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August 2, 20

Buffalo aground outside the channel off Point Edward Wednesday night - Marc Dease
1-buff-8-1-12-a-md.jpg (37310 bytes)
Just above the entrance to the St. Clair River
2-buf-8-1-12-b-md.jpg (37220 bytes) buffaloc-8-1-12-md.jpg (53373 bytes) buffalo-aground-8-1-12.jpg (141930 bytes)
AIS screen shot of grounding location off Point Edward about mid night.
buffalotest8-2-12.jpg (41221 bytes)
The blue line shows the course the Buffalo took while testing in Lake Huron after begin refloated.
buffalotestb8-2-12.jpg (39408 bytes)
Testing complete about 12:45 p.m.

Towing the USS Edson in the St Lawrence Seaway at Cote Ste Catherine above Montreal
- Kent Malo
USSEdson8-1-12-km-c.jpg (82479 bytes)
Destroyer USS Edson as she is towed up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Bay City Michigan.
Colonel8-1-12-km-b.jpg (111425 bytes)
Lead tug Colonel
USSEdson8-1-12-kmd.jpg (82018 bytes) USSEdsonbow8-1-12-km.jpg (91571 bytes) Ecosse8-1-12-km.jpg (136623 bytes)
Stern tug Ecosse

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
HMCS-Summerside-711Prescott,Aug-12012-(5).jpg (82595 bytes)
HMCS Summerside,711 at Prescott.
HMCS-Moncton-708PrescottAug-12012-(12).jpg (116496 bytes)
HMCS Moncton,708 at Prescott
River-trafficPrescottAug-12012.jpg (93693 bytes)
River traffic Ogdensburg.
Great-Republic8x10July-42012-.jpg (139696 bytes)
Great Republic, Prescott.
Algoma-QuebecoisbridgeJuly-242012-(1).jpg (380660 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois at Johnstown Bridge.

Traffic along the Detroit River at Belle Isle on Wednesday - Kevin Majewski
1.AtLer-8-1-12-KM.jpg (82959 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound in the Detroit River at Belle Isle.
2.AtEr-8-1-12-KM.jpg (90751 bytes) 3.AtE-8-1-12-KM.jpg (83510 bytes) 4.AE-8-1-12-KM.jpg (94293 bytes) 5.GrLa-8-1-12-KM.jpg (102716 bytes)
The barge Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort upbound at Belle Isle.
6.GrL-8-1-12-KM.jpg (77861 bytes) 7.GL-8-1-12-KM.jpg (96122 bytes)      

Tug Joseph H. Thompson Jr. and barge Joseph H. Thompson loading at Port Dolomite in Cedarville Chuck Wagner
1-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (123091 bytes) 2-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (107486 bytes) 3-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (121400 bytes) 4-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (184032 bytes) 5-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (112562 bytes)
6-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (105289 bytes) 7-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (100296 bytes)      

Soo - Herm Phillips
1-Pacifichuron-7-28-12-hp.jpg (82075 bytes)
 Below Mission Point.
2-Pacifichuron-7-28-12-hp.jpg (100275 bytes)
stern shot
3-Leetregurtha-7-28-12-hp.jpg (90028 bytes)
upbound in Hay Lake.
4-Algquebec-7-28-12-hp.jpg (85823 bytes)
approaching the Soo locks.
5-Oberstar-7-29-12-hp.jpg (89701 bytes)
down below the locks.
1-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (116280 bytes)
What remains of the E. M. Ford at the Purvis scrap dock.
2-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (119498 bytes)
part of her inter machinery.
3-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (143769 bytes)
exposed bulkhead with traces of powdered cement stuck on it.
4-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (191797 bytes)
hull plating and thruster.
5-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (195857 bytes)
bow details
6-emford-7-28-12-hp.jpg (112608 bytes)
saying good bye to an old friend.
7-algonorth-7-28-12-hp_(2).jpg (78983 bytes)
Algonorth at the other scrap dock.
8-algonorth-7-28-12-hp.jpg (142504 bytes)
bow profile.
9-algonorth-7-28-12-hp.jpg (94585 bytes)
bow thruster.
10-algonort-7-28-12-hp.jpg (126040 bytes)
looking up at the starboard anchored pocket.
11-algonorth-7-28-12-hp.jpg (115988 bytes)
wouldn't want to see this view while it's moving!
12-algonorth-7-28-12-hp.jpg (51867 bytes)
a very interesting salt water looking bow.
13-algonorth-7-28-12-hp.jpg (153869 bytes)
another look at her flared bow.

Zeus and Robert F. Deegan entering Ludington Harbor at Dusk on Sunday - Tom Hynes
1-ZeusDeegan-7-29-12-th.jpg (101982 bytes) 2-Badger-7-29-12-th.jpg (73347 bytes) 3-ZeusDeegan-7-29-12-th.jpg (123079 bytes) 4-ZeusDeegan-7-29-12-th.jpg (157541 bytes) 5-Zeus-7-29-12-th.jpg (54762 bytes)
6-RobertFDeegan-7-29-12-th.jpg (98680 bytes) 7-Zeus-7-29-12-th.jpg (64132 bytes)      

Marquette, Mich. Sunday - Danielle Adams
100_0760.jpg (127061 bytes)
James R Barker unloading coal in Marquette's Upper Harbor.
100_0724.jpg (173007 bytes) 100_0859-(2).jpg (105954 bytes) 100_0791-(2).jpg (109386 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading ore in Marquette's Upper Harbor.
100_0805.jpg (118615 bytes)

Milwaukee - Nick Stenstrup
107-WISC-7-31-12-ns.jpg (101287 bytes)
Tug Wisconsin
108-MILW-7-31-12.jpg (129376 bytes)
Tug Milwaukee
136-LE-7-31-12-ns.jpg (103664 bytes)
Lake Express making the turn
138-LE-7-31-12-ns.jpg (129670 bytes) 115-SDC-7-31-12-ns.jpg (116794 bytes)
Tug Samuel de Champlain
116-SDCIN-7-31-12-ns.jpg (92703 bytes)
Tug Samuel de Champlain stern with barge Innovation
110-GLT-7-31-12-ns.jpg (138968 bytes)
Tugs Arkansas and Oklahoma
111-tug-7-31-12-ns.jpg (96991 bytes)
Tug Joey D

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