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August 1, 20

Royal Canadian Navy vessels upbound for the lakes - Kent Malo
HMCSMoncton7-31-12-km.jpg (87812 bytes)
HMCS Moncton and the HMCS Summerside upbound in the South shore canal St Lawrence Seaway above Montreal, destination Great Lakes tour.
HMCSMoncton7-31-12-km-b.jpg (122886 bytes) HMCSSummerside7-31-12-kn.jpg (84005 bytes) HMCSSummerside7-31-12-km-b.jpg (107391 bytes)  

Monday on the St. Lawrence River - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_8890.jpg (103521 bytes)
 De Wert arriving in Montreal
IMG_8851.jpg (81469 bytes)
Ville de Quebec upbound in the Trois-Rivieres area.
IMG_8860.jpg (77769 bytes)
Hurrirane upbound
IMG_8863.jpg (85952 bytes)
De Wert overtaking the Edson tow in the Lanoraie area.
IMG_8873.jpg (102311 bytes)
Colonel, the lead tug towing Edson in the Lanoraie area.
IMG_8876.jpg (72013 bytes)
Edson under tow of Colonel and Ecosse in the Lanoraie area.
IMG_8879.jpg (84105 bytes)
Edson in the Lanoraie area.
IMG_8883.jpg (108720 bytes)
Edson bow, close up. Anchor missing.
IMG_8885.jpg (104094 bytes)
Edson under tow of Colonel and Ecosse, stern view

USCG Mackinaw rescues three
mackinawrescue-7-31-12.jpg (131654 bytes)
Crewmembers aboard the the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw handle lines connected to a boat as the cutter's crane lifts the boat out of the water in the vicinity of the Soo Locks Monday. The Mackinaw's crew rescued three people from their disabled boat and salvaged their boat due to incoming severe weather. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Ensign Jenifer Lopez.

This year's Grand Haven, Mich. Coast Guard Festival featured three boats in their Parade of Ships:  Neah Bay, CGC Griffon, and Hollyhock - Paul Dalman
1-CGFest-7-30-12-pd.jpg.jpg (103908 bytes)
Griffon and Hollyhock line up at the channel entrance.

 The Tug Champion and barge Kokosing docked at the newly renovated boat launch in Two Harbors over the weekend - Tom Anderson
1-Champion-7-29-12-ta.jpg (156932 bytes)
They are in the area to recover 70 barrels that were dumped into Lake Superior by the Department of Defense  50 years ago. 

Tugs and barge moored along the St. Clair River in Froomfield Ontario on Monday - Kevin Majewski
1.MaEl-7-30-12-KM.jpg (141564 bytes)
Tug Mary Ellen 1, moored in Froomfield Ontario.
2.GrLa-7-30-12-KM.jpg (117119 bytes)
The barge Great Lakes and the Tug Michigan.
3.Mich-7-30-12-KM.jpg (149110 bytes)
Close-up of the Tug Michigan notched in the barge.

The Army Corps tug Cheraw was tied up to her derrick boat McCauley in the Buffalo, N.Y. Union Ship Canal Tuesday - Brian W.
1-Cheraw-7-31-12-WW.jpg (133124 bytes)
Army Corps tug (ex Navy YTB) Cheraw rafted to her derrick boat McCauley at the Gateway Metroport on the Union Ship Canal in Lackawanna. Moored ahead of the tug is a barge load of stone.
2-Cheraw-7-31-12-WW.jpg (114085 bytes)
Barge BC-6259 with a load of extra clamshell buckets, a skidster, & a small workboat. In the background to the left is the soon to be demolished Bethlehem Steel North Office Building.

Hamilton, Ont. and St Johns Newfoundland - Captain Clarence Vautier
HamiltonEnergy7-29-12-CV.jpg (132561 bytes)
Provmar Terminal and Hamilton Energy at Hamilton, Ontario.
ProvmarTerminal7-29-12-CV.jpg (73414 bytes) DP-Reel7-31-12-CV.jpg (119977 bytes)
DP Reel about to depart for the Whiterose Fields from St John's Harbour.

Historical Perspectives - Montrose - George Lee
Montrose-from-bridge-1962.jpg (87866 bytes)
Montrose sunk under Ambassador Bridge 1962
Montrose-1962-sunk.jpg (58731 bytes)
 View from bridge
Montrose-sunk-1962.jpg (115028 bytes)
Detroit firetug John Kendall

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