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July 27, 20

Mississagi arriving to unload salt in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missig-7-26-12-BCM-01.jpg (104802 bytes) Missig-7-26-12-BCM-02.jpg (111927 bytes) Missig-7-26-12-BCM-03.jpg (194908 bytes)    

Niagara passed Grosse Ile under full sail Tuesday - Kathryn Schroeder
Niagara7-24-12-.jpg (80160 bytes) Niagara-b7-24-12.jpg (90844 bytes)      

Basic Marine barge at Consumers Energy after departure of tug Nickelena - Todd Shorkey
1-nickelena-7-26-12-ts.jpg (96830 bytes)        

Elandsgracht approaching Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-elands-26-07-12-rb.jpg (77937 bytes)
Dutch flag and first trip into the Lakes.
2-elands-26-07-12-rb.jpg (78062 bytes)      

USCGC Bristol Bay WTGB-102 & CGB 12001 at Marine City on Thursday -  Don Detloff
1-bristol-26jul12-djd.jpg (89947 bytes)        

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
2hcj_7_20_12_rb.jpg (117423 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson arriving in the evening
1mich_7_18_12_rb.jpg (138489 bytes)
Michipicoten waiting to load at sunrise

St. Clair unloading at Cleveland - Thomas Seiler
St.-Clair-07-24-12-ts.jpg (115686 bytes)
On Tuesday evening, the St. Clair drops a load of taconite pellets at the CBT dock in Cleveland, Ohio.

Algobay under the Mercier bridge south shore canal at Kahnawake - Kent Malo
Algobay7-25-12-km-a.jpg (125181 bytes) Algobay7-25-12-km-b.jpg (135821 bytes) Algobay7-25-12-km-c.jpg (150372 bytes)
left is Captain Clarence Vautier, and Joe Delaronde, under the twin CPR bridges south shore canal at Kahnawake above Montreal.

Activity around Lakeport and Port Huron on Wednesday - Kevin Majewski
1.ArtJ-7-25-12-KM.jpg (64614 bytes)
Salvage operation of the Arthur J dredge in Lake Huron two miles off of Lakeport Michigan, showing the Tug Kathy Lynn and the Drummond Islander II with the recovery crane barge.
2.Walt-7-25-12-KM.jpg (96326 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy upbound departing the St. Clair River.
3.Wal-7-25-12-KM.jpg (85879 bytes)
Stern view heading into  Lake Huron.
4.Wa-7-25-12-KM.jpg (87949 bytes)
In the Lake off of Lakeport.
5.HuLa-7-25-12-KM.jpg (168746 bytes)
Cruise boat Huron Lady II upbound in the St. Clair River at Port Huron.
6.JLK-7-25-12-KM.jpg (117035 bytes)
The barge James L. Kuber moored in Sarnia.
7.Grif-7-25-12-KM.jpg (148647 bytes)
CCGS Griffon moored in Sarnia.
8.TugM-7-25-12-KM.jpg (145444 bytes)
Tug Menasha moored in Sarnia.

Recent Soo Trip - Jeff and Greg Barber
Arthur-M.-Anderson7-12-jgb.jpg (82731 bytes) Herbert-C.-Jackson7-12jgb.jpg (89863 bytes) CSL-Niagara7-12jgb.jpg (90465 bytes) Elbeborg7-12jgb.jpg (87121 bytes) Frontenac7-12jgb.jpg (108575 bytes)
John-G.-Munson7-12-jgb-.jpg (70902 bytes) Sjard7-12-jgb-.jpg (89157 bytes) Salarium7-12-jgb.jpg (89515 bytes) CSL-Laurentien7-12-jgb.jpg (84721 bytes) Algoma-Progress7-12-jgb.jpg (89681 bytes)
Algosteel7-12-jgb.jpg (82594 bytes) Algoma-Mariner7-12-jgb.jpg (92301 bytes) HHL-Amur7-12-jgb.jpg (92436 bytes) Algosoo7-12-jgb.jpg (68654 bytes) Algoma-Montrealais7-12-jgb.jpg (116043 bytes)
Hon.-James-.-Oberstar7-12-jgb.jpg (72837 bytes) Algolake7-12-jgb.jpg (70781 bytes) Montrealais7-12-jgb.jpg (68677 bytes) Algocanada7-12-jgb.jpg (90737 bytes) Paul-Martin7-12-jgb.jpg (82650 bytes)
Paul-R.-Tregurtha7-12-jgb.jpg (83960 bytes) Quebecois7-12-jgb.jpg (60984 bytes) Joseph-L.-Block7-12-jgb.jpg (81967 bytes) Pineglen7-12-jgb.jpg (90588 bytes) Atlantic-Huron7-12-jgb.jpg (98241 bytes)
American-Courage7-12-jgb.jpg (98898 bytes) Lee-A.-Tregurtha7-12-jgb.jpg (85856 bytes) Frontenac7-12-jgb.jpg (76115 bytes) frontenac-rockcut7-12-jgb.jpg (98732 bytes) Atlantichuron-rockcut-7-12-jgb.jpg (95710 bytes)
American-Integrity7-12-jgb.jpg (69879 bytes) Blough7-12-jgb.jpg (91792 bytes)      

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