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July 16, 20


Tug V B Artico arrived in Montreal Monday to pick up the Algocape
VBArtico7-16-12-rb.jpg (71704 bytes)
Arriving in Montreal on Monday to tow one of the two, probably Algocape now named Goc according to the Port of Montreal website. Rene Beauchamp
VBArtico7-16-12-CV.jpg (111287 bytes)
Upbound at Trois Rivieres. Captain C Vautier.

Algocape and Gordon C. Leitch - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_8781.jpg (71809 bytes)
They have been sold to be broken up in Turkey.
IMG_8783.jpg (72312 bytes)      

St. Marys River, Sunday
- Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Montrealais-7-15-12rl.jpg (57651 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais departs the Mac Lock.
Algoma-Montrealais2-7-15-12rl.jpg (51504 bytes)
A comfy seat on the stern of the Montrealais.
Atkinson-2-7-15-12rl.jpg (66873 bytes)
Long-idle ferry Arthur K. Atkinson and MCM Spud Scow 138
Atkinson,-AK-7-15-12rl.jpg (57430 bytes)
Atkinson with a spud barge moored outboard.
Avery-Sewell-7-15-12rl.jpg (50971 bytes)
Former laker Sewell Avery serves as the dock facing for Essar Steel's Export Dock.
Avery-Sewell-close-7-15-12rl.jpg (76974 bytes)
Avery bow up close.
Ford,-EM---scrap-7-15-12rl.jpg (50689 bytes)
Remains of the E.M. Ford at Purvis' scrap yard northwest of the locks. She has been turned so the bow is facing out.
Ironmaster-7-15-12rl.jpg (56378 bytes)
Barge Ironmaster loading steel coils at Essar Steel.
Ironmaster-names-7-15-12rl.jpg (53835 bytes)
Close up reveals Ironmaster's former names.
Kam-7-15-12rl.jpg (75806 bytes)
Hobby tug Kam up on the shore at Purvis north dock and needing some love.
McLean-Rod-7-15-12rl.jpg (67511 bytes)
Remains of the tug Rod McLean at Purvis north.
MCM-dredges-7-15-12rl.jpg (63839 bytes)
MCM Marine's nest of dredges on the Soo, Mich. side of the lower harbor.
Newman-TF-7-15-12rl.jpg (51044 bytes)
Hull believed to be that of the old Soo-based lighter T.F. Newman, at Purvis north.
PML-Tucci-7-15-12rl.jpg (69335 bytes)
PML Tucci.
Purvis-unknown-7-15-12rl.jpg (77414 bytes)
Tug Goki up on the shore.
Purvis,-J-Ivan-7-15-12rl.jpg (63574 bytes)
Purvis tugs, including W.J. Ivan Purvis at right.

Purvis,-WI-Scott-7-15-12rl-.jpg (50581 bytes)
E.M. Ford, PML Tucci, and W.I. Scott Purvis.

Quedoc-drydock-7-15-12rl.jpg (44441 bytes)
Floating drydock fashioned out of the hull of the mostly scrapped laker Quedoc.
Sioux-Altman-tugs-7-15-12rl.jpg (40682 bytes)
Former Duluth-based tugs Anna Marie Altman and Sioux at the Purvis dock in the lower harbor.
Valley-Camp-7-15-12rl.jpg (31209 bytes)
Valley Camp's old-style stern against a dramatic sky.
zMesabi-Miner-7-15-12rl.jpg (44675 bytes)
Mesabi Miner in Soo Harbor upbound.

zTregurtha,-Paul-R.-7-15-12rl.jpg (44727 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha below Mission Point.

zVictory-7-15-12rl.jpg (46952 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James J. Kuber, downbound at Six Mile Point.

Saturday with Algobay in Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algobay-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (83793 bytes)
Having loaded coal in Chicago Algobay is downbound at Thorold.
2-Algobaybow-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (75212 bytes)
bow closeup
3-Algobaystern-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (96643 bytes)
stern detail
4-Algobay-07-14-12-b-bb.jpg (98591 bytes)
Algobay is headed to Lock 7.  Her destination is Sydney Nova Scotia
5-AlgobayLock6-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (120392 bytes)
Heading to the flight locks-yes it's a tight fit, just one foot clearance on each side
6-SichemContestor-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (99792 bytes)
Tanker Sichem Contestor registered in Singapore follows Algobay in Lock 7.  She's headed to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
7-yacht-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (173882 bytes)
Light upbound traffic-this was one of 2 yachts we passed in the flight locks.
8-AlgobayLock4.07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (118787 bytes)
departing Lock 4
9-AlgobayGlendalebridge-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (136512 bytes)
Under the Glendale Bridge
10-Algobaylongdrop-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (142512 bytes)
Long drop from the pilot house to the main deck
11-AlgobayJohnDLeitch-07-14-12-a-bb.jpg (123901 bytes)
As Algobay nudges into Lock 3, John D Leitch is upbound.  Our thanks to captain Clar Vautier and crew for their hospitality.   

Point Edward, Ont. - Marc Dease
1-miss-7-6-12-md.jpg (80784 bytes)
Mississagi downbound at 1 & 2.
2-away-7-6-12-md.jpg (89775 bytes)
Algoway downbound at 1 & 2.
3-aspi-7-6-12-md.jpg (93812 bytes)
Algoma Spirit making the turn at 1 & 2.
4-jgm-7-6-12-md.jpg (88441 bytes)
John G. Munson below 1 & 2.
5-prc-7-6-12-md.jpg (75352 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound at 1 & 2.
6-kam-7-6-12-md.jpg (76937 bytes)
Kaministiqua making the turn at 1 & 2.
7-alp-7-6-12-md.jpg (92322 bytes)
Alpena heads into Lake Huron.
8-miss-7-7-12-md.jpg (97978 bytes)
Mississagi making the turn at 1 & 2.
9-mich-7-8-12-md.jpg (91434 bytes)
Michipicoten making the turn at 1 & 2.
10-acan-7-8-12-md.jpg (92743 bytes)
Algocanada making the turn at 1 & 2.
11-tec-7-10-12-a-md.jpg (101020 bytes)
Tecumseh and fleetmate Ojibway in the north slip at Point Edward.
12-tec-7-12-12-b-md.jpg (58936 bytes)
Night shot.
13-tec-7-12-12-c-md.jpg (74531 bytes)
Another view.
14-jjb-7-15-12-md.jpg (75900 bytes)
John J. Boland heads into Lake Huron.
15-aque-7-15-12-md.jpg (75466 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois making the turn at 1 & 2.
16-tec-7-15-12-a-md.jpg (108897 bytes)
Late afternoon storm rolling in over the Tecumseh and Ojibway.
17-tec-7-15-12-b-md.jpg (69089 bytes)
 Rainbow after the storm

Trois Rivieres to Lachine - Paul Beesley
112-0707AlgomaNavigator(2).jpg (126220 bytes)
Algoma Navigator upbound at the bridge in Trois Rivieres.
212-0707SongaSapphire(3).jpg (91684 bytes)
Songa Sapphire downbound.
312-0707CatherineScan(3).jpg (79547 bytes)
Catherine Scan downbound with US made windmills.
412-0707Anchorage.jpg (112409 bytes)
The anchorage in Sorel.
512-0707FederalYukina(2).jpg (100751 bytes)
Federal Yukina at anchor.
 612-0707FederalSevern(5).jpg (106036 bytes)
Federal Severn, too.
712-0707MareTraveller(3).jpg (110835 bytes)
Mare Traveller also anchored.
812-0707Stefania1.jpg (112778 bytes)
Stefania 1 working cargo.
912-0707LisbonExpress(4).jpg (82644 bytes)
Lisbon Express downbound.
1012-0707HHLValparaiso(1).jpg (118492 bytes)
HHL Valparaiso in a dusty locale.

River Queen (formerly Marina Jack II) at Dean's Construction/Salvage - Diane Bedard
1-RiverQueen-12Jul14-DB.jpg (205060 bytes)        

St. Clair River at Marysville - Kevin Majewski
1.GltJoy-7-13-12-KM.jpg (86684 bytes)
The barge Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort upbound at Marysville
2.GltJo-7-13-12-KM.jpg (97972 bytes) 3.GltJ-7-13-12-KM.jpg (92030 bytes)    

MCT Stockhorn of Basel Switzerland below Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-mct-12-07-12-rb.jpg (78072 bytes)
 MCT Stockhorn on her first up the Seaway.
2-mct-12-07-12-rb.jpg (113172 bytes) 3-mct-12-07-12-rb.jpg (154679 bytes)
Cabin detail.

Detroit and Sarnia - Captain Clarence Vautier
AlgomaGuardian7-13-12-cv.jpg (73236 bytes)
Algoma Guardian upbound.
PacificHuron7-13-12-cv.jpg (107725 bytes)
Pacific Huron at Detroit
SichemContester7-13-12-cv.jpg (119232 bytes)
Sichem Contester at Sarnia.

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1lat7_9_12_rb.jpg (128839 bytes)
 Loading ore on July 9
2lat_7_13_12_rb.jpg (118109 bytes)
Arriving on July 13 with Brig Niagara off the breakwall

Detroit River from the tourboat Friendship
frshp7-14-12-(18).jpg (80274 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II delivering Pizza's Saturday evening.
frshp7-14-12-(21).jpg (122740 bytes) frshp7-14-12-(22).jpg (169858 bytes) frshp7-14-12-(14).jpg (76713 bytes)
Ovation downbound off Windsor
frshp7-14-12-(1).jpg (39137 bytes)
Trenton Channel heading back to Wyandotte
frdshp7-15-12-(4).jpg (104127 bytes)
Friendship at the Portofino Restaurant dock Sunday morning.
frdshp7-15-12-(3).jpg (138060 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(9).jpg (126585 bytes)
Clinton upbound
frdshp7-15-12-(7).jpg (43653 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin downbound in the Fighting Island Channel just below Grassy Island.
frdshp7-15-12-(87).jpg (81876 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois downbound
frdshp7-15-12-(88).jpg (79610 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(71).jpg (69250 bytes)
Algosteel upbound off the ADM Windsor dock
frdshp7-15-12-(73).jpg (64399 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(75).jpg (108840 bytes)
John D. Leitch upbound
frdshp7-15-12-(77).jpg (145962 bytes)
frdshp7-15-12-(21).jpg (15997 bytes)
U.S. Coast Guard helicopter fly over.
frdshp7-15-12-(23).jpg (83553 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound with the J.W. Westcott II along side.
frdshp7-15-12-(50).jpg (152383 bytes)
Wescott crew loading pizza's for the Friendship.
frdshp7-15-12-(54).jpg (153802 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(57).jpg (235361 bytes)
Along side
frdshp7-15-12-(34).jpg (67716 bytes)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn downbound passing the Westcott II while the Algorail unloads in Windsor.
frdshp7-15-12-(37).jpg (82614 bytes)
Buckthorn on an rare trip to the lower lakes.
frdshp7-15-12-(46).jpg (70818 bytes)
Algorail unloading stone at the Lafarge Dock.
frdshp7-15-12-(83).jpg (102081 bytes)
Sunday evening the Diamond Jack returning to their dock in Wyandotte.
frdshp7-15-12-(79).jpg (103755 bytes)
Passing the USACE tug Demolen and barges.

frdshp7-15-12-(89).jpg (61557 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer upbound at Grassy Island
frdshp7-15-12-(64).jpg (11567 bytes)
USCG Helicopter returning to Air Station Detroit.
frdshp7-15-12-(96).jpg (81154 bytes)
H. Lee White in the Ojibway Anchorage. A problem with the Rouge River Conrail Bridge sent them to anchor.
frdshp7-15-12-(105).jpg (78004 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(114).jpg (119207 bytes)
Westcott II out to service the Speer.
frdshp7-15-12-(115).jpg (75257 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(116).jpg (99815 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(118).jpg (121352 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(119).jpg (95430 bytes)
Wave from the crew
frdshp7-15-12-(122).jpg (135917 bytes)
Westcott II powers back to their dock.
frdshp7-15-12-(102).jpg (106191 bytes)
Algorail now fueling at Sterling Fuels Windsor.
frdshp7-15-12-(110).jpg (86163 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(126).jpg (118331 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(134).jpg (114863 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(147).jpg (73499 bytes)
frdshp7-15-12-(150).jpg (119060 bytes)
Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph downbound from the hydroplane races behind Belle Isle.
frdshp7-15-12-(152).jpg (115950 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(153).jpg (133973 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(154).jpg (138313 bytes)
Diamond Queen upbound after fueling at Mistersky's Fuel in Detroit.
frdshp7-15-12-(158).jpg (87547 bytes)
Algorail now backing down to the salt dock.
frdshp7-15-12-(169).jpg (94180 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(172).jpg (86326 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(174).jpg (64753 bytes)
 U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Biscyane Bay upbound.
frdshp7-15-12-(178).jpg (114001 bytes) frdshp7-15-12-(1).jpg (95881 bytes)
The Conrail Bridge is able to open so the H. Lee White gets underway.

Speer delivery Video

Historical Perspective - Lake Nipigon, March 24, 1981 docked at the Furnace Dock in Port Colborne, Ont. her soon to be final destination - Dave Otterman
Lake-Nipigon.jpg (93358 bytes)        

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