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July 19, 20

Former Algonorth arriving Wednesday night at the Purvis dock above the Soo Locks for scrapping
1-Algonorth-7-18-12-an.jpg.jpg (67071 bytes) 2-Algnorth-7-18-12-an.jpg.jpg (66155 bytes)      

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algomarine-07-18-12-a-bb.jpg (118474 bytes)
Algomarine departing Lock 2
2-Algomarine-07-18-12-b-bb.jpg (83994 bytes)
on her way to Lock 1
3-Algomarinecrewmember-07-18-12-bb.jpg (85400 bytes)
Crew member with some down time before next tie-up.
4-ManitobaCuyahogaFederalWeser-07-18-12-bb.jpg (82197 bytes)
Busy time at Thorold as Manitoba has departed Lock 7 with Cuhayoga on the wall and Federal Weser coming through the draw at the old guardgate
5-Cuyahoga-07-18-12-a-bb.jpg (87080 bytes)
Cuhayoga moving towards lock
6-Cuyahoga-07-18-12-b-bb.jpg (81668 bytes)
about to enter the lock
7-FederalWeser-07-18-12-bb.jpg (75082 bytes)
Federal Weser approaching tieup wall.
8-Bollardrepair-07-18-12-bb.jpg (141548 bytes)
Repairing one of the bollards above Lock 7 
9-Manitoba-07-18-12-a-bb.jpg (84898 bytes)
Manitoba up at Port Robinson
10-Manitoba-07-18-12-b-bb.jpg (76797 bytes)
AIS says she's headed to Windsor but crew says Sarnia for grain
11-RtHonPaulJMartinCSLLaurentien-07-18-12-bb.jpg (101386 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin approaches tieup wall above Lock One as CSL Laurentien departs
12-CSLLaurentien-07-18-12-a-bb,jpg.jpg (71139 bytes)
close up
13-CSLLaurentiencrew-07-18-12-bb.jpg (117967 bytes)
crew member working on unloading system on board CSL Laurentien
14-CSLLaurentien-07-18-12-b-bb.jpg (78901 bytes)
AIS says she's headed to Silver Bay
15-Algosteel-07-18-12-a-bb.jpg (82505 bytes)
Algosteel departing Lock 3
16-Algosteel-07-18-12-b-bb.jpg (97321 bytes)
on her way to Bowmanville, east of Toronto.

Cleveland - Paul Magyar
1-LAKES-CONTENDER-7-16-12-PM.jpg (107099 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr, and Lakes Contender at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal
2-CUYAHOGA-7-17-12-PM.jpg (113000 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound the old riverbed with a load of salt.
3-MCKEE-SONS-DOROTHY-ANN-7-18-12-PM.jpg (155202 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder downbound meeting the McKee Sons at W. 3rd St.

Marysville Wednesday - Kevin Majewski
1.Duc-7-18-12-KM.jpg (165296 bytes)
Cruise boat Duc d' Orleans II downbound along the Canadian shore.
2.Whee-7-18-12-KM.jpg (160531 bytes)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers work boat Wheeler upbound at Marysville.
3.JoVic-7-18-12-KM.jpg (107305 bytes)
 The barge John J. Carrick and Tug Victorious moored at Froomfield Ontario.

Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland has completed repairs on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources research vessel Grandon
IMG_0985.jpg (136647 bytes)
In late June, ODNR awarded Great Lakes Shipyard with the contract to provide repairs to the vessel, including drydocking, blasting, painting, and electrical and lighting replacements.

Saint John, New Brunswick - June 25 - Scott McLellan
1-CarGl-06-25-12-SM.jpg (108840 bytes)
Carnival Glory at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal
2-Berra-06-25-12-SM.jpg (139369 bytes)
Berra K takes containers to/from  the Caribbean.
3-FedSc-06-25-12-SM.jpg (116332 bytes)
Federal Schelde taking a load of scrap.
4-NEng-06-25-12-SM.jpg (103631 bytes)
Tanker New England arriving.
5-SJHar-06-25-12-SM.jpg (133660 bytes)
Saint John Harbour with the New England and Zhongji No. 2.
6-BlTo--06-25-12-SM.jpg (74705 bytes)
Blue Topaz loading off shore.
7-BlTo-06-27-12-SM.jpg (68741 bytes)
Two days later, Blue Topaz is northbound in the Gulf of Maine.
8-NBS-06-25-12-SM.jpg (105291 bytes)
New Brunswick Southern GP-38-2 - # 2318

USS Edson downbound at Lock 8 Welland Canal in Port Colborne in the mid 1980's - Dave Otterman
USS-Edson.jpg (128152 bytes)
When she came thru the bridges she fired a salute that rattled every window in Port.  
USS-Edson-Bow.jpg (152391 bytes)
Her entourage also included the US Presidential Yacht Sequoia and the tug Barbara Ann.
USS-Edson-Stern.jpg (166822 bytes)    

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