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July 9, 20

Mariatown & Iroquois - Murray Blancher 
1-John-D-Leitch-05-07-12-mb.jpg (60118 bytes)
John D Leitch down at Mariatown
2-Federal-St-Laurent-06-07-12-mb.jpg (95915 bytes)
Federal St Laurent up at Iroquois
3-Federal-St-Lautrent-05-07-12-mb.jpg (91417 bytes) 4-Federal-St-Laurent-06-07-12-mb.jpg (121820 bytes) 5-Catherine-Scan-06-07-12-mb.jpg (89834 bytes)
Catherine Scan down at Mariatown
6-Catherine-Scan-06-07-12-mb.jpg (86000 bytes) 7-Tufty-06-07-12-mb.jpg (103559 bytes)
Tufty Down at Mariatown
8-Tufty-06-07-12-mb.jpg (94393 bytes) 9-Nordisle-07-07-12-mb.jpg (77755 bytes)
Nordisle up at Mariatown
10-Nordisle-07-07-12-mb.jpg (100737 bytes)

St. Clair River at Marysville Friday - Kevin Majewski
1.FedWe-7-6-12-KM.jpg (108716 bytes)
 Federal Weser upbound at Marysville
2.FedW-7-6-12-KM.jpg (103548 bytes)
forward profile
3.FeWe-7-6-12-KM.jpg (117406 bytes)
stern view
4.Buffa-7-6-12-KM.jpg (85857 bytes)
 Buffalo upbound
5.Buff-7-6-12-KM.jpg (95164 bytes)
6.SpGle-7-6-12-KM.jpg (103751 bytes)
Spruceglen downbound
7.SpGl-7-6-12-KM.jpg (86031 bytes) 8.SpNi-7-6-12-KM.jpg (90907 bytes)
Spruceglen passing the Flagship Niagara
9.Niag-7-6-12-KM.jpg (94117 bytes)
U.S. Brig Niagara upbound, underway on engine power

Catherine Scan departing Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-scan-06-07-12-rb.jpg (98660 bytes)
Departing the lock Lock.
2-scan-06-07-12-rb.jpg (183858 bytes)
Cabin detail. Logo is H B.
3-scan-06-07-12-rb.jpg (96526 bytes)
Next port is Panama. She first visited the Lakes as Sun Bird in 2000.

St. Clair River at Marine City on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-algobay-08jul12-djd.jpg (51749 bytes)
2-enterprise-08jul12-djd.jpg (57827 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_9309.jpg (87894 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha arriving on a hazy afternoon.
IMG_9313.jpg (67543 bytes)
In the harbor.
IMG_9415.jpg (108314 bytes)
Oberstar at the dock
IMG_9408.jpg (98302 bytes)
 A workboat alongside the Oberstar as she's backed in at the dock.
IMG_9404.jpg (222862 bytes)
Cason J Callaway loading ore.
IMG_9420.jpg (73220 bytes)
Departing the harbor.

Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and Barge Lakes Contender at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1kbslc_7_1_12_rb.jpg (114126 bytes)
Waiting to load ore at sunrise on July 1
2kbslc_7_6_12_rb.jpg (106758 bytes)
Evening ore load on July 6

Cleveland, Ohio Saturday - Thomas Seiler
Cuyahoga-07-07-12-ts.jpg (105108 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading at West 3rd Street
American-Courage-07-07-12-ts.jpg (89440 bytes)
American Courage moves a load of iron ore upriver to the Mittal Works. 

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-olm-ljk-7-6-12-ts.jpg (97709 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Essexville
2-olm-ljk-7-6-12-ts.jpg (93809 bytes)
Stern view
1-pathfiner-7-6-12-ts.jpg (80436 bytes)
Dorothy Ann - Pathfinder inbound at Channel Island
2-pathfinder-7-6-12-ts.jpg (85393 bytes)
 Dorothy-Ann - Pathfinder stern view
3-pathfinder-7-6-12-ts.jpg (71772 bytes)
Pathfinder - Kuber preparing to pass at the Bay Aggregates Dock
4-pathfinder-7-6-12-ts.jpg (63389 bytes)
Dorothy Ann - Pathfinder backing into the Bay Aggregates Slip
1-greyfox-7-6-12-ts.jpg (219252 bytes)
 SCS Greyfox tied up at Wenonah Park for Bay City's big fireworks festival.
1-pw-7-6-12-ts.jpg (164257 bytes)
Princess Wenonah at her dock in Bay City

West of the Mackinac Bridge in the Straits of Mackinac and Helena Light
Arthur-M-Anderson7212.jpg (77531 bytes) St.-Helena7212.jpg (96256 bytes) Cort7-4-12-2.jpg (77005 bytes) Cort7-4-12.jpg (52186 bytes) USCG63012.jpg (75777 bytes)

Buffalo dredging - Brian W.
1-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (137129 bytes)
 Luedtke dredge site as seen from the new Mutual Riverfront Park with the reconstructed Great Lakes Towing dock to the left, once the site of the Union Furnace Co.
2-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (166276 bytes)
Dredge rig pulling up a bucket full of silt with (from left to right) Marine "A", Lake & Rail, & the ADM Standard elevators in the background.
3-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (165621 bytes)
Loaded bucket draining out before being dumped into the scow. The rubber flapper doors allow the water to drain, leaving the muck at the bottom of the bucket.
4-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (125810 bytes)
Beat up nose of the scow showing lots of scars from years of doing dredge work.
5-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (121848 bytes)
Bucket dumping a load of goop into the #59 scow with some rough weather on the horizon that was coming in off the lake at the time.
6-Dredge-7-7-12-BW.jpg (114300 bytes)
Roller mechanism for the scow's bottom dump doors along the deck line. 

St. Clair River - Ron Piskor
1-UNITY-7006-2012-RJP.jpg (117110 bytes)
The Ford Family Yacht Unity downbound off of Stag Island.
2-UNIALP-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (88333 bytes)
Unity meets the upbound Alpena.
3-SPDALP-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (120577 bytes)
Speed and Beauty on the St. Clair River.
4-KRNALP-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (198888 bytes)
Karen Piskor admires the Alpena’s classic lines from the shade of Vantage Point.
5-ALPENA-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (126688 bytes)
Alpena swings its stern to line up for passage under the Bluewater Bridges.
6-BWALP-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (140983 bytes)
Alpena under the Bluewater Bridges.
7-PBALP-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (114126 bytes)
With temperatures nearing 100 degrees, Alpena heads into Lake Huron amongst heavy pleasure boat traffic.
8-SBMISS-7-06-2012-RJP.jpg (114539 bytes)
Mississagi upbound off Stag Island photographed from a paddle surfboard on this very hot summer day.

Duluth Friday -  Patrick Ayd
1-Sam-Laud-7-6-2012.jpg (124564 bytes)
Sam Laud outside the Duluth Canal
2-Sam-Laud-7-6-2012.jpg (134784 bytes) 3-Sam-Laud-7-6-2012.jpg (139539 bytes) 1-Birchglen-7-6-2012.jpg (78962 bytes)
Birchglen anchored off the Duluth south pier light
2-Birchglen-7-6-2012.jpg (101615 bytes)

Detroit River GLMI Cruise - Sam Buchanan
nina-pinta-7-8-12-sb.jpg (141678 bytes)
Nina and Pinta docked in Wyandotte.
zugisland7-8-12-sb.jpg (79540 bytes)
Zug Island.
janeann47-8-12-sb017.jpg (101748 bytes)
Jane Ann IV in lay-up.

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