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July 31, 20

Cruise Ship Yorktown docked in Houghton, Mich. Monday - Danielle Adams
yorktown7-30-12-(2).jpg (83569 bytes) yorktown7-30-12-(3).jpg (86442 bytes) yorktown7-30-12-(1).jpg (92269 bytes)    

Salvage crews transport the Arthur J to St. Clair, Mich. Monday - U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew Schofield
120730-G-HE371-001-Arthur-J-transit.jpg (154863 bytes)
Downbound at Port Huron between two other barges
120730-G-HE371-002-Arthur-J-transit.jpg (124907 bytes)
Large barge used for the salvage
120730-G-HE371-003-Arthur-J-transit.jpg (126382 bytes)
Arriving at the Malcolm Marine Dock in St. Clair, Mich.

Manitowoc unloading stone at Verplank's dock in Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
Manitowo-unloding-stone.jpg (100442 bytes) Manitowoc-stern-view.jpg (150327 bytes) Manitowoc-Stern.jpg (144279 bytes)    

Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber arriving in Green Bay, Wis. Sunday  - Wendell Wilke
olivelI0001.jpg (73883 bytes) olivelIII0001.jpg (79425 bytes) olivelII0001.jpg (94990 bytes)    

Herbert C. Jackson in Buffalo Sunday - Brian W.
1-H.C.--Jackson-7-29-12-BW.jpg (111423 bytes)
Jackson under tow of the tug Washington and headed up the Buffalo River Entrance Channel as seen from the Coast Guard Base with downtown in the background.
2-H.C.Jackson-7-20-12-BW.jpg (141770 bytes)
The bow is coming up on the Edward M Cotter firetug at her slip on Michigan St. as the ship heads up to the ADM Standard Elevator.
3-H.C.Jackson-7-20-12-BW.jpg (159120 bytes)
The big freighter just squeezes through the draw at Michigan St. as the stern clears under the bridge.

South Chicago Friday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-7-27-12-lg-DSC-1043.jpg (96206 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger rounding Wisconsin Steel Bend on her way out to the Lake.
Stmarchall-7-27-12-lg-DSC-1062.jpg (112080 bytes)
Passing the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin loading at KCBX.
Stmarchall-7-27-12-lg-DSC-1083.jpg (129609 bytes)
Passing through 95th St.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1grtrep7_21_12_rb.jpg (129522 bytes)
Great Republic loading near sunset
2lat7_24_12_rb.jpg (132659 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha and passing sailboat at sunset

Tug WN Twolan and barge off Burlington having departed Hamilton - Eric Holmes
Wntwolan-07-28-12-eh.jpg (81036 bytes)        

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-mani-7-16-12-md.jpg (82375 bytes)
Maintowoc downbound below 1 & 2.
2-miss-7-16-12-md.jpg (90880 bytes)
Mississagi heads into Lake Huron.
3-ent-7-17-12-md.jpg (104379 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise below 1 & 2.
4-jlk-7-20-12-md.jpg (95650 bytes)
 James L. Kuber at the government dock for repairs.
5-toba-7-20-12-a-md.jpg (81235 bytes)
Manitoba at the elevator waiting to load.
6-toba-7-20-12-b-md.jpg (108258 bytes)
Later in the day, taking on a part load.
7-ebs-7-20-12-md.jpg (59903 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer downbound on a rough day.
8-rich-7-25-12-a-md.jpg (81006 bytes)
Richelieu departs the north slip upbound.
9-rich-7-25-12-b-md.jpg (92787 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
10-erie-7-26-12-md.jpg (79124 bytes)
Atlantic Erie heads into Lake Huron.
11-duc-7-27-12-md.jpg (112515 bytes)
Duc D'Orleans II out for a cruise.
12-cal-7-27-12-md.jpg (101471 bytes)
Calumet heads into Lake Huron.
13-mich-7-27-12-md.jpg (105273 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound below 1 & 2.
14-rog-7-27-12-a-md.jpg (69198 bytes)
 Roger Blough heads into Lake Huron at dusk.
15-rog-7-27-12-b-md.jpg (63710 bytes)
Making the turn.
16-int-7-28-12-md.jpg (71257 bytes)
American Integrity downbound at 1 & 2.
17-spir-7-28-12-md.jpg (73532 bytes)
American Spirit making the turn at 1 & 2.
18-tad-7-29-12-md.jpg (109752 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac heads into Lake Huron.

Recent Marquette Activity - Luke Archer
1-LATregurtha-7-12-la.jpg (91865 bytes) 2-LakesContender-7-12-la.jpg (136076 bytes) 3-HJLOberstar-7-12-la.jpg (76489 bytes) 4-HCJackson.jpg (101997 bytes) 5-LATregurtha-7-12-la.jpg (96696 bytes)
6-LATregurtha-7-12-la.jpg (171413 bytes) 7-HCJackson-7-12-la.jpg (157130 bytes) 8-HCJackson-7-12-la.jpg (133824 bytes) 9-HCJackson-7-12-la.jpg (97052 bytes) 10-Niagra-7-12-la.jpg (102286 bytes)
11-Michipicoten-7-12-la.jpg (109924 bytes) 12-Michipicoten-7-12-la.jpg (189664 bytes) 13-GreatRepublic-7-12-la.jpg (102757 bytes) 14-GreatRepublic-7-12-la.jpg (116796 bytes) 15-IsleRoyaleQueenIII-7-12-la.jpg (112962 bytes)
16-IsleRoyaleQueenIII-7-12-la.jpg (117560 bytes)        

Soo - Jeff and Greg Barber
Roger-Blough7-12jgb.jpg (77063 bytes) R-Blough7-12jgb.jpg (114618 bytes) Tim-S.-Dool7-12jgb.jpg (74816 bytes) Spruceglen7-12jgb.jpg (91184 bytes) Tadoussac7-12jgb.jpg (96281 bytes)
Vancouverborg7-12jgb.jpg (87198 bytes) St.-Clair7-12jgb.jpg (85461 bytes) Stewart-J.-Cort7-12jgb.jpg (81509 bytes) Saginaw7-12jgb.jpg (74004 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_9712.jpg (104477 bytes) IMG_9723.jpg (86914 bytes)      

Baie St Paul the first of CSL's laker self-unloader new builds heading out for sea trials in China
image0011.jpg (22489 bytes)        

Helicopter tour of Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W
1-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (145939 bytes)
 This is one of the Steel Winds turbines at the former Bethlehem Steel slag flats out by the lake in Lackawanna. The Gateway Metroport can be seen in the background.
2-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (116139 bytes)
Cargil Pool Elevator with Leudtke's dredge equipment tied up to the pier there.
3-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (154538 bytes)
English River was unloading at LaFarge Cement on Ganson St. The 45 degree bend under the Ohio St. Bridge can be seen to the upper left.
4-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (142312 bytes)
The ship as she sits at the dock unloading with the Ohio St. Bridge in the background.
5-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (151783 bytes)
The tight turn at Ohio St. The City Ship Canal stretches out across the top of the photo with the ADM Standard Elevator to the lower right and the Electric Elevator to the lower left.
6-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (155086 bytes)
Buffalo Naval Park with a passing Coast Guard patrol craft in the river transiting the Watson Basin.
7-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (156590 bytes)
Different view of the Naval Park. The newly restored sail section of the submarine USS Boston can be seen in the lower left corner.
8-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (150326 bytes)
Guided Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock, Destroyer USS The Sullivans, & the Attack Sub USS Croaker.
9-Air-Photos--7-27-12-BW.jpg (146112 bytes)
Headed North over the Buffalo Skyway Bridge with the Watson Basin seen over the control stand.
10-Air-Photos--7-27-12-BW.jpg (196542 bytes)
CN RR Harbor Draw swing bridge on the Black Rock Canal. The Black Rock Lock to the upper left and the old channel of the Erie Canal, now filled in with the NYS Thruway to the right.
11-Air-Photos--7-27-12-BW.jpg (100166 bytes)
US Coast Guard Base on the South Pier. The sailing ship Spirit of Buffalo is on her way out of the Buffalo River Entrance Channel for the lake.
12-Air-Photos--7-27-12-BW.jpg (170912 bytes)
HSBC Tower in downtown Buffalo, the building is the tallest structure in the state outside of New York City.
13-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (162361 bytes)
Buffalo skyline against the backdrop of the lakefront & the Canadian shore to the upper right.
14-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (195265 bytes)
The construction site of the Erie Canal Harbor development can be seen in the center. This area will contain the reconstructed terminus of the canal with the junction of the Commercial Slip & Main/Hamburg canal.
15-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (185033 bytes)
Bethlehem Steel's former Hot & Cold Strip Mills at Lackawanna.
16-Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW.jpg (162817 bytes)
13" Bar Mill (center), the Galvanizing Mill (left), & the Specialty Products Shop (blue roof) with the South Buffalo Railroad Cabin "D" in the lower right.
Air-Photos-7-27-12-BW-058.jpg (147074 bytes)      

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