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July 24 - 25, 20

Thorco Arctic approaching Iroquois Lock Tuesday - Ron Beaupre
1-thorco-24-07-12-rb.jpg (83583 bytes) 2-thorco-24-07-12-rb.jpg (141708 bytes)
Cabin detail.
3-thorco-24-07-12-rb.jpg (85862 bytes)
She has Beluga Notion lettering welded on the stern.

USS Niagara downbound at Port Huron -
Frank Frisk
IMG_0622RW.jpg (117332 bytes) IMG_0627RW.jpg (147444 bytes)      

Brig Niagara under sail at the Algonac State Park on Tuesday - Don Detloff
1-niagara-24jul12-djd.jpg (62347 bytes) 2-niagara-24jul12-djd.jpg (84278 bytes) 3-niagara-24jul12-djd.jpg (94195 bytes)    
Saginaw in Owen Sound Tuesday - Torben Hawksbridge
IMG_1077.jpg (139586 bytes)        

Welland Canal July 24 -
John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(10).jpg (121041 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(11).jpg (142677 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(15).jpg (69817 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(17).jpg (164584 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(19).jpg (79093 bytes)
Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(27).jpg (113660 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(25).jpg (77401 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(22).jpg (103589 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(21).jpg (86899 bytes) Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(20).jpg (89541 bytes)
Welland-Canal-24-July-2012-(28).jpg (66515 bytes)        

Algocape with the new name Goc under tow off Contrecoeur, QC on Monday morning and bound for Aliaga, Turkey to be scrapped - Serge Beauchemin
Algocapetow7-23-12-rb.jpg (106927 bytes)
Under tow of VB Artico assisted by Ecosse as far as Les Escoumins.
Algocapetowb7-23-12-rb.jpg (89951 bytes)      

South Chicago Saturday - Lou Gerard 
Stmarchall-7-21-12-lg-DSC-0875.jpg (91694 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching 106th St.
Stmarchall-7-21-12-lg-DSC-0899.jpg (160445 bytes)
She comes through 95th St.
Stmarchall-7-21-12-lg-DSC-0918.jpg (99191 bytes)
The Challenger catches a ray of sunlight at 92nd St.
Calumet-7-21-12-lg-DSC-0948.jpg (76077 bytes)
The inbound Calumet passes the Algoma Navigator loading stone at Iroquois Landing as the Challenger slips by in the background.
Calumet-7-21-12-lg-DSC-0965.jpg (126719 bytes)
The Calumet comes under the "J" bridge.

Straights of Mackinac - Michael Straus
Cort7-21-12-ms-(8).jpg (109845 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort eastbound
Cort7-21-12-ms-(1).jpg (90161 bytes) Cort7-21-12-ms-(4).jpg (98042 bytes) Cort7-21-12-ms-(3).jpg (92952 bytes) Cort7-21-12-ms-(5).jpg (87293 bytes)
Cort7-21-12-ms-(6).jpg (96554 bytes) Cort7-21-12-ms-(7).jpg (128895 bytes)
Joseph L. Block

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