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July 23, 20


Seaway Prescott to Mariatown Thursday to Sunday - Murray Blancher 
1-BBC-Delaware-22-07-12-mb.jpg (78234 bytes)
BBC Delaware loading 5 Locomotives at Ogdensbourgh NY
2-BBC-Hawaii-22-07-12-mb.jpg (78072 bytes)
BBC Hawaii approaching Iroquois
3-BBC-Hawaii-22-07-12-mb.jpg (119695 bytes)
BBC Hawaii at Iroquois
4-BBC-Hawaii2207-12-mb.jpg (114294 bytes) 5-BBC-Delaware-22-07-12-mb.jpg (109530 bytes)
BBC Delaware down with Locomotives
6-BBC-Delaware--CEFX-110-22-07-12-mb.jpg (103511 bytes) 7-CEFX-110-GMD-SD-90-MAC-22-07-12-mb.jpg (95004 bytes)
SD 90 on the deck of BBC Delaware
8-Atlanticborg-22-07-12-mb.jpg (84285 bytes)
Atlanticborg down at Mariatown
9-Vancoverborg-22-07-12-mb.jpg (72905 bytes)
Vancoverborg down at Mariatown
10-Elbeborg-22-07-12-mb.jpg (84843 bytes)
Elbeborg down at Iroquois

St. Mary's River Sunday Morning - Scott McLellan
1-Sag-07-22-12--SM.jpg (91735 bytes)
Saguenay upbound heading towards Green Point.

The former bumboat Marine Trader in Nicholson's slip as The Memory Hotel - Mike Nicholls
MEMORYHOTELTHEb27071412mn.jpg (142936 bytes)        

Lakeside and Huron, Ohio Saturday -
Blake Kishler
1-Algonac-7-21-12-bk.jpg (129959 bytes)
Hull of the former sand dredge Algonac at Lakeside, Ohio.
2-PRClarke-7-21-12-bk.jpg (124010 bytes)
 Philip R. Clarke unloading stone at Huron, Ohio.
3-PRClarke-7-21-12-bk.jpg (184827 bytes)
Crew member on the Clarke's boom.
4-PRClarke-7-21-12-bk.jpg (124517 bytes)
Cabin cruiser passing the stern
5-PRClarke-7-21-12-bk.jpg (125233 bytes)
Stern view

St. Clair River at Marine City on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-boothe-22jul12-djd.jpg (42964 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr.
2-passing-22jul12-djd.jpg (50811 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. and Spruceglen passing
3-spruce-22jul12-djd.jpg (64320 bytes)
1-karenbuck-21jul12-djd.jpg (52040 bytes)
Karen Andrie overtaking USCGC Buckthorn WLI-642
2-karen-21jul12-djd.jpg (58395 bytes)
Karen Andrie
3-buckthorn-21jul12-djd.jpg (121194 bytes)
5-roman-14jul12-djd.jpg (80507 bytes) 3-passing-14jul12-djd.jpg (83067 bytes) 2-nancyalee-14jul12-djd.jpg (126755 bytes) 1-cuyahoga-14jul12-djd.jpg (79922 bytes)
4-johnj-14jul12-djd.jpg (65845 bytes)        

Saguenay upbound and the Bluewater Ferry Canada-bound at Marine City - Tracy Harnish
1-Saguenay-7-21-12-th.jpg.jpg (137703 bytes)        

BBC Delaware heads down the Seaway past Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-delaware-20-07-12-rb.jpg (94501 bytes) 2-delaware-20-07-12-rb.jpg (87737 bytes)
Locomotive lashed to her deck.
3-delaware-20-07-12-rb.jpg (81403 bytes)
When she departed Ogdensburg today the pilot reported she is heading for the sea.

Life in St. Ignace, in the UP of Michigan - Matt Lemon
Port-Dolomite.jpg (77670 bytes) Point-le-barbe-yacht-club.jpg (120031 bytes) IMG_2608.jpg (74077 bytes) De-Tour-Village.jpg (100858 bytes) De-Tour-Village-2.jpg (141572 bytes)

Holland, Mich. Saturday - Bill Van Appledorn
unloading-brewers.jpg (214757 bytes)
Barge Lake Trader after unloading ag lime at Brewer's dock
turning-basin.jpg (91874 bytes)
Tug John M. Selvick and barge Lake Trader at Lake Macatawa turning basin
Underway.jpg (141651 bytes)
Sevick and Lake trader underway
Kollen.jpg (97202 bytes)
blasts warning horn at boater close too barge bow

Saltie Elbeborg, downbound in Lake Huron off Port Sanilac Michigan - Kevin Majewski
1.ElBo-7-20-12-KM.jpg (104147 bytes)        

Lake Huron Salvage operation - USCG
ArthurJ-a.jpg (12461 bytes) arthurjd7-20-12.jpg (202744 bytes) Arthur-Jb7-20-12.jpg (197313 bytes) arthurjc7-20-12.jpg (295967 bytes) Arthur-Joil.jpg (160976 bytes)
arthurjeoil7-20-12.jpg (768901 bytes) 120722-G-AW789-046.jpg (173023 bytes)      

Wilfred Sykes at Grand Haven Tuesday morning - Dave Noordhoff
1-WSykes-17-7-12-dn.jpg (215096 bytes)
Seen approaching through the pier catwalk framing.
2-WSykes-17-7-12-dn.jpg (94755 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes backed into Grand Haven harbor to deliver a load to Meekhof's D&M.
4-WSykes-17-7-12-dn.jpg (120242 bytes) 3-WSykes-17-7-12-dn.jpg (155141 bytes)  

 English River unloads Tuesday at the LaFarge dock at Cleveland, Ohio - Thomas Seiler
EnglishRiver-07-17-12-ts.jpg (115732 bytes)        

Stewart J. Cort unloads taconite pellets at Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor with a coke oven quench in the background - Matt Monahan
1-SJCort-7-19-12-MM.jpg (72141 bytes)        

Historical Perspective Montrose shipwreck photos in 1962 - Mark Neracher
Montrose-Shipwreck-04.jpg (46009 bytes)
Taken by my grandfather 30 July
Montrose-Shipwreck-05.jpg (39206 bytes) Montrose-Shipwreck-01.jpg (37328 bytes) Montrose-Shipwreck-02.jpg (43978 bytes) Montrose-Shipwreck-07.jpg (40691 bytes)
Montrose-Shipwreck-03.jpg (37119 bytes) Montrose-Shipwreck-06.jpg (45589 bytes)      

Historical Perspective Alexander Leslie - Dave Noordhoff Collection
1-ALeslie-dn.jpg (114475 bytes) 2-ALeslie-dn.jpg (152236 bytes)
Shown in the coal unloading slip at Erieau, Ontario
3-ALeslie-dn.jpg (269764 bytes) 4-ALeslie-dn.jpg (167642 bytes)
Inbound in what I believe to be the channel leading to the Erieau coal unloading slip in late winter or early spring (presumably Rondeau Provincial Park in the background)

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