid the canal.
03bk7-12.jpg (72464 bytes)
Making a loop to give the bridge time to make repairs
04bk7-12.jpg (56339 bytes)
Swinging around
05bk7-12.jpg (65973 bytes)
06bk7-12.jpg (54159 bytes)
Thanks to quick action by the bridge operator and Integrity's crew, finally making her entrance.
07bk7-12.jpg (84069 bytes)
John G. Munson & Presque Isle at Two Harbors
08bk7-12.jpg (95041 bytes) 09bk7-12.jpg (76205 bytes)
Presque Isle loading
10bk7-12.jpg (120045 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson arriving Duluth
11bk7-12.jpg (296379 bytes)        

St. Mary's Challenger - July 4 in South Chicago - Dan Fletcher
2012.07.04---Passing-5-Bridges.jpg (132749 bytes) 2012.07.04---Apporaching-95th.jpg (124538 bytes) 2012.07.04---Under-95th.jpg (185543 bytes) 2012.07.04---Through-95th.jpg (156419 bytes)  

Alamosborg heading down the Detroit River with wind turbine blades - Michael Danic
1-Alamosborg-7-01-12-md.jpg.jpg (85843 bytes)        

St. Clair River Tuesday - Kevin Majewski
1.LeeA-7-3-12-KM.jpg (61516 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound at Marysville
2.Lee-7-3-12-KM.jpg (88999 bytes)
 Close-up forward
3.Le-7-3-12-KM.jpg (75947 bytes) 4.Algo-7-3-12-KM.jpg (77696 bytes)
Algoma Olympic preparing to dock upstream from  fleet mate AlgoCanada
5.AlgoO-7-3-12-KM.jpg (102096 bytes)
6.AlCan-7-3-12-KM.jpg (106700 bytes)
7.Tec-7-3-12-KM.jpg (117577 bytes)
 Tecumseh hiding in the trees in Sarnia
8.Sara-7-3-12-KM.jpg (121582 bytes)
 Sarah Desgagnes moored in Sarnia

Duluth and Two Harbors - Nick Stenstrup
9-EBS-7-2-12-ns.jpg (133906 bytes) 9-EHG-7-2-12-ns.jpg (90239 bytes) 10-CJC-7-2-12-ns.jpg (141944 bytes) 25-SJC-7-2-12-ns.jpg (121663 bytes) 25-AMA-7-1-12-ns.jpg (100840 bytes)
28-AMA-7-1-12-ns.jpg (96335 bytes) 29-AMA-7-1-12-ns.jpg (135692 bytes) 35-AMA-7-1-12-ns.jpg (176538 bytes) 27-CGlen-7-2-12-ns.jpg (117600 bytes) 31-PRC-7-2-12-ns.jpg (57872 bytes)
36-PRC-7-2-12-ns.jpg (69050 bytes) 43-IH-7-1-12-ns.jpg (103775 bytes) 46-EHG-7-2-12-ns.jpg (104757 bytes) 58-IH-7-1-12-ns.jpg (86372 bytes) 65-Sglen-7-2-12-ns.jpg (82293 bytes)
65-IH-7-1-12-ns.jpg (113405 bytes) 74-CHJ-7-1-12-ns.jpg (116649 bytes) 76-EBS-7-3-12-ns.jpg (87408 bytes) 86-EBS-7-3-12-ns.jpg (62155 bytes) 80-CHJ-7-1-12-ns.jpg (154706 bytes)
84-EBS-7-3-12-ns.jpg (100684 bytes) 103-HCJ-7-2-12-ns.jpg (94842 bytes) 107-HCJ-7-2-12-ns.jpg (109606 bytes) 112-HCJ-7-2-12-ns.jpg (124403 bytes) 117-HCJ-7-2-12-ns.jpg (95573 bytes)
121-RB-7-3-12-ns.jpg (88390 bytes) 122-SJC-7-2-12-ns.jpg (75921 bytes) 136-CHJIH-7-1-12-ns.jpg (100041 bytes) 154-RB-7-3-12-ns.jpg (84363 bytes) 154-CHJ-7-1-12-ns.jpg (90855 bytes)
161-RB-7-3-12-ns.jpg (96573 bytes) 151-CHJ-7-1-12-ns.jpg (94152 bytes) 164-CHJ-7-1-12-ns.jpg (110700 bytes) 179-RB-7-3-12-ns.jpg (128537 bytes) 186-HCJ-7-3-12-ns.jpg (161931 bytes)
201-CJC-7-1-12-ns.jpg (108176 bytes) 204-CJC-7-1-12-ns.jpg (102536 bytes) 209-CJC-7-1-12-ns.jpg (161385 bytes) 234-AMIT-7-1-12-ns.jpg (82572 bytes) 237-AMIT-7-1-12-ns.jpg (79549 bytes)
240-AMIT-7-1-12-ns.jpg (100596 bytes) 252-AMIT-7-1-12-ns.jpg (112557 bytes)      

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